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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Boo, man: The bots STILL consider Hillary enemy #1

Absolutely vile.

What else can I say about Booman Tribune? They still keep spewing the canard that any liberal who criticizes the Lightbringer from Chicago must be a racist and a Hillary cultist.

This attitude persists even after Obama's many betrayals -- on the Wilson/Plame case, on FISA, on detention, on torture, on nationalization, on single payer health care, on the prosecution of Bush and Cheney, on Afghanistan and on so much else -- have caused many once-worshipful progs to wake up.

Why do the bots still go after Hillary and her aficionados? The reason is obvious: The Clintonites have no reason for apology and the Obots do. Bill Clinton was the finest President of the 20th century after FDR. Obama is shaping up to be the worst Democratic president since Johnson. Andrew Johnson.

Over on the Confluence, Dakinikat has contributed an excellent piece which touches on both ACORN and Wells Fargo's predatory lending practices. (The latter surprised me. I knew a Wells Fargo manager in the 1980s, and he was quite proud of his company's conservative stance on loans. Times have changed!) The reaction over on Booman?
These idiots will never get it. One of the people saying he's not so smart is someone named dakinikat who roused the rabble there a while back by blaming the mortgage crisis on black people. She blew all kinds of dog whistles in the post itself but forgot ACORN. She recovered quickly though by mentioning them in the comments. They're a gang of not too bright sore losers with a dose of racial resentment thrown in to make them especially awful.
I urge you to go read Dakinkat in the original. Then come back and tell me whether the afore-quoted precis of her words bears any relationship to reality. Dakinkat's amusing response:
I have to tell you, I'm sitting at BJ's in the ninth ward down here, round the corner from my house, and this post is getting so many laughs you can't believe it.

The big question every one wants to ask is if you live in a gated community some where up on the east coast?
Many black people live in the ninth ward of New Orleans. For some strange reason, Dkat's opponent refused to describe the place he calls home. Instead, he continued to insist that she was guilty of "internet race baiting exploits."

Again: Read her words and tell me if you see anything like "race baiting" in there. Obots are sick, sick, sick fucks.

Here's another snippet from the thread:
And I will never forget the stupid, irrational, childish, and even racist attacks on Obama from Clinton supporters.
This is an attempt at false equivalence: "Well, there were problems on both sides." I won't stand for that historical revisionism.

In many previous posts, I have documented the outrageous, non-stop hate-campaigns mounted by the Obot hordes. That mob mentality transformed this former half-hearted Obama supporter into a blogger determined to do whatever he could to prevent the Lightbringer from destroying the Democratic party -- a task which he is gleefully accomplishing at this very moment.

Booman actually went on to suggest that Hillary's alleged racism "put Jesse Helms to shame."


Booman has even compiled a list of quotes from Hillary and her supporters -- a list intended to prove that hers was a campaign founded on appeals to bigotry. All of Booman's nonsense was debunked ages ago. That doesn't matter: Taking a page from Atwater and Rove, Booman and his fellow Obots understand that a fib may enter history if repeated incessantly.

Let's deal with Booman's alleged "evidence":
Bill Shaheen:

In his remarks, Shaheen, a local attorney and Democratic powerbroker, said he was worried that Republicans would have a particularly easy time going after Obama's drug use as a teenager because he has been so open about it. He contrasted this with George W. Bush, who Shaheen said wisely ruled out answering questions about his behavior as a younger man during his presidential run in 1999 and 2000.

Obama's candor on the subject, on the other hand, would "open the door" to further questions, Shaheen had said. "It'll be, 'When was the last time? Did you ever give drugs to anyone? Did you sell them to anyone?'" he said. "There are so many openings for Republican dirty tricks. It's hard to overcome."
For some reason, BooMan expects us to consider this quote racist. He's nuts. Just plain bugfuck nuts.

Shaheen raised perfectly justifiable concerns that Obama's admitted drug usage might become a campaign issue. How is that racist?
Bob Kerrey:

"I've watched the blogs try to say that you can't trust [Obama] because he spent a little bit of time in a secular madrassa," the Nebraska Democrat said on the Situation Room with John King. "I feel quite opposite. I think it's a tremendous strength whether he's in the United States Senate or whether he's in the White House."
This is Kerrey's response to the Republicans who were spreading smear stories about Obama's schooling in Indonesia. In the first place, Bob Kerrey was not a player in the Hillary campaign. In the second place, the statement is absolutely accurate. In the third place, any rational person will understand it as a pro-Obama statement.

("Madrassa" is simply the Arabic word for "school." Kerrey seems to have been under the impression that Arabic is spoken in Indonesia -- the sole point on which he can be faulted.)

Another supposedly "damning" quote from the Hillary side:
Geraldine Ferraro:

"If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman of any color, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept."
Absolutely true. My only problem with Ferraro's statement is her disdain for the subjunctive.

In previous posts, I have quoted polls which proved that a black male candidate has a distinct advantage over a female candidate of any race. Ferraro had data on her side; her critics never did.

To repeat an argument I've made before: How many black males have held congressional seats? How many females? How many cities have had black mayors? How many have had female mayors? During the campaign, one could buy a doll of Hillary dressed as a Dominatrix, yet no-one would dare to sell a figurine of Barack dressed as a minstrel.

Of course, when the Republicans picked Sarah Palin, the folks on Kos had no problem saying that she was picked only because she was a woman. Some of them even said that she was irresponsible to pursue politics instead of being a full-time mother.

Obama gained a teflon coating because his followers constantly hurled the "racist" accusation at anyone who said anything against him. That's how he won the nomination and everyone knows it. I am not a racist for daring to speak this truth. The true racists were the ones who provided the teflon.

If Obama were white, the "I barely knew Tony Rezko" lie or the NAFTA lie would have knocked him out of the race. Why is it that Joe Biden's 1988 presidential campaign ended when he was caught out as a plagiarist, yet Obama suffered no political consequences for far worse word-burglaries? New rules were put in place for Obama: Plagiarism suddenly became a minor matter -- "just words."

How the hell did someone like this -- with his onion-skin thin resume, his poor Senate record, his criminal associations, his outrageous history of facial multiplicity and his record of constant lying -- ever become president? How did he get a rep as an Iraq war opponent even though he was too cowardly to speak out against the war during his 2004 Senate campaign, and even though he refused to denounce the invasion during his 2004 DNC speech, and even though he established an Iraq war voting record demonstrably to the right of Hillary's?

