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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Quiz

Well, I took The Quiz. Turns out I'm most closely aligned with Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate -- we are, in fact, a 94% match. By contrast, I'm a 4% match with Mitt Romney. How about you?

Added note: I scrolled further down the results page and discovered, gratifyingly, that the party (as opposed to the candidate) which best represents my views is still the Democratic party, not the Greens.
97% Jill Stein--

How did I get 25% ROMNEY?

It's a great quiz. I knew that I wasn't a Romney or Obama supporter, but I wouldn't have known that my views coincide with Gary Johnson 92% of the time.
97% Jill Stein
75% Obama
5% OuRmoney

I'm not in the US and don't know who half these people are, but I got

86% Stewart Alexander
80% Jill Stein

And only 4% Romney! :)

75% Green (odd, because I don't believe climate change is anthropogenic)
66% Democratic
27% Libertarian (aaarghhhhh!)
5% Repuglican

Which did you get a higher % for, Joe - Libertarian or Repugs?
80% Jill Stein, 19% Romney.

74% Ron Paul, yikes! (actually, that one doesn't really surprise me, since it's mostly economics where I disagree with Paul.......but don't worry, I'm not voting for him)

60% Obama

Why do I get the feeling that most of us will get Stein? Why couldn't someone like that get the Democratic nomination ever?

In any case, I know I'm not voting GOP, for sure.
96% Jill Stein, 79% Stewart Alexander. Sadly neither will be on our OK ballot.

74% BO. (Huh?) they must have asked the wrong questions!
87% Jill Stein. I like her Green New Deal and the fact she got arrested for standing up for what she believes.
Rocky Anderson isn't an option. I wonder how many of us would have ended up with him.

Only 88% Stein (which rather surprised me).
96% Democratic
95% Green
18% Libertarian
9% Republican

I will vote Democratic as usual.

Looks like I'm going Green this year. The quiz was reassuring, since Obots love to accuse me of being a right-winger. But then, Obots can't tell a Democrat from a neocon.
It's a sign of the degenerate times we live in that there was no question about the ERA. Forty years ago, support for the ERA was in both legacy party platforms.

Or, for that matter, about "bankers in orange jumpsuits doing the perp walk on the teevee" (as Lambert likes to phrase it).

Or about mortgage relief/restructuring.
93% Stein, 90% Dem, 84% Teh Precious, 25% Slick Mitt.
Twilight@1:01 -

74% BO. (Huh?) they must have asked the wrong questions!

Well, part of that is doubtless due to the huge gap between the positions the D team supposedly advocates and the ones it actually implements.

Prop -- you have to factor in the health care question. The poll allows you to specify that you want single-payer Medicare for all. But that answer is counted in the pro-Obama category -- in defiance of what actually happened!
in defiance of what actually happened!

My point, exactly.
97 % Jill Stein
66 % teh precious
64 % Gary johnson
21 % Ron Paul
4 % mittens
96 % Democratic
93 % green
28 % libertarian
1 % (lol) Republican _ I wonder what that 1 % is?
"Obots can't tell a Democrat from a neocon."

Perry, that's because there isn't any difference, as the party now stands, between a neocon and a Democrat.

I'll take the quiz out of curiosity but I already know how I'm voting. For the third time, it will be a straight third-party ticket with the lone exception, again, of my state's Dem governor. Speaking of whom, there is talk he wants to run for president and he might actually be the last decent Dem left, but I refuse to get my hopes up.
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