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Monday, January 02, 2012

Alan Moore's Thought for the Day

"Thought for the Day" runs on British radio. Usually, a conventional cleric takes this time spot to say some rather conventional things. On New Year's Eve, the thought came from Alan Moore.

After hearing this brief but potent disquisition, I decided that it was the Single Greatest Thing Ever. I will hold to that opinion steadfastly for at least another hour or two. I was so impressed that I felt compelled to use Moore's statement of faith as the basis for this video.

For some reason, religion has become a popular topic on the blogs I read. this.
That's marvelous. I have to shamelessly borrow it. Thanks.
ralph, I forgot to add my copyright notice.

Copyright notice: "Everyone owns everything." -- C. Manson.
"Usually, a conventional cleric takes this time spot". Sadly ONLY conventional clerics are allowed to speak on 'Thought for the Day'; Alan Moore's contribution was billed as an alternative TFTD and was broadcast about half an hour after the regular one for that morning. TFTD is a throwback to the 1950s and in most households causes people to reach for the 'off' button. The BBC refuses to allow any non-religious speakers, refuses to drop it (What's a sermon doing in the middle of a hard-hitting news and political comment programme?) and refuses even to label it honestly as what it is: "Religious Thought for the Day". Go here for a satirical re-working of each morning's platitudinous offering:
There will always be an England. :)

I love the midlands accent as well. You dont hear it much over here.

Your video is - brilliant, Joseph! I feel certain Alan Moore would give you a standing O. I might borrow it too later this week.

I well remember TFTD, and other similar interventions into everyday programmes. Another was "Pause for Thought" in the middle of a breakfast record show. That "Pause" sometimes seemed a little incongruously placed, but I never found it offensive, often enjoyed the wise words from several religions regularly represented. There was an especially charismatic Scottish Buddhist monk, I still remember well.

"Gack in the gox" - that's going straight into my mental storeroom ;-)

Gotta love Alan Moore!
That was very astute and basically how I feel about things. While I am opposed to believing in any deity for any reason I do think Religion sometimes gets a bad wrap.

People are going to do what they want to do and when they decide to do evil things under the cover of religion it makes no sense to blame the religion. If they didn't have religion to fall back upon they'd just come up with another excuse. Religion isn't the cause for war, strife, genocide, persecution, etc. We are.
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