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Friday, December 23, 2011


Think about it. If he makes a late entry into the Republican nomination sweepstakes, he is bound to have at least one or two weeks as the frontrunner. After all -- he's not Mitt Romney.

Colbert has his own PAC. He has money. You know damned well that donations will come flying in. And the title of his book -- "I AM AMERICA (AND SO CAN YOU!)" -- is a perfect Republican campaign slogan. If that's too wordy, consider the slogan in my poster: ME.

That's it. The entire GOP philosophy summed up in two letters.

If Colbert runs as a Republican, Trump runs as an Independent, and Obama runs as an alleged Democrat -- well, now we're getting somewhere!

(Click on the image to bask in the glorious detail. I think it's not bad, considering that I had decided not to do any, y'know, actual drawing.)
And what are Colbert's qualifications to be president? Experience counts. Washington needs an experienced independent candidate.
At last--a candidate for the droll.

Among other things, the two major parties have become completely unfunny. No one who voted for Barack Obama--much less for any Republican--could possibly have a sense of humor. Certainly I've never met an Obama voter or a Republican who displayed any. Colbert will be the first candidate in years to tap into the humor vote.
Ok. Colbert is president. I like that. Who's the Vice? How does Franken factor? Cabinet? The cliched mind does boggle.
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