I'll tell you how: Obama was protected by a Kossack corps convinced that voting for a black man earned both hipness points and life-long protection from ever being called a racist. Well, I've voted for black candidates on a number of occasions (including Jesse Jackson in '88), and I did so before many of those Kos Kids were born. Those candidates got my vote not for reasons of chic and not for reasons of race, but because I liked them. I will be damned before I vote for any person on the basis of skin color -- which is precisely what scoundrels like Booman and Moulitsas tried to "guilt" me into doing.

Booman is the true racist -- not Geraldine Ferraro.

Let's go back to the list of supposed offenses:
Bill Clinton:

"Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in '84 and '88," Clinton said at a rally in Columbia. "Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here."
Any prog who considers these words racist must be one patty short of a Big Mac.

I well recall how overjoyed I was when Jackson won in'88. Of course, modesty forbade Clinton from mentioning the '92 winner. The 1996 and 2000 winners had the power of incumbency. Clinton's point, of course -- and this same point was made by many pundits (including those at The Nation) back in the 1980s -- is that South Carolina Democratic primaries have a history of going against predictions.

Let's let the Big Dog himself address the racism canard:

Okay, let's get back to Booman's laughable list:
Andrew Cuomo:

"It's not a TV crazed race. Frankly you can't buy your way into it," Cuomo said, according to Albany Times Union reporter Rick Karlin. He then added, "You can't shuck and jive at a press conference. All those moves you can make with the press don't work when you're in someone's living room."
So what?

I grew up hearing the phrase "shuck and jive" (or just "jive") used all the time, in all sorts of contexts. Nobody told me, when I was a boy, that the term originated in the black experience, and I do not recall it being applied to blacks. I recall it being used of fellow students who made unconvincing excuses for not doing work that they were told to do. (Granted, my experience probably would have been different if I had grown up in the deep south instead of California.)

The phrase long ago entered the lexicon. It sees a very generalized usage. It now it belongs to everyone.

For what it's worth: I also believe that the Clintonites who jumped on the word "periodically" were similarly grasping at straws. (Incidentally, I think that Cuomo's argument was stupid, though not racist.)

Once again, we look at the list:
Hillary Clinton:

"I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on," she said in an interview with USA TODAY. As evidence, Clinton cited an Associated Press article "that found how Sen. Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me."
Perfectly accurate, at the time.

Like it or not, polls categorize the polled, and every candidate pays attention to how he or she is doing in each demographic. I don't know how one can talk about white voters or black voters or or female voters or rich voters or middle-class voters or working class voters without ever mentioning the words white, black, female, rich, middle-class, working-class or whatever.

Below, we will see examples of Obama supporters doing exactly the same thing. That is, they committed the "sin" of talking about white voters and black voters. Of course, they may do what Hillary may not.

Everyone knows that Obama entered the race with weak support from blacks -- and lots of black writers commented on that fact. Are black pundits allowed to speak of "black voters" while white people are forevermore disallowed from using the phrase "white voters"? Is that fair?

"Hard-working," in context, was just Hillary's attempt to butter up a voting bloc. She was sputtering in her determination to avoid the dreaded term "working class" (even though that's what she meant) because she knew that the working class in America prefers to think of itself as middle class (even though it isn't). She was not implying that black people don't also work hard.

Back to the list:
Ed Koch::

"I believe Obama probably will win [the Democratic nomination], although in politics you never ever can count anybody out," said former New York Mayor Ed Koch. "I think Hillary is doing a magnificent job and is a great candidate and if anybody can pull it out, she can. But my honest opinion is, it probably won't happen. And that he will be the candidate and that he will lose."...

"I am shocked, without knowing the reason that it is happening, that none of the allegations with the respect of Wright, his former pastor, have had any impact on his polling," said Koch. "I'm absolutely surprised because I think that all the things that Wright says -- and nobody believes that Obama supports those statements -- but he didn't have the courage to stand up and object for twenty years. If you are running for president, you can't be like some other poor guy in the pews who is afraid to stand up or even say something privately to the minister. You're the guy who wants to lead the country and you have to have courage to stand up and lead your own pastor. He did not exhibit that. But the fact that the Democratic constituency doesn't seem to care is a shock to me, but I'm certain that the overall constituency voting in November will care and that it will make the difference in the adverse way to his candidacy."
Ed Koch never spoke for anyone except Ed Koch. True, his prediction did not come true -- but so what? I defy anyone to name a political observer who never made a wrong prediction.

Like Koch, I also predicted, incorrectly, that Wright was going to play a huge factor in the general election Republican ad campaign. The fact that Wright went unmentioned led me to suspect that McCain did not really want to win.

(Imagine if the outcry -- the justifiable outcry -- if a follower of Jerry Falwell ran for president! I consider Falwell and Wright to have a rough equivalence of venality.)

At any rate, anyone who interprets the Koch quote as an example of blatant (or even subtle) bigotry is nuttier than the Planters factory. Then again, I suppose that one could read racism into the ingredients list on a can of beef stew, if one is determined to do so.

The Booman's list contains only two more "damning" quotes.

One comes from Representative Rob Andrews, who spoke of hearing ill-defined racial "signals" in a phone call from a Hillary campaign worker before a primary. Booman, scoundrel that he is, does not tell you that the Clinton campaign denied the accusation vociferously and that Andrews never provided specifics or one shard of evidence.

When Andrews made the statement, he had just lost badly to Frank Lautenberg in the Senate primary. He desperately needed party support if he wanted to get into the race to regain his House seat -- something he had promised not to do. In other words, Booman is relying on the word of a proven liar. Obviously, Andrews saw that Obama and his gang of Chicago thugs were the new rulers of the party. I think that Andrews (who has a rather sleazy voting record) told a huge fib in order to get in good with the new bosses.

The final Booman quote comes from Bob Johnson, speaking "as an African-American." He made a bizarre reference to Sidney Poitier. Frankly, I can't claim to understand the point he was trying to make, and I really don't care. Nothing said by Bob Johnson provides evidence of Clinton's supposed "racism."

