Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why is our government trying to re-tube the toothpaste?

You know about the released Wikileaks cables, right? If you visit certain torrent sites, you may even have them on your computer.

Well, some very witty people at the ACLU decided to find out what would happen if they asked for 23 of those cables via FOIA. Surprise: Only 11 were released -- in redacted form. The censored bits focus on Gitmo and the CIA rendition flights over European airspace.

If the stuff is out there already, why would the administration attempt to hide it? Censorship of already-released material makes the government look foolish.
I think it's because repetition of material is necessary for retention. It's why our tabloid media stuffs our heads with night after night of endless yammering of the Narrative of the Moment (currently Zimmerman, unless the secret service prostitute story grows, um, legs) and mention important news maybe once in passing, just to be able to claim they "covered" that "old news."
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