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Monday, November 14, 2011

OWS infiltrators

Boy, Riverdaughter really published a good one a couple of days ago. If you haven't read it, do so now. Here's just a taste:
Every time I’ve been to Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, I see a lot of perfectly normal looking people in the middle of the park, talking, laughing, socializing, having spontaneous meetings. Oh, sure, there’s a thin layer of some bizarre looking “occupiers” hired straight out of central casting, no doubt. I give Rove and his disciples the credit for that and no one will convince me otherwise. Those creatures don’t really have a point they want to discuss. They’re just there to frighten away the cranky old Christians.
Infiltration is not the main point of RD's post, but it's a topic dear to my own heart. If you Google "OWS infiltrated," you'll see that this sort of thing has gone on for at more than a month. And yet all the usual ratfucking tricks seem incapable of stopping the movement.

And speaking of infiltrators, looks like the Occupy Building Seven (OBS) ratfuckers (discussed in this previous post) are still up to their filthy tricks. The following was sent out by the sneaky bastards who want to link up the OWS movement with the "controlled demolition" conspiracy theory of 9/11:
So far, the folks who’ve been distributing fliers at OWS have received lots of love and they say that many occupiers are very excited about the action. The bigger we are, the more OWS protesters will join the action, so please come if you can!

If you are coming from out of town and looking for free lodging on Saturday night, please contact us at...
So. These guys can put up hordes of out-of-towners, for free, in Man-freakin'-Hattan. As long as those out-of-towners are willing to make the OWS movement look like a batch of loons, they can have free digs for their vacay in the Big Apple.

Oh yeah. Just try to convince me that this isn't a Rovian ratfucking op.

Incidentally, the ratfuckers keep sending me notifications of their activity, even though they know full well that I despise them. I wrote them politely advising them to read what I've written about them previously. Their response:
Ha ha. You're funny.
Interpret those words as you see fit: I take them as an admission of guilt. I mean, the main point of my piece was that this sub-movement is staggeringly well-funded and run by nameless individuals -- tell-tale signs of ratfucking. Did they respond by saying "You're wrong; here are our names and here is our source of funding"? Nope.

Alex Jones is pushing OBS heavily. An endorsement from AJ is a sure sign that disinformationists are at work. You just know that if the OBSers have any sort of heavy presence on the 19th and the 20th (as announced), the cable news folks -- not just the team from Fox, but all of 'em -- will be all over it.

I'd like some feedback from NY, if possible. Is it possible that the OBS (pronounced "Oh, BS") ratfuckers are making actual headway with the protesters? This video would seem to indicate so.
I know this is off topic, but I just wanted to draw your attention to a piece by Craig Murray. He asked that readers do their best to circulate it. In the context of things which seem to be happening, I suspect it is important.

Great spotlight, Joseph. I'm not in NY, but in Boston they seem to weather those with an agenda fairly well. There are constantly RP groupies trying to trumpet Ron Paul, but it is heartening to see that I'm not the only one to shut them down, either in person or online.

I'm tempted to take these 9/11 nutters up on their lodging offer and visit NYC!

Did you see the comic industry's response to Frank Miller's rant against OWS?
My biggest fear is that the agent provocateurs are the ones that will take this movement down by making it look like nothing but a bunch of loony hippies and/or idiots..which it is far from but the Corporate Media keeps painting it as. Thanks for the 411.
I agree with "haha you're funny".

Lunacy is worrying about your theoretical pet being somehow painted weird colors when you can't even be bothered to show up and feed it.

If you are somewhere else, a place preventing you from attending, then fine, worry about what you know and not what you imagine.
I am a shut-in at the moment. Regulars here know that.
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