Booman's evidence amounts to nada. Hillary Clinton never resorted to racism, disguised or blatant, during the primary. She never had any motive to do so. Even if she were a bigot in her heart of hearts (which I am sure she is not), tactical concerns would have told her not to take such a course.

For a long time, she had the black vote sewn up. Why would she alienate that constituency? No Democrat would do so. (For that matter, no Republican in today's political environment would dare to insult black people.)

Black voters abandoned Hillary only after the Obama campaign decided to smear the Clintons. Alas, smears do work -- and no voting bloc is immune. Maybe that's why Obama's campaign tactics have evinced more admiration from Republicans (such as Nancy Reagan) than from Democrats.

At one point, Paul Krugman admitted that nearly all of the outrageous statements made during the primary came from the Obama forces. As a reward for his honesty, many writers on the Daily Kos (an arm of the Obama campaign) smeared Krugman as a conservative and a bigot. That's right: The "progressive" movement embraced Andrew freaking Sullivan while smearing Paul Krugman.

They also spread a false story that Krugman's son worked for Hillary. He has no children.

That's how the Obots operate: They lie. During the campaign, they told lie after lie after lie -- and they never had to pay a political price for doing so.

But lying was hardly the worst of it.

During the campaign I received death threats from Obots -- a couple of which I documented in previous posts. ("Do the species a favor and kill yourself. Better yet, tell me where you live and I'll come do it for you.") I was not the only victim of cyber-terrorism; many other Obama opponents also received threats.

Remember what happened to radio host Steve Corbett and to Representative Emanuel Cleaver II? Remember Donna Brazile's thuggish warning that "there will be blood" if Obama did not receive the nomination? She spoke literally, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Obama never denounced these tactics. He never denounced Donna Brazile.

I do not know of a single instance in which a Hillary supporter lobbed death threats at a pro-Obama writer. All of the threats -- ALL of them -- came from Obots.

What does that fact tell you about the dangers of the mob?

Here are some examples of things said by pro-Obama forces. Compare the following quotes to the alleged "outrages" listed by Booman. (I am culling these examples from previous posts; you can look up the links to the original sources by using the intra-site search engine at the top of the page.)
Obama is black? That’s just not acceptable at the cuntry club.
"Hillary is a liar and a cunt"
She’s a monster who just won’t die. In fact, she really should just die.
The good news is if Clinton wins (steals) the presidency she will likely be assassinated within a week. She is a total lying gas bag hag and deserves to [go to] her maker for what will only be described as a truly karmic moment which will last for all eternity.
Just slit her throat, lock her in a car boot, and drive the car into river in West Virginia. Ain’t gonna let no whore screw with the man
The heinous Hillary hag with a bullseye on her forehead is reason enough to vote for Obama
And a Drive-By Won't Be Out of the Question. What goes around, comes around. The stupid fucking bitch !!
Talk About WHITE TRASH that bitch better keep looking over her shoulder.
if hillary is elected we're gonna be stuck with whomever she picks as a running mate for the remainder of the term after she gets assasinated.
You know, looking at these Obot death threats against Hillary, I suddenly don't feel quite so surprised by the young Americans in Israel who recently called for Obama to be killed. Of course, I still believe that those fools should go to jail. On the other hand, we must admit that they treated Obama pretty much the same way that the Obots treated Hillary. What goes around, comes around...

By the way: Just imagine how Booman would have reacted if any Hillary supporter -- anywhere, on even the smallest blog -- had referred to Obama as "black trash." Why the double standard, Booman?
Hillary Clinton is not interested in what is best for our country; she is interested in what is best for her. She is a self-serving bitch.
Hillary's gonna lose you feminazi cunts.
Hillary is a liar and a cunt
Obama's great innovation in political discourse is his willingness to countenance the use of the word "cunt" in a political campaign. Not once did he denounce the things his supporters said on a daily (hourly) basis, even though he was urged to do so. Some of these quotes even came from his official campaign site. His refusal to decry the ghastly things being done in his name is tantamount to complicity.
They're all crazy cunts,taze them all!!!!!!
Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt CUNT cunt cunt cunt CUNT cunt cunt cunt CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT . . .

Yo! Cunt!
Imagine the shrieks of protest that would have been heard if any Clinton supporter, on even the lowliest of blogs, had referred to Obama as "nigger." Keith Olbermann would have devoted an entire segment to the topic. But "cunt" is a perfectly acceptable term in the Obot lexicon.

may speak in any ugly way they want to speak. All others must watch their every phoneme for every hemi-demi-semiquaver of mis-construable connotation.
Bush Clinton crime family must be eradicated.
I thought Vince Foster was on the Clinton Body Count list
Does Hillary want to murder Obama? Probably not with her own two hands but one thing for sure: HILLARY WANTS BARACK OBAMA DEAD
Has Hillary ever denouced the bigots who support her?
Hillary is enabling racism which is why I could not vote for her.
That racist block is the constituency that is keeping her fight alive.
This next one looks particularly hilarious nowadays:
Barack is all about unity -- he talks about it all the time, so there's no question about whether he wants people who foster divisions associated with his campaign. The thing is, Barack doesn't SAY one thing and ACT in a way that doesn't fit what he said.
Now that's a spit-take inducer if ever the English language produced one!
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton went fishing in the waters of the KKK and the Aryan nation's pool of most eligibles.
Those fat old poor white women can go pound salt.
The numbers of hysterical, crazed old females who have emotionally latched on to Hillary is simply a phenomenon that can't be denied. I don't know what is causing this but it's REAL and can't be swept under the rug. There's a BIG bunch of unhinged, old white females, far beyond self-embarrassment, who are acting like screeching Hags for Hill.
Obama does not have a white problem, he has a backwater inbred ignorant racist appalachian hillbilly problem. And we can win without them.
Who cares if older white women stay home?
Gee -- I thought it was racist to speak in demographic terms. Isn't that what Booman wants us to believe? Where's the consistency?
What would be the point of kissing azz for some old hags/bigots?
Hillary supporters, needless Democrats.
We don't need Hillary's supporters! They can go on and vote for McCain!

Yeah. That Barack -- he sure is a uniter, all right. That's why he won a bare majority in a year that should have seen a landslide Democratic victory. He would have lost if the economic meltdown had hit a month or so later.

