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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bye bye, Spats

Our previous story discussed some of the revelations to be found in the leaked Stratfor documents. Those documents contain one truly astounding claim -- that Israeli commandos have covertly destroyed Iran's nuclear infrastructure.

That's no small deal, given all the war drums we've been hearing.

My post offered a link to a story published by JTA, a Jewish news service. Well, guess what? The link is now dead. (Thanks to lambert for pointing this oddity out to me.)

Wow. So, the end of the Iran nuclear threat is no longer, like, a thing? Are we to presume that the matter was never very important? Has the whole incident been tossed down the Orwellian memory hole?

Have you noticed any "End of Iran nuclear threat" stories on cable news? I haven't.

There's no longer any reference to the Stratfor article on the main JTA page. However, this story remains up: ‘The Artist’ salvages Jewish pride at Oscars
Jewish director Michel Hazanavicius won top honors at the Oscars for "The Artist," while Israel's entry in the awards, "Footnote" by Joseph Cedar, lost to an Iranian film.
Ah yes. The Academy is notorious for its pro-Iranian, anti-Jewish bias.

I've spent much of this day mulling over the odd case of George Friedman, chairman of Stratfor. They say he was hacked by Anonymous. Is that true, or is Anonymous being used as a false sponsor?

When you consider all of the nasty things Friedman has said about his spook-world rivals, it seems very likely that he was effed over by the CIA or NSA or Mossad. They finally had had enough of Friedman's shit.

Thanks to the leaked documents, no-one will ever trust Stratfor again. The ground-level informants now know that Friedman will screw them and toss them aside at the earliest opportunity. It's over for Stratfor.

I'm reminded of that scene in Some Like It Hot when the Gangland Overlord gives his little speech just before Spats Columbo (played by George Raft) receives his birthday present. "Some say he's grown TOO BIG for his SPATS!" snarls the Overlord. "But I say -- let bygones by bygones." On cue, the lights dim and mooks with tommy guns pop out of the oversized birthday cake. Bye bye, Spats.

If you want a real life example of someone who grew TOO BIG for his SPATS, look no further than George Friedman.

Of course, if my scenario is on the money, then the spooks have used Assange's operation for their own purposes. Not for the first time, I'd wager.
I accidentally left the browser open to that link from yesterday. I took a screen shot of the page if you would like it.
Funny how those pesky little stories seem to disappear all of a sudden
"They say he was hacked by Anonymous. Is that true, or is Anonymous being used as a false sponsor?"

When 'anonymous' hacked CIA, it was, seemingly, a futile and desperate attempt at payback for Megaupload and Dot.coms current NZ troubles.

It is much more plausible that CIA self-hacked, to further alienate Wikileaks from the public. These
'false flag' operations are getting more, and more common.

Ben Franklin
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