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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Reno air show crash was a CONSPIRACY!

I wasn't going to write anything about the air show crash in Reno. What can one say, beyond "That's terrible" and "I'm sorry"? But then I decided to use this event as a test, to see whether conspiracy theory truly has become the default mode of the American public.

Yep. Sure is. Also see here. People work fast.
where was the fireball?
I just googled this airplane, "The Galloping Ghost" and it's FAA registration number is... NX7911.

I read somewhere (looking for link) that Ron Paul was there (gee, maybe in vip section too). But doubt we'll hear anything about that on MSM.

May also be why all the YT videos are being taken down.
He is in Reno tonight to speak. Sources say he was at the air races.
Re: Reno Air Race Crash - was Ron Paul the target? That would be cool!
Shut up, Beavis. And now for some attempted haiku:
I have a feeling,
this will not be the last
Call it conspira-ku. (Improved version: "I have a feeling/that this will not be the last/so-called accident." Five/seven/five, that's the rule.) Finally, we have this:
Reno air crash alien sky hole! Look above the crash scene in Reno, observe the blue parts of the sky, you will notice a very rectangular Blue area in the sky above, Another large area of Blue does appear to the north But it does not have a cloaked UFO sitting smack in the middle of it like the rectangular sky hole. Another artificial sky hole appears to be forming to the East or South East. WATCH.
The "alien sky hole" is visible in this video -- and if you claim you can't see it, then you must be part of the cover-up.

No matter how grim the tragedy, we can always depend on our nation's paranoids to provide relief. For that, they deserve our thanks. May I offer my own humble attempt at conspira-ku? (With apologies to the National Lampoon.)

December morning
The President's expecting
A nip in the air

New Mexican morn
If only some visitors
Would drop by today

For your last number
You could sing "Happy Birthday,
Mister President"

No need to worry.
The Secret Service has your
Back and to the left.

One more fucking word
on building fucking seven
And I'll implode YOU.
Although I lived in Reno for 26 years, I never did attend the National Air Races, which until Hot August Nights was its biggest event. I feel terrible for the victims of this tragic accident, the first ever in this event involving spectators, and I hope I didn't know any of the people killed or injured. Credit has been given to the pilot for being able to steer the plane clear from the grandstand, thus saving hundreds of lives.
..."to see whether conspiracy theory truly has become the default mode of the American public."

Beyond "default", they've elevated it to an art form, Joseph! You've shown 'em how to do it with class though. :-)
After reading the conspiratoon's quotes, I'm beginning to think we deserve our last and present occupants of the White House.

God is sending us a message (like when he sends a tornado to a Red State*) "Grow up!!"

*Really, it isn't god, but NASA's weather control satellite lasers. Obama is trying to wipe out republican strongholds in the Midwest.
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