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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Media blackout: Why won't Congress investigate the Bin Laden mystery?

Another Stratfor leak story? Yes. Pay attention: This stuff matters, even if the major media refuses to see its importance.

One of the "liberated" Stratfor emails reveals that Pakistan knew where Bin Laden was all along.

I know what you're going to say: Not much of a "revelation." We all guessed as much on day one. But there's a difference between surmise and evidence, and the Stratfor emails could provide congressional investigators with a path toward hard proof. Whoever produced those emails may be subpoenaed; the story can be traced to its source.

Which brings us to the larger issue: Why isn't Congress looking into the Bin Laden mystery?

Ten years ago, there would have been an official inquiry. Now, if you type the words "congressional investigation" into Google, the first autocompletion involves Planned Parenthood. Apparently, the possibility that Pakistan collaborated with Bin Laden is considered unworthy of scrutiny.

Everyone knows that the ISI (Pakistani intelligence) used to work closely with the Americans. So if the authorities in Pakistan were protecting Bin Laden, American intelligence might well have caught wind of the fact. After all, Stratfor did. In fact, Stratfor knew that the Americans knew.
General that had knowledge of the OBL arrangements and safe

Names unk to me and not provided.

Specific ranks unk to me and not provided.

But, I get a very clear sense we (US intel) know names and
Blackout. Why are so few in the American media willing to talk about the Stratfor material? Is the "Pakistan knew" story going to go down the memory hole, just like the story about the commando raid that crippled the Iranian nuclear threat? As noted earlier, the JTA story about that raid was unceremoniously obliterated from its website. No apologies; no explanations. Just raw censorship.

Why is this happening?
India, Venezuela, Russia, Israel, Bulgaria. All around the globe, stories stemming from the stolen Stratfor emails are resulting in big news — except in the United States.

WikiLeaks began publishing the more than 5 million stolen and confidential emails Monday stolen from the Austin-based private intelligence firm Stratfor. So far, in the U.S., the story about stealing the emails has been bigger than the stories the emails themselves reveal.
If you dare even to whisper that the U.S. news is managed, people will accuse you of being a conspiracy crank. Nevertheless, America's pseudojournalists refuse to treat any story as important unless and until they see an imprimatur from either the U.S. government or the RNC.
Why are the Israeli's denying a connection between Ehud's visit, and the capture, by Mossad, of two hezbollans (Iran)? Why don't they want to connect the dots?

Sounds like a leaky faucet somewhere, but the drip is the only sound.

Ben Franklin
Not outright but by the White House and government agencies denying access to reporters that ask the wrong questions or say the wrong things. The Helen Thomas lesson was learned several times over. We don't have investigative reporting like exposed the Watergate break-in cover-up conspiracy anymore. Why should the media spend the time and money when they can just regurgitate what some government media flack says?
The media is an outrageous joke. Their priority is in manufacturing fake "horseraces" throughout the incessant election season. I've been calling them WWE because they're covering nothing except hours and hours each night of campy candidate "battles" --- and recently they've even added a hokey heroic Americana music theme to introduce their nonstop coverage of the "race." It's hard to work up any fervor for a black-out or coverup, because None. Not a lick of news covered. They only break from their WWE campaign smack down in the event of massive tornados or celebrity deaths or school shootings.
Well...I just wanted to continue this rant, and if it's too off-topic, I apologize. I toured some downtown Baltimore areas today in search of a possible residence. I had rather written off your occasional denunciations of Baltimore, Joseph, as perhaps more characteristic of your jaded world view than of the reality of the city in question. I was heartsick over the urban decay of such beauty and history...despite obvious efforts to revitalize what should be saved. THIS is what needs to be on nightly national news. Why fret about foreign terrorists bombing our cities? Our homegrown economic junta have lain waste to entire swaths of American treasures and resources.
Wikileaks is a dog-and-pony show, Joseph, and it only leaks what the Mossad (and the Mossad-controlled wing of the CIA) tell it to leak.

Wake up and smell the disinfo-coffee!
zee, you should see downtown late at night. Brrr.

You can find good house prices in some of the neighborhoods a few miles away. Be warned: Working class suburbs like Essex, Towson and Dundalk can be depressing. Everyone (!!EVERYONE!!) smokes, lots of guys talk like Popeye, any witty remark you make will sail overhead like the Goodyear blimp, bookstores are nonexistent, and nobody does anything interesting or has ambitions to do anything interesting or has even considered the possibility that anyone anywhere might do one day something interesting.

If you like classical, you may be pleased to know that Marin Alsop, chief conductor of the Balmer Sympnee Orkester, is quite good. Being poor, I've not heard her in person, but they say that illegal downloads of her recordings come highly recommended.
Follow up to last comment: I just looked up what Marin Alsop is doing this weekend -- "Voices of Light," an absolutely magnificent work by Richard Einhorn. Who happens to be a fellow left-wing blogger! He writes under the name Tristero.

God, I wish I could be there.
Andy, just curious, but if it's disinfo, why is the American media ignoring it so completely? I find that a strange way to spread disinfo. Not saying you wrong, of course, just wondering how that fact fits.
"Wikileaks is a dog-and-pony show"

I'm hearing the Stratfor info is total crap . It doesn't jive with State times, places etc. (per Bmaz @Emptywheel)

Ben Franklin
hey joseph, i am similarly poor and never got to hear live music, only radio. then i got a job as an usher at the symphony, and now i hear oceans of live music, many times the same concert four times over in a week. plus jazz and piano recitals. the pay is crummy (minimum wage), and it's not great to feel subservient to aged rich people, who comprise the vast majority of the classical music audience these days. but the perks are DIVINE.

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