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Friday, September 23, 2011

Did Pakistan's ISI attack the U.S.?

Wow. I knew that relations between the U.S. and Pakistan were deteriorating, but I never expected this...
The nation’s top military official said Thursday that Pakistan’s spy agency played a direct role in supporting the insurgents who carried out the deadly attack on the American Embassy in Kabul last week.
The United States has long said that Pakistan’s intelligence agency supports the Haqqani network, based in Pakistan’s tribal areas, as a way to extend Pakistani influence in Afghanistan. But Admiral Mullen made clear that he believed that the support extended to increasingly high-profile attacks in Afghanistan aimed directly at the United States.

These included a truck bombing at a NATO outpost south of Kabul on Sept. 10, which killed at least five people and wounded 77 coalition soldiers — one of the worst tolls for foreign troops in a single attack in the war — as well as the embassy assault that killed 16 Afghan police officers and civilians.

“With ISI support, Haqqani operatives planned and conducted that truck bomb attack, as well as the assault on our embassy,” Admiral Mullen said in a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
If this is true, then the U.S. and Pakistan -- or at least the ISI -- are at proxy war with each other. Pakistan, for its part, rejects the allegation that it has cooperated with the Haqqani network. Of course, the same Pakistan Foreign Office repeatedly said that Osama Bin Laden was not in Pakistan -- and denied that Pakistan cooperated with the U.S. in the raid, although clearly some level of cooperation did take place.

The reader commentary has been pretty interesting. First, go here and get a gander at what the Pakistanis are making of all this...
Pakistan comes first ,enough of this mantra of DO MORE DO MORE.We must resist this American diplomatic agression like a soverign nation
So its US vs Pakistan! Who has more credibility?
(Not an unreasonable question...) Now see what the boys at this conservative blog have been drinking...
Absolutely...time to turn these weasels from allies into targets. We know who they are and were they reside…it is now merely a matter of removing the Wimp-in-Chief and getting someone in there with functioning gonads.
Never trust a Packie. Shifty eyed rat bastards.
Double-crossing, back-stabbing Muslim trash.

Good thing we’ve given these assholes $20+ billion over the last decade. Money well spent!
We should have leveled the country years ago.
Y'think maybe someone's trying to gin up another war?

If so, then we are in particularly dangerous territory. The Saudis have been using the Pakistanis as their cut-outs for many years.
Yes, we're at war with them, and the fellow who tried to blow up Times Square did so in retaliation for all the drone attacks that kill 50 civilians for each jihadist they target. Surgical strikes, my arse. More like medieval bloodletting. btw, the Nobel Peace Prize president has not only massively increased the drone attacks but is turning them over to the CIA so as not to have military accountability. sources, Johann Hari, the Nation, WaPo and Glenn Greenwald, etc.

Glenn Greenwald has been targeting NYT and other MSM and explaining that if you flip "despite" with "because" you get a clearer picture of the, "despite" taking out targets with drone strikes, terrorism is increasing. iow, *because* of our strikes they're increasing. Ginning up an unending war is the goal.
"Never get involved in a land war in Asia." - General Douglas MacArthur
You guys have been at war with the Pakistani people for some time. Im not sure whether you are now at war with the government too. But I can see evidence that the situation may have drifted in that direction.

Certainly the Pakistanis have become much more pally with the Chinese.

This is the inevitable consequence of being dumb enough to make war on a religion. The American people need to fire their leaders and senior bureaucraps.

Zee, spot on. It's all intentional, most likely.
We are at war with a faction of the Pakistani government. But don't take that to mean other factions are our allies, they are just using our power to further their own agenda.

Any decision we make about the situation in that part of Asia should take into account how much damage we would suffer from the fallout when India and Pakistan go at each other with their nukes. If it's minimal we should pull out and let the problem solve itself.

Does that line of think sound cold?

Well, we can't afford to be the World's nanny anymore.
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