On the other hand, perhaps it is indeed fair to say that he has been a uniter. Politically, his administration has united itself with the Bush legacy.
"How about "Arkansas Uber Alles"? Seig Heil to Mrs Clinton!"
The menses makes the ladies crazy and unhinged. That's why we can never have a woman as president. They'd get all PMS-ish and start a nuclear war.
yes, she is the ultimate fag hag, isn't she?...

and her campaign in pennsylvania proved many of the gay men in the midstate (100% of whom support her) are a bunch of racist queens...
Hillary Clinton is a monster, and a bitter hag.
Any woman who votes for her is voting with her vagina, not her brain.
Women only like Hillary because she’s a fellow Vagina-American.
men who support her are castratos in the eunuch chorus
That's enough for now. As everyone knows, I could compile a list literally a hundred times longer, filled with similarly vile sentiments.

Can we compare the disgusting tactics of Obama's supporters to the statements made by Hillary's supporters? Sure -- but only in the sense that you might compare the Nazi war machine to the Gustav Mahler Appreciation Society. You can compare anything to anything else. In this case, the comparison reveals the truly odious nature of the Obama movement.

As long as I live, I will never forget the stench.
Good roundup. Clinton apologized at least three times for so-called racist remarks from Ferraro, Shaheen and Bill Clinton but Obama never said hasn't said anything about the sexism from himself, the media or the blogs. He used sexist dogwhistles including his refusal to address sexism to get men's votes.

He gave speeches denouncing racism and anti-Semitism, homophobia in the black community but he has never said anything about sexism except for the "Sweetie" remark he made against a non-partisan reporter and a racist sexist remark against his wife. This after the historic misogyny from himself, the media and the blogosphere.
Bigoted language relies on bigoted stereotypes for its punch. You can refer to a white guy as shucking and jiving because there is no demeaning cultural stereotype of white guys, as a demographic, being completely full of shit. But African Americans have been demeaned as "shucking and jiving".

Same thing with the statement that Clinton "periodically" gets down and attacks to boost her appeal. It's a statement that wouldn't even make sense if applied to a man. It's about the demeaning stereotype that women get so moody during their periods that they become irrational and hostile.

Obama, like Jesse Helms before him, used bigotry to fuel his campaign. Like bigots and bullies everywhere, he claimed to be the victim. It's what they always do.
Daki's post wasn't so bad but I personally reacted to it after reading Anglachel's post.

The netroots and Third Wave have zero credibility after aiding, abetting, participating in and condoning the worst misogyny this country has ever seen. They have zero credibility and elected Bush III so nothing they say means anything.
Great post.

Is this Booman asshole the same asshole that posts on Tennessee Guerrilla Women as Angry Black Guy? Every time there is any criticism of Obama they swarm the comments section over there howling about Hillary. They're obsessed. Sick, sick woman-hating, homophobic cultists.
The misogyny wasn't so much in those few phrases but in the daily use of the double standard against women from Obama, the media and the blogosphere in addition to stereotyping against women from Obama, the media and the blogosphere all of which could be found in media, blogs and comment sections covering the election.
lori, when I was growing up, everyone used "jive" as a polite way of saying "bullshit." As in: "Nixon's full of jive, man." "That cop was jivin' you." It was simply a standard part of hippie-ese.

I honestly had no concept until later in life that there was something uniquely African-American about the phrase's origins.
There's only one rational response: “Hillary would be worse” and “Get over it, you lost. Loser”
RE: "periodically"

Intentionally or not that word choice made his statement into a pun.

Add to that the fact that Obama's original claim to fame was his ability as a wordsmith, and it's not unreasonable to assume he knew or should have known the reaction that word would cause.

Then add "lipstick on a pig" and you have a candidate who accidentally says a lot of things that are easily interpreted as offensive.
Thanks, Joe.
But you realize the O-bots will never read this and if they do refuse to comprehend it.
Thank you.
You missed my favorite bit of misogyny - referring to Hillary as the 'Joan of Arc of the dry pussy demographic'. That was the one that told me the Obots had gone completely off the rails.
"As long as I live, I will never forget the stench."
me either, joseph. thanks!
I read Booman's list supposedly proving that H. Clinton ran a racist campaign and I had to laugh. Thanks for putting him in his place. Dakinikat is obviously not a racist and neither is Hillary.
To clarify an earlier point, I made a leap from Anglachel's post and TC cliqueishness to racism. Sometimes, TC can appear exclusive or cliquey.
Did you catch this one?


I think her campaign [Hillary Clinton's] put Jesse Helms to shame. Do you think Jesse Helms was a racist?

Her campaign was even worse that I thought if she aroused all that hatred unintentionally.

The phrase "shuck and jive" should probably be left to posterity. But applying it to a white guy does not call up the demeaning stereotypes that it does when one accuses an African American of the same behavior.

It's like the word "boy" - everyone I know called John Edwards "boy". There was nothing inappropriate about that. But calling Obama that would have been a very different thing because of the stereotypes it calls up.
To the anonymous person whose comment I just rejected for publication:

Screw you and your concerns for my "credibility." It would help YOUR credibility if your followed the rules for comments posted clearly on the top right.
Lori: Posterity? Nah, I would prefer to see "jive" come back into the same sort of general use it had back in, say, 1972. I kind of preferred "Don't give me that jive" to "Don't hand me that bullshit."

Then again, I also want "groovy" to come back. I believe that "groovy" may have also started with black people -- jazz musicians -- but it soon became common linguistic coin. I loved that term.

As for calling Obama "boy" -- what pissed me off were the many people who called Hillary "your girl" yet who would have chewed my head off if I had referred to Obama as "your boy." Sorry, but we are in absolute disagreement here. I hate linguistic double standards based on race, and I really don't give a shit about your arguments based on history. If Hillary can be "your girl," Obama can be "your boy." If Obama must always be called a man, then Hillary must always be called a woman. SAME RULE FOR BOTH -- NO EXCEPTIONS FOR ANY REASONS.
You cant explain anything to the Obama supporters who make these comments-they are unusually stupid and aggressive and ignore anything that doesn't get their adrenaline going.

I like how detailed your response is though. What I would really like to see is a chart of the promises Obama made prior to the campaign and how long it took to break them.

I've noticed the media is subtly shifting public perception on what he promised and I think it would be helpful if people were reminded of the things he claimed to be able to do with his Harry Potter like magical powers.

One thing he was supposed to be able to do was bring together the republicans and the democrats to forge a new common ground.

Funny how no one points out how he is probably the biggest failure when it comes to bipartisanship of any President in the past 200 years.

Anyway the list is long but it would be fun to see just how fast he broke his promises.

As far as responding to Boorman and the other boors-I'd just mock them. The Obots thrive on anger-people like that don't do well if you make fun of them. I used to attract this kind of person when I posted on blogs and realized after a while they are all about getting a reaction . If you just continue to not react while making fun of their logic in a light hearted way they go insane with frustration.

Hillary might have won if she had relaxed more and cracked a few jokes at Obama's expense the way her husband could.

It's not a double standard if it is based on history. As for girl, Hillary started that one by saying that if you wanted someone who was going to fight really hard, she was your girl. I think she intentionally legitimized that.

The problem being that there are no words that have historically been used to hold white males back based on their race or gender. So everybody else winds up swallowing poison in the name of an even playing field. Practically speaking, it doesn't work. but words lose their historical resonance. I suspect in a generation or so, boy and shuck and jive will lose their sting.
Hey, I see my #1 headed up the post. Should I be flattered? (If not, don't worry, I can stroke my own ego. ;))

During one of the debates, I recall how Obama weaseled *and* tried to draw a false equivalence as regards the infamous South Carolina Memo.

He said something to the effect that the memo was "unfortunate" ( since that can mean so many things, that's not really denouncing it), and that there were unfortunate things "done on both sides" (or words to that effect).

To refresh memories (just on case that is needed) he was referring to when two out of all of the thousands of Hillary volunteers had forwarded an email suggesting Obama might be a Muslim, and attempting to say how that was the same as when his press secretary - the number three person in his campaign, and someone picked specifically to say what he told him to, and only what he told him to - issued a four-page memo "proving" that the Clintons were racist.

I know Hillary promptly fired the two volunteers. I don't know if Obama fired his PS...but if he did, I didn't hear about it.

Sergei Rostov
Speaking of ACORN, here's something interesting:

Because of their previous relationship with Obama, ACORN went to the law firm he was with and has them sue Citibank to get them to make more minority mortgage loans. (Side note: I have always contended Citi wanted to lose that suit so that they had legal cover to make predatory loans.)

Everyone reading this I'm sure knows that Citi was one of the big beneficiaries of the bailout. But now - as if that wasn't bad enough - we find out ("Grand Theft Auto..." Greg Palast June 1, 2009) that Citi's loans to GM are being paid back right away in cash by way of Obama and Steven Rattner (his "car czar") raiding the GM worker's pension fund (a move which has been illegal since the passing of the Nixon-era ERISA law).


Sergei Rostov
Well, the answer's obvious, isn't it? Greg Palast must have fallen prey to the scourge of racism.

Seriously, young Rattner is a piece of work, isn't he? He got into his position by "embracing" (in the Boomanian sense) Larry Summers. You know the song: "I polished that handle so perfectly/That now I am the ruler of the Queen's na-vee..."

Well, Rattner seems to have polished SOMETHING.
Like you and Koch, I thought Obama couldn't win the general election. I thought the Republicans were helping Obama so that they could retain the presidency.

Most of us expected the October Surprise to be something that would scare Americans into voting Republican again. Instead, it was a banking crisis, giving any Democrat an advantage.

No one will ever convince me that the news of and action on that problem couldn't have been put off for a few weeks, making it irrelevant to the election.

Why would the Republicans give away the election? Because THEY are the ones playing 11 dimensional chess. They wanted Obama elected so that they could blame Bush's failures on him.

Looks like it's starting to work:

Carolyn Kay
In the south, where I come from, "shuck and jive" still has a deeply racial, very offensive, connotation. And use of the word boy to describe a black man is much worse than calling a woman a girl.

Carolyn Kay
I saved some Bushbot emails from 2000:

What have you done to earn your citizenship in this great country? More than likely nothing, just happened to be born here huh?

I have served this country with great personnel sacrifice for the last eight years of my life in the Armed Forces. I have EARNED my citizenship. I have a right to speak out. If you have done nothing to benefit your country, and just reap the rewards than you have not earned your citizenship and you need to SHUT UP and SIT DOWN.

And don't reply with "It's my right!", that's not the question, HAVE YOU EARNED IT?!


Damn bed wetting liberals. Get a life of your own...oh wait, no, that's the government's responsibility.


Maybe it is time to go after hillary also, now that we have the full power of the government behind us, maybe a subpone will be obeyed (or they will enjoy spending time as bubbas butt buddy in prison).


… I also am a 20 year veteran of our armed forces, I have had to take theoath a few times now, adn I will happily use my weapons to defend that oath and our constitution.

"Of course, you would not find it worthwhile to do yourself, why not hire some darkies to do it for you....right?


It's nice to fine some good satire. In a dull web site like this. These socialist pinkos need to try to pick a better country. Before we pick one for them.


…we who are informed and understand the Constitution of these United States know that the left wing pinko liberals will stop at nothing to deprive us of our rights and shovew their no-moral beleifs on those of us who have brain cells and do not plan on overthrowing the Government because we do not like the outcome of this fair election. You people need to grow up, get a real life and when you have a problem with something, do something about it before hand, not after.


You need to be hung for treason










So, put the FISHING POLES DOWN and join the rest of the country in:
Welcoming President Elect GEORGE W. BUSH.


In the name of GOD or your favorite God or Godess. Stop this madness. You have no Idea of what will happen if you split this great Nation. The civil war will pale in comparison. Back off now. Or; face the the coming dawn of second Civil War. You are about to destroy the greatest Nation on earth. Have great fear of what is on the Horizon. There are a great number of my brethern that will not stop till the great cleansing has stopped. This nation is on the brink. You can save what you have accomplished up to this point . Back off or all may be lost.


IT will be a civil war, and remember the electorate map when you go to respond, new york and california woudl be your allies, everyone elese woudl be fighting for freedom and the constitution, and also remember, *we* have all the guns.


Sound familiar?

Carolyn Kay
The lesson is clear. If you want to destroy a political party, just fill it with Clinton haters.
Aside from the ridiculous claims of racism, I would like to know why Obama fans saw him as more liberal/progressive than Clinton when he said this in 2004 after Jack Ryan was forced to drop out of the Senate race (a reaction to the claim by Ryan that Obama was "too liberal"):

"I would argue that my views and the manner in which I've operated are probably closer to some of the moderate Republicans in this state like Jim Thompson and Jim Edgar," both former Illinois governors, he said.,2933,116042,00.html

Why wasn't this quote dissected by his fans?

I'm truly sorry that you and other bloggers were threatened. This should not have happened and would not have happened if Obama had spoken out against the behavior of some of his dedicated supporters (impossible to imagine, I know). I still believe that the Camp Obamas purposely recruited and trained those who were not firing on all cylinders because the camps placed major emphasis on emotional reactions and gave little time to actual policy discussions. Anyone looking for policy meat would have been discouraged. Those who remained as his supporters were more likely to react in emotional (i.e., fanatical) ways to any criticism of their candidate.

old dem
Bravo, Joe.

Oh god, I am so grateful you saved that crap. I remember it well. All of that Robert Heinlein shit enjoyed quite a vogue for a while, did it not?

As for "boy" and "girl" -- my record is clear: I never employed "girl" as a term for Hillary Clinton and I never used "boy" to describe Barack Obama.

But I still insist on linguistic equivalence.

It's like the argument over the word "nigger": I consider the word truly profane and believe that it should be banned from civilized discourse. What I don't go along with is the idea that black people can use it everyday conversation while white people must not. I think society will be a better place if everyone simply avoids the word.

Period. No excuses. No sophistry. No special pleading. Just don't use the word. Isn't that a simpler, more elegant solution?

On the other hand, when dealing with the word AS a word (as we are doing right now) or when quoting someone else's use of that profanity -- or any other profanity -- I don't favor using childish euphemisms like "the n word." Obscenities like "nigger," "cunt," and "fuck" should be spelled out, except when addressing children.
Somebody thought "jive" was being racist. I just remember the "they want to hoodwink, bamboozle you" stuff. I firmly beleive the Republicans knew they had a friend in the opposing candidate that could be given the economic mess and give it a democrat label. They didn't want McCain to win.
What you're doing is the basis of demagoguery: taking anecdotal examples and extrapolating them to a whole population or group.

Why don't you go on Google and find the worse stupid / racist things said by African Americans against white people. Don't forget to only focus on one side, completely ignoring any example of white people saying racist thing against black people. You can then write a lengthy article on how stupid and racist all black people are, illustrated with all the nice examples you found using google. It wouldn't be much different than what you just published.

After you start receiving insults by email and comments on your blog from people who feel offended by your "analysis", you can then extrapolate that ALL black people are the worse people on earth because of the behavior of these individuals who dare to insult you.

It's an easy recipe and it always works (ask any Republican politicians). You can repeat the exercise with any political groups or sport teams you don't like. Your result will always be the same. You can always find a group saying stupid things on the Internet who support any cause or politician you don't like. Every sport team have their hooligans, any political party have their stupid thugs, every culture and nation have their morons. Do we judge Hillary by what the morons on NoQuarter are saying ?

Basically, this whole hysteria doesn't prove anything about Obama. It only prove that there's stupid people on the Internet. Is anyone surprised ?
As political elections go, and I've witnessed a few, it's understandable, though definitely not acceptable or right, that one would hear crap like this in a republican vs. democrat race. To hear this in a dem vs. dem makes it all the more disgusting as the democratic party is supposedly the one of inclusion. Seems 2008 will go down as one of the lowest events, albeit historic, for the party.
You know, I've always had the sneaking suspicion that some of the anonymous comments by alleged Obama supporters were actually sent by minions of Karl Rove,etc. But of course many were real, and those people should apologize. Should Obama have called a press conference to denounce those comments. I would say no.

I never made a similar search on Hillary sites to look at the comments there.

Did Obama play the race card? One could make a case for it but in a subtle sense. Did Hillary do the same with "hardworking white people." I suppose one could make a case for it. Speaking of playing the race card though, you supported Jesse Jackson who has made a career out of playing the race card.

The election campaign is over. Both Hillary is Secretary of State. You are beginning to remind me of those Japanese soldiers still fighting the war. My advice: the one thing you say you will never do, forgive and forget.
Why wasn't this quote dissected by his fans?

Obama has a unique gift. When he lies his supporters believe him, but when he tells the truth they don't.
RE: Shuck and Jive. It is possible for a term to have different meanings to different groups of people. This is seen here in the debate over the term Shuck and Jive.

I learned that the term "cakewalk" can be a racist term. When I was a child growing up, a cakewalk was simply a carnival game in which one could win a whole cake simply for standing on the correct numbered tile when the music stopped. The term cakewalk to me and to many others has always on only meant a simple task, or being lucky enought to be in the right place at the right time.

I used the term once in a comment about Obama's seemingly smooth and rapid upward path in politics. I said that even though I'm sure his life has not been a cakewalk, it seems odd how obstacles often seem to be removed for him in a way they aren't for others. I was promptly informed that the term cakewalk meant my entire comment and sentiment were racist. Little did I know there is another meaning, and that meaning is racist. I explained that I did not know of that meaning and have not used and will not use that term again. However, I had no way of knowing that. Much like drug slang or sex slang, one isn't always aware of slang from different geographical regions or age groups or other demographics until it is brought to one's attention. Another good recent example was the use of 'tea bag.' I bet there are many tea partyers who were not aware of the sexual connotation of that term until they were being ridiculed with it.

Plus, slang co-opts terms and words all the time. It's hard to keep up. It says more about the person who assumes some one meant something racist, sexist or hurtful than it does about the person that uses a term that can be interpreted differently.

Alas, as myiq points out, I have never attempted to bill myself as a wordsmith.

Great list, Joe. And a very satisfying post. I savored it and made it last most of the morning.
Course Hillary only has to kill four people to become President.


And where can I get one of those cool Sarah Palin t-shirts?
small d --

"What you're doing is the basis of demagoguery: taking anecdotal examples and extrapolating them to a whole population or group."

Fuck you. I KNEW someone like you would say that shit.

The hate campaign was by no means small. The outrages were by no means anecdotal. The disgusting behavioral happened day after day. Hour by hour. Minute by minute.

Anyone who did not hail Dear Leader was chased off of the big blogs. That's why places like the Confluence exist.

ALL Obama supporters were guilty.


You know what you're doing, d? Let me clue you in.

You're like a German apologist who doesn't want to admit that the Germans persecuted Jews on Krystallnacht. "Oh yeah? Prove it to me." So someone offers proof, citing incident after incident after incident. But no matter how much proof piles up, you simply smile smugly and say: "Oh, that's just ANECDOTAL. Stop being such a demagogue. You can't condemn an entire group based on things done by a few..."

Hey, this game is fun! Now let's use the same tactic to prove that the Native Americans were never the victims of genocide. "You say there was something called a trail of tears? Your evidence is purely anecdotal. Maybe SOME white people did a few bad things, but you can't condemn the entire white population..."

"You say that black people were mistreated in the antebellum south? Well, let's see your evidence. But I'll need something more than anecdotal evidence. Maybe a few southerners went overboard, but you'd have to be a demagogue to condemn the lot of 'em. Documents...? Oh, we all know that documentary evidence can be forged..."


I devoted post after post for months and months to the documentation of the Obama mob's vile behavior. It was an endless task. I provided links to the original pages, and anyone who goes there can see that I chose examples pretty much at random. This shit was endless.

Did I say that my list could have been a hundred times longer? In truth, I could put together a list of damning quotes a THOUSAND times longer. Maybe ten thousand. And you damned well know it.

What we saw in 2008 was the deliberate creation of a MOB in America. It was a cult of personality. I guarantee you -- history books will one day categorize the Obama cult alongside the cults that grew up around Mao or Joe McCarthy. When Obama has finished the job of fucking up, sociologist would spend a lot of time studying the Messianic madness that overtook America in 2008.

The transformation of a political campaign into a crazed mob is Obama's gift to the Democratic party. That's why Republicans are such big admirers of his campaign tactics, while sensible Dems are starting to be embarrassed by it.
This comment has been removed by the author.
gary: You know damn well that Hillary did not say that only white people were hardworking, and if you ever imply crap like that again, then stay away.

NO national politician of either party can hope to make headway with a subtle or overt appeal to race. That's just a fact. It's backed by polls, by all recent experience, and by common sense.

The idea that the Democratic party is filled with Klansmen dancing to the hate-music played by the Clintons is a ruse -- a hallucination created by Obots.

One day, when Obama is fully discredited -- and that discreditization process is happening pretty quick -- someone is going to step forward from behind the scenes and explain how that meme was deliberately created by the campaign.

The hate did not come from the Republicans and you know it. Much of the worst of my barrage all came from the same ISP in Illinois. And whenever I would get a long hoax email -- I recall one in particular that other blogs chose to print -- it came from that same ISP.

Obama's campaign deliberately created a mob, a frenzy, just as Joe McCarthy did. The evidence was right there in front of you. You're an idiot if you can't see it.

On the other hand, gary, you're the guy who thinks that the infamous video does NOT show Obama flipping the bird at Clinton. (Even though the crowd hoots with glee when he does it!) That's like Dan Rather having a private look at the Zapruder film and telling the world that the shot came from the back.

Your man is just another Chicago thug. If his skin were white and if you weren't suffused with liberal guilt, if you weren't trying to prove to yourself what a non-racist you are, you would see Obama for the bastard that he is.

I have nothing for which to apologize. You do. Day after day, Obi is showing his true colors: He is Bush III.
Anonymous with the "cakewalk" comment:

I think you were had. I grew up in south Louisiana, and I'm sure I've heard every racist term ever invented. I never heard that one. You were called a racist for saying that Obama was given favors. Which is, of course, true.


I think that those of us who fought the message board wars of 2000 are very different from those who came later. VERY different.

Carolyn Kay
As to the flipping-the-bird video, some in the crowd may have misinterpreted an innocent gesture as you did. And again who flips the bird with two fingers. I saw Obama do the exact same thing recently, he touches or scratches his face. The people who accused Obama for Fingergate should apologize.

I never said or implied that Hillary meant that only white people were hard-working. She was implying I think that she could win because she appealed more to white people. All of the candidates and their spokespeople would have done better to have just not mentioned race.

I have nothing to apologize for. I never made any comments like the ones you cite, and I criticized them. In fact, I once left an anonymous comment on your blog, apologizing on behalf of the other anonymous commenters. Why don't you accept my anonymous apology and move on?
Fuck you, gary. Never show up here again.

The video OBVIOUSLY shows him flipping off Hillary, and you damn well know it. Everyone -- not "some" (I wish you fucking bots would stop playing the "some" game when you are well and truly caught) -- EVERYONE in that crowd knew what the thuggish Obama was doing. You are very bit as disgusting as those creatures who try to convince us that the Z film doe snot show what it obviously shows.

Damn straight you should apologize. You supported Obama. Within five years, this country will be as conservative as it was in 2002 -- maybe moreso -- and it will also be a lot poorer. All due to Obama, who was PICKED BY THE CONSERVATIVES to take office, fail, and thereby make all liberalism look bad.

Yes, I said "picked by the conservatives." Look who funded him: The same Wall Street clowns who are now benefitting from his largesse. Look at the support he got from the mainstream media. The same MSNBC and CNN and NYT and WP which told incessant lies about Al Gore and Bill Clinton gave daily verbal blowjobs to Barack Obama. Doesn't that fact TELL you something, dummy? WAKE THE FUCK UP, DUMMY!
On the cakewalk:

Hmm, I knew the common American slang but not its roots in American slavery

I only knew it from learning Debussy pieces whose tempo was "in the manner of a cakewalk." (I doubt he knew the true origin - as he was a French national and not even born until 1862 - but I may be wrong here.)

As far as offensive slang goes, I do tend to agree with the "co-opt" argument.

old dem -

Not to mention Obama said that Reagan got elected because he was "accountable" (Iran Contra, cocaine trade, death squads?) that LBJ's Great Society anti-poverty programs were an example of bloated goverment, that he wanted a foreign policy like Reagan's (death squads, importing cocaine to America's inner cities, military action on false pretenses), JFK's (trying to overthrow a foreign govt by force, pushing the US to the brink of a nuclear war) and GHW Bush's (going to war on false pretenses, then failing to finish the job).

[I particularly thought how odd it was that Kos supported Obama so strongly: Reagan's actions resulted in (as Kos himself had so nastily and bluntly put it a few years before), people "killing people on my front lawn." Had I seen what Kos had seen, to have someone praise Reagan's "accountability" and want to emulate his foreign policy would by itself have been reason enough to dump him for good.]


Gary -

I've already refuted this (and here, in comments to previous posts; I even alluded to it above):


His press secretary sent out a four-page memo detailing how racist Hillary was (the infamous South Carolna Memo). Jesse Jackson Jr. (Obama's national campaign chair) called Hillary a racist during the New Hampshire primary. Obama did as well, in speeches in both North Carolina and Mississippi. And his supporters got the message.

Sergei Rostov
Wow. Wow. Wow. Someone said "bravo" and that sums it up. Great post, thanks for keeping the facts alive, Joseph! I love the comments thread, too, and especially the slapdown on the dismissal of "anecdotal" which was indeed bs! "Anecdotal," as in....reality???? Deal with it, Obots!

When all the commentators I admired went off the rails after NH, accusing Hillary of "stealing" the state during the primaries, I wrote up my experience...I was there. It wasn't even close. If I hadn't been there I might not have believed it myself, but Hillary had very passionate, very deep and very broad support there.

But everything that was excellent here, I just have to add one kudos that no one else is likely to care about, but it makes me say--- be still my heart...!

"My only problem with Ferraro's statement is her disdain for the subjunctive."

Too fucking cute. :)
That t-shirt still makes me ill. That t-shirt sums it up: they could never win on ideas because they only had hate and narcissism.

Which is why, even now, they need to forget and "look forward," right down to becoming apologists for torture. All a symptom of the same escape from substance or accountability. It's so imperative to run that they need to compare what happened *last year* and still has ramifications today... to Japanese soldiers that can't forget the war from the mid-20th century.

That's messed up. But then again, so is the t-shirt.
When all the commentators I admired went off the rails after NH, accusing Hillary of "stealing" the state during the primaries

I almost forgot about that - in addition to all the discussion of "the Bradley Effect" there were unfounded accusations of voter fraud too.
>>they could never win on ideas

They never PLANNED to win on ideas. They didn't CARE about ideas. In Chicago politics, you don't care about ideas or policies. You just get your guy elected (by any means possible). Then he gives you a job.

The word "clout", which originally meant a club or a bludgeon, was popularized by the first Mayor Daley as meaning the number of jobs you could provide to your supporters.

As to the finger episode, I have screen captures from two different videos that appear to be at different events.

How is it possible that he would have the exact same itch in the exact same spot at the exact same place in his speech at two different rallies? And in that same speech, he brushed off his shoulder as though brushing away Hillary. He also used a gesture while saying that Hillary likes to stick the knife in, that was reminiscent of a European "fuck you" gesture.

ABC removed its video of the entire speech, at one of the locales, that showed all three gestures. I haven't been able to find it anywhere else.

Carolyn Kay
"Yes, I said "picked by the conservatives." Look who funded him: The same Wall Street clowns who are now benefitting from his largesse. Look at the support he got from the mainstream media."

Yippers. And look also at the way the lackluster campaign the RNC ran. They could have won: The GOP has won with worse candidates than McCain (our most recent POTUS, for instance) and against tighter odds. They never unleashed the attack ads, they muzzled Palin, they bleated about McCain's lack of support from Republican voters, like that ever mattered to them. Who can forget what they did to Gore, or Kerry? Those hardcore tactics never surfaced against Obama, and the target was a hundred times bigger.

You have to wonder why they decided to just pull back and sit this one out; it was shockingly obvious that they wanted Obama to win, to everyone but an addled 'bot.

Thanks for your wonderful work documenting this insanity and your refusal to let the Obotti rewrite history.
I feel obliged to point out to Caro that those two videos, which appear to be from two different events, are actually from the same event. But if anyone is still not convinced that Obama was deliberately giving Hillary the finger, it should be noted that he pulled the same gesture on John McCain. Incidents like these explain why many started referring to Obama as the Eddie Haskell of politics.

Btw, thanks for the great post, Joe.

Speaking of NH, it was there that Jesse Jackson Jr called Hillary a racist when he said "Why didn't she cry for the victims of Hurricane Katrina?"

(To which I replied: "Hillary could cure cancer and JJJr would call her a racist for not curing sickle-cell anemia first.")


As regards the "finger" incident, yes, you can scratch your face with your middle finger (I do it myself)...but how often do you curl all your other fingers back first?

Try doing it, it doesn't feel natural...because it isn't. It's what a junior high school kid does when he's trying to be clever. Real mature, Obama.

Sergei Rostov
[Lori said]
The problem being that there are no words that have historically been used to hold white males back based on their race or gender

I can think of one: cracker.
(It was, for example, used against Jimmy Carter))


Carolyn -

I also thought that maybe the Republicans wanted Obama because they figured a) he was so lacking in conviction they could push him around more easily than McCain, and/or b) they had something on him that they could use to blackmail him into doing what they wanted and/or c)they figured Obama was actually to the right of McCain where it really counted.

Sergei Rostov
Carter was also derisively called a "peanut farmer," often by the same people who issue sobbing paeans to Amurrican Farmers.

"Bubba" was used derogatorily against Clinton, too, even though it's a term of endearment among Southerners. To upper-crusty Villagers, it was a way to signal their class-based disdain for the Clintons. Invocations of "Arkansas" were used the same way, indicating that Clinton came from a benighted backwater filled with illiterate inbreds.

Sheesh. If only Hillary had accepted that luncheon invitation from Sally Quinn instead of attending a meeting to increase Legal Aid funding or whatever else she was wasting her time on. This whole CDS thing might never have gotten off the ground.
"Redneck" was a derogatory term until Jeff Foxworthy made it funny and mainstream.

>>I feel obliged to point out to Caro that those two videos, which appear to be from two different events, are actually from the same event.

If that were so, you'd think at least some of the people in the background would be the same, regardless of the different perspectives. But none are.

I think the fact that all the long version of the speech(es) disappeared within a few days is also telling. The media were covering up for Obama just as they did for Bush.

Carolyn Kay
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