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Sunday, November 06, 2011

This could END the OWS movement (Update)

As you know, I despise the "controlled demolition" freakazoids. If you look at the history of this, the most inane of all conspiracy theories, you'll see that it originated not on the left but on the libertarian (or neo-Nazi) right.

It began with people like Alex Jones, Eric Hufschmid, Jared Israel, Carol Valentine and like-minded individuals. None of them are friends to the left. (Most of them would proclaim themselves to be "beyond" the traditional categories of left and right. Translation: They're right-wingers in disguise.)

In short and in sum, the "controlled demolition" theory was a classic example of the right infiltrating the left -- and a lot of young and very naive lefties fell for it, especially during the 2004-2007 period. In my opinion, this extremely well-funded propaganda effort was a deliberate ratfucking operation designed to decredibilize any inquiry into the real questions surrounding the events of 9/11, such as the involvement of the Saudis and the links between Osama Bin Laden and American (and Pakistani) intelligence. (Spooks are heavily tied into the world of drug trafficking, and Osama was a man with a lot of heroin for sale.)

Now the CDers are trying to ratfuck the Occupy Wall Street movement. They call their hijacking efforts Occupy Building 7.

As we've seen with previous anti-OWS efforts, this devious scheme is being promoted via an elaborate, impressive-looking website that obviously cost a fair amount money -- yet the people behind it give no indication as to their identities. The lack of signatures is all the clue you need. Invisible men are trying to manipulate the minds of millions.

Classic ratfucking. Classic.

The "Occupy Building 7" site is filled with long-debunked misinformation. The key piece of evidence offered by these twerps is Larry Silverstein's "pull it" remark, which he made on TV.
"I remember getting a call from the Fire Department commander, telling me they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, you know, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is just pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse."
As I've noted ad infinitum, he didn't say that they should "pull" the building right then and there -- seen in context, his words obviously indicate that he simply did not want firefighters to continue to risk their lives trying to save a building best given up for lost. Silverstein also said that the decision was made by the fire chief of New York; I guess the conspiracy nuts must think that he too was party to the Grand Conspiracy.

If we posit a conspiracy, then his statement makes no sense. If he knew that the joint had been surreptitiously wired for controlled demolition (as if such a thing were possible!), he would not be saying "All right, let's pull it" as though making a spur-of-the-moment decision.

The key piece of evidence cited by the "Occupy Building 7" disinformationists turns out to proof that the CD theory is nonsense. If you can't see that obvious fact, then re-read Silverstein's statement until the truth hits you.

The structure was already swaying by the time the firefighters were told to leave -- in fact, the decaying structural integrity is the reason why they were ordered to vacate. There is no mystery as to what destroyed Building 7 -- the joint contained lots of flammable material, including several massive tanks filled with explosive fuels. Those who try to convince you that there was a controlled demolition never show you the raging inferno visible in photos taken from the other side of the building.

Just look at the accompanying photo to your right -- a photo which the conspiracy theorists continually try to hide from the public. In a massive blaze like that, any planted bombs surely would have gone off long before that shot was taken -- and in irregular order.

No, you will not be allowed to debate the point with me. I used to allow that privilege, but the CDers proved themselves to be so obnoxious and stupid that I banished them from my site. I have learned a long time ago that CD maniacs are like religious zealots who try to "witness" to you in public places: You cannot allow them to say one word; you must simply tell them "GO AWAY" in the harshest tone of voice. They are the Borg; they are beyond reason and incapable of debate.

(Nevertheless, I can guarantee that several of these dimwits will try to comment on this post, despite this warning that their words will go unpublished. That's how stupid they are.)

Will the kids protesting Wall Street in nearby Zuccotti Park fall for this nonsense? I fear so. Many of them are ill-educated and easily gulled. As noted in an earlier post, more OWS marchers favor Rick Perry's flat tax proposal than favor the idea of radically restructuring the economy in a liberal direction. These kids mean well, but young eyes gather much wool.

This new effort may be the OWS-killer.

(In case anyone's interested: I put off my system rebuild because I decided to give Windows 8 a try. For some reason, the three-hour download keeps getting interrupted in medias res.)

PS: Well, it took nearly a full day, but a CD nut finally tried to sneak in a comment. This, despite my clear warning that they have no voice here. Proof, once again, that CD-ers are COMPLETE idiots.

Then again, I'm not feeling like a genius myself. This damned reinstall is taking forever.
Joe, anything could be a OWS killer. The very fact that Occupy Wall St. is underway and continues to grow is against all odds. Will there be infiltrators, provocatuers and all manner of fringe elements trying to get a foothold?


Though Zuccotti park is the start point it is not the endpoint. This movement is evolving, spreading like a long-waited elixer to people sick and tired of business as usual, slick answers by the media and the powers that be. Doesn't guarantee success but it does say people are waking up. That's a first step, a necessary step for even the suggestion of change.

Today, 10,000 people showed up in DC to 'surround the WH.' In Oakland, an estimated 50,000 people closed the 5th busiest port in the country. In Chicago, OWS people deliberately and completely disrupted a breakfast, featuring a prime [RF--your term], Scott Walker.

Each action inspires the next. Each voice echoes the other. Individually, these actions may seem small. But added together, one by one, day by day, ordinary people rattle the pillars of power.

Yes, there are dangers out there. But the greatest danger is doing nothing at all.

Just my opinion, of course.

Peggy Sue
Agree with Peggy Sue. The kids have been doing great at resisting co-option.

Joesph...your recent postings are almost comical in their hysteria. Yeah, 9/11 nutters and Rick Perry are the opposite of good, but are they even a threat?

Maybe it's a ratings ploy?

Thanks, Peggy Sue, for mentioning 10,000 surrounding the WH. Yeah, earlier today Joseph linked to Cenk who estimated 50,000 in Oakland. This is our support these efforts by publicizing them as the MSM (our biggest threat) does not.
But they ARE beyond the "false left/right paradigm", just like Bill O'Reilly.
Lately Firefox has been giving my XP powered box fits. It's been maxing out CPU usage. Now parts of FF aren't working at all. I wouldn't do a Windows 8 tryout unless I had a spare machine on hand. That's how I did the Windows 7 beta install. I used my Windows 98 box with some extra memory installed.

I wouldn't worry about the OWS movement being taken over by the nutters, it's far too diverse.
I gave up on Windows 8 because the download simply would not complete! Maybe later.

Firefox has been a pain since version 4, especially for people who use blogger. It keep injecting unwanted text at random. I finally went back to version 3.6, which works fine.

I don't worry about nutters taking over the OWS movement. I worry about that a loud enough minority within that movement can be presented or perceived as the "face" of OWS.
Fine points Joe. I think your diagnosis is correct and I can see the risks as well. However, while optimism isnt my strong point, I have a sneaky hope that people are smarter than that, and once you rouse them from their torpor they will find a way to resist all but the most aggressive attempts by the authorities to gag or discredit them.

My concern is about what the authorities think they see, that they have to behave so badly. For example, Bernanke was an inspired choice for a Republican administration, IF they were worried about debt deflation. Without his money printing you would already have seen a terrifying economic collapse. So did they get lucky, or did they anticipate the problem?

Similarly I recall reports from a while ago that they have been building new camps which can deal with very large numbers of prisoners. What do they foresee that makes them think that this might be useful in the future?

Why exactly are they taking the OWS kids quite so seriously that there is apparent censorship, and news manipulation? Is it coordinated or just the product of the natural bias of the people who control news media in America? I dont know the answer but I do worry - what do they know that I dont?

Joe, as it is the print and broadcast media hacks are doing everything they can to slime OWS so what's the difference?

The missus works at a large health care provider in the area, they still use XP and so do a lot of other businesses. That should tell you something.
Well, a little bit of Building 7 money came from me. Not much but I'm not trying to keep it a secret.

The whole subject historically interests you, but it doesn't much interest the bulk of OWS participants or potential participants.

Besides which, Jared Israel is pro-Israel, and considers, last I checked, the pinnacle of the American elite anti-Israel (lol). You also realize that most MIHOP people do NOT assign the Mossad a key role, that libertarians like Justin Raimondo have properly attacked MIHOP kooks while advocating a more plausible LIHOP scenario ("9/11 Terror Enigma"/Raimondo) and that Raimondo certainly has a more dependable consistent anti-intervention anti-Empire view that, oh, let us say the bulk of liberal-lefties such as those Ian Welsh and Glenn Greenwald regularly and most properly criticise.
What's your take on the first big-media reports on 9/11, which said that bombs had gone off in the basements of the Twin Towers and the State Department had been car-bombed and was on fire? (Just asking).
The website gives this number for press inquiries: (516) 564-3480.

That's Nassau county (Long Island) NY.

The exchange is in use in Mineola, Garden City, Hempstead, and West Hempstead.
Placing Jared Israel in same category as violent anti-semites like Alex Jones and Carol Valentine is slander. He opposes both anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim bigotry. Anyone can see that by reading I believe his 9-11 conclusions are wrong but you cannot dismiss him as a right-wing nut such as you can with Alex Jones.

As for Justin Raimondo, Ken Hoop writes that the has 'more plausible LIHOP scenario.' I have read Raimondo. His 'more plausible scenario' is that Israel is behind 911 and every other problem in the world. Talk about right wing pretending to be left wing.
Raimondo is not far off in "blaming Israel for every problem in the world" (as the poster, milanj, above states), since the US government sets much of it's foreign policy around Israeli interests.

As to them being responsible for 9/11, Raimondo never said they were responsible, he said he suspected they had foreknowledge and deliberately withheld it from the US Government. Raimondo is wrong about many things, but personally I don't believe his views on Israel are very far off the mark (obviously, every US politician that wants to have a successful career MUST pay fealty to Israel at some point, or see their career slowly, or quickly, deteriorate).

Personally, I was intrigued by the CD hypothesis at first. However, the more the so called "9/11 Truth" movement developed, and I read about the people directing it and funding it, the more I realized it was just what Joe says it is. There are many, many questions about 9/11 that have never been answered, and the CD nuts are as responsible, if not more so, that the US Government for keeping them from being asked, let alone answered.
I'm confused... I see everyone is calling you Joseph. I thought "Joseph Cannon" came out as a lesbian woman living in an "oppressive country" in the middle east awhile back? Didn't you come out awhile back and tell us all of that right here on your blog? Or was that a lie when you said you had been lying to us?
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