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Thursday, July 28, 2011

There's this dog, see...

My sappy ladyfriend called me up and told me to tell you to go here and meet Kenneth. Your heart shall melt if it is made of meltable stuff.
Neglect like this make my blood boil Joe!

I'd love to have a few minutes to "Talk" to the irresponsible meat trash that thought it was okay to let this poor dog suffer.

And they claim "THEY" are the "Animals?"
Good God! I know times are tough but how could anyone allow a pup like this suffer for months, leave an infection go to where an amputation is necessary. And that other leg!!!

The word 'ghoulish' comes to mind. I hope they aren't handing this dog back to the owner and that the SPCA has been called.

Poor baby. A cutie, too.

Peggy Sue
I know from talking with acquaintances in the veterinary field that when the economy suffers, pets suffer as well. It can be hard to afford medical care for human family members; pets are typically a lower priority, and more likely to have their medical needs deferred until the owners' financial situation improves (and we know how that often goes...).

In a sad, resigned way, it's understandable - how do you put the family dog or cat before the children, or the mortgage payment? Still, this instance is unforgivable - the dog could have been given to the humane society if the owners couldn't or wouldn't address his suffering.

Personally, I believe that the way a person treats animals speaks volumes about their morality and capacity for empathy.
This breaks my heart. I know small dogs can easily be injured, my friends offen pincher broke a leg jumping off the couch, but kenneth is either the victim of a malicious assault and malicious neglect, or just the latter.
Donation sent. Thanks Joe Cannaon, for posting something that touched my heart today.
@Anonymous 7:22: Thank you. Fearless Hell Hound (A.K.A. Bella) thanks you, I thank you, I am pretty sure the Mutt Scouts will thank you and I KNOW Kenny will thank you.

Ms. Vandal (A.K.A. the Sappy Ladyfriend).
I have a farm full of rescue animals-- man is cruel; nature is worse. Help all you can, please.
That is just infuriating. I had a cat who got a leg broken once. Don't know what happened to him but I took him to the vet right then and in just a few weeks he was just fine. When we were there someone brought in a dog who had a broken front leg. Vet told me that the dog's leg had been broken for a few weeks and the nerves were messed up and the dog would need his leg amputated. Just don't know why people won't take their animal to the vets. In most areas the SPCA will happily foot the bill and adopt the animal out to owners who can and will take care of it. Just boggles the mind.
I'm with Red Dragon--someone needs their ignorant ass kicked.
Depraved indifference to suffering.

99.9% of the time, I'm a peaceable person. The other .1% I think how much I'd enjoy being within arm's reach of someone who'd permit a four-foot or winged being to suffer like this.

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