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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The news

Some of you may recall Angela, the lovely lass who posed for my Chalice drawings -- and I will get back to that project, just as soon as my life is not so horrendously insecure. She is now an au pair girl in Germany. She writes:
I've learned more about the world in one hour of news here in Germany than during one week in the states. People need to know about the bigger picture, not about the cat stuck in a tree for 3 days.
To illustrate the point, she offers this graphic comparison (click to enlarge):

"Land of the Free" means an entirely different thing than what most American's actually think it means. When all of the news is censored or omitted then you know that the previous phrase is now a complete absurdity.

But then again, this is all self-imposed. Fox News, MSNBC, ABC or whoever could not continue to run fluff or distractions and outright propaganda without the express written consent of the consumer. Once upon a time the American populace demanded Walter Chronkite, they demanded Edward R. Murrow because these two guys were respected and they told the truth. Now look what we've got and we are 100% to blame.
What can I say but 'wow!' I'm in Philly at the moment, visited the local encampment, talked to several people and have done some reading--'Vultures' Picnic' by Greg Palast and a reread of 'Shock Treatment' by Naomi Klein. Then on our way to my son's apartment downtown, my husband had on "The Best of Fox' [an oxymoran is ever there was one]and I listened to this shock jock rant and rave about OWS--losers, lowlifes, scumbags, etc, and it became all too clear that the propaganda and disinformation machine is in high gear.

Regardless of what people think about OWS or find to criticize, this awakening is considered extremely dangerous, at cross purposes to the free market fundamentalists, who wish all of us to remain in a deep,dark snooze or X-mas consumer trance.

The Austerity Army and their wretched henchmen are on the move. So are those dedicated to the inevitable push back.

Peggy Sue
I'm so glad this is getting more attention.
So what else is new?
WE wallow in our ignorance and are prowd of it.
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