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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

New definition of "commie"

Not even during the most jingoistic period of the cold war were we subjected to nonsensical hysteria so feverish. I won't embed the video, but the headline speaks for itself: Michele Bachmann interrogates commies Geithner and Bernanke.

Good lord. I...even I...have no idea what to say. Here we are, decades after the fall of the USSR, and "communism" is considered our greatest problem. The nation has gone mad.
Bachmann is total shipwreck. And this is the person running 2nd in the polls for the GOP nomination?
Every night Michael Savage accