Thursday, July 21, 2011

Obotism is still a problem

Cenk Uygur has been "axed" to leave MSNBC because he hath dared to criticize President Obama. He was, in fact, one of the first prominent Obama supporters to turn on the president, so I'm not at all sure what MSNBC was expecting when they hired Uygur in the first place.

Uygur will be replaced by Al Sharpton, who has a history as an FBI informant. Sharpton remains a die-hard Obot. I'd prefer to have someone else speak on behalf of my values, thank you very much.

Remember when CIA-guy Tom Braden represented "the left" on TV's Crossfire?
Nice link to the old Kolb/Ali piece. Re: Sharpton. His FBI cred is well established -- largely by Wayne Barrett, formerly of the Village Voice, before the libertarians who own that rag fired him. But in some profound way, Al is a creation of the New York Post and Hacker Murdoch. He was regularly trotted out to spout wacky racial invective AND to trash a long line of liberal Dems from Clinton, Bob Abrams, Paul Wellstone, Mark Green, John Kerry and of course Jesse Jackson. He was a comfortable bookend to Ed Koch's racial rabblerousing from the right -- oddly, they both hated the same liberals.
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