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Saturday, February 04, 2012

"Apologize for what?"

In our previous post, I asked a question: Do you think that anyone at the 2012 Democratic convention might care to apologize for the crap-fest of 2008? Reader Gary asked, in a comment, "Apologize for what?"

Well, this is a clue. And so is this -- the great NAFTA deception. Also see here. And let us not forget the darkened video smear -- which the Kossaks never retracted it even after it was exposed (by yours truly) as a lie. There is also this. And this. And definitely this.

Finally -- and perhaps worst of all -- we have to face the Big Lie that "there were problems on both sides." Bullshit. The lies came 100 percent from Axelrod's shop, from the Kossacks, from the Obots. That is an incontrovertible fact of history.

Never forget. Never forgive.

If you feel a need to vote against Romney in 2012, I can sympathize. The lesser of two evils is still evil -- but he's still also the lesser of two evils. I refuse to join (or even to print) the loopy fantasists who pretend that we have more than two choices; in this system, as things stand, we do not.

But even if you do vote against Romney in 2012, do not forget the outrageous, disgusting, historically vile behavior of Obama's hordes throughout 2008. Do not forget the false promises he made or the filthy campaign he ran.

By no means am I asking you to romanticize Hillary Clinton: As Secretary of State, as someone who chose to represent this whoredom of an administration instead of representing the public interest in the Senate, she has proven herself unworthy of your adulation. Nevertheless, maintaining a realistic attitude toward Hillary does not require us to make excuses for the inexcusable behavior of the Obots in 2008.

We warned "progressives" about Obama. We told them what he was really like. We told them that he never spoke out against the Iraq war after that one speech in 2002 (given before an audience that would have tossed tomatoes had he taken a pro-war stance). We told everyone that Obama was a secret supporter of NAFTA, even though he claimed otherwise. We predicted further assaults on our civil liberties. We prophesied that he would keep the wars going. We presumed that he would fight for more "free trade" and more outsourcing of American jobs. We knew that he would never consider single payer health insurance. We suspected that he would do little or nothing to clean up the mess on Wall Street. We told the world that he has never in his life helped any black person not named Obama. We revealed that his entire history reeked of hackery and whoredom.

They laughed at us. They called us racist simply because we would not vote the way they told us to vote.


And now, dear readers -- do you have any further words of education for Gary?
Gary-- get a clue. Joe--go. (If we're having to miss a Panthers home game for the O'fest, I'd love to get a report on the for-sure agitation that'll be there. Make sure you steer clear of any NC police-- they think they're LAPD.)
Here's some more info for Gary (is this the Gary that is a LaRouchie? I get nyms mixed up sometimes...):

That 2008 Dem convention was intentionally and in unprecendented fashion postponed beyond the traditional date, way in advance, so that the nomination would fall on a MLK anniversary date. That alone telegraphed that the fix was in and they intended to put forth Zerobama regardless of the people's vote. This goes way beyond "apologize for what." Apologizing for the despicable behavior they used to browbeat people will never ameliorate the fraud. We will never forgive the brutish thuggery of the useful idiots who fell for the fraud, even tho they SHOULD abjectly and repeatedly apologize, forever. As for the planners and perpetrators of the fraud, they deserve criminal prosecution and no mercy...the methods they used are irrelevant as are apologies. They should be facing charges.

Does that help clarify the situation?
I'm not so sure that any federal or state laws were broken when Obama was appointed candidate. Election law only covers what is done in the general election not party candidate selection.

Wasn't Obama supposed to wait in the wings while Rod Blagojeveich made a run at the White House?

Rod getting busted changed the plan.

I remember at the time of the convention the CDS was so heavy that the thinking was Hillary would have been marginalized had she remained as Senator from New York. Remember what the party did to Ned Lamount.
You could be right, fact, Zero specialized in gaming the system by strict adherence to "law" --- eg, knocking out his competition by challenging the number of signatures gathered to get them on the ballot, and selectively taking his name off the Michigan ballot, but not Florida, since had he done so in Florida he'd have been barred from their ballot also during the general election. However, they did bus people in for the caucuses, and threatened and thwarted Hillary supporters...I was trying to be polite when I said they should be brought up on criminal charges. The very least thing that should happen to a skunk who accepted votes cast for other candidates is he and the others involved should be literally tarred and feathered and displayed for public scorn. I do believe that is the traditional way to depose scondrels in politics.
"By no means am I asking you to romanticize Hillary Clinton: As Secretary of State, as someone who chose to represent this whoredom of an administration instead of representing the public interest in the Senate, she has proven herself unworthy of your adulation."

Are you out of your fookin' mind? If the Dawg hadn't threatened to drop a building on that skinny ponce if he didn't make Hillary SecState there's no telling what mischief he might have got up to by now. He's Bush III, remember? Hell's bells, we're on the verge of war with Eye Ran as it is--but (to coin a phrase) where there's life there's hope.*

*IMO, if Barry'd been left to his own devices Iran (and the rest of the planet) would be a smoking wreck by now.
My sense of humor sometimes goes over people's heads. I knew I'd get a reaction. Really, all I care to remember about the election is that Obama won, so I did not review the links. I am not a LaRouchie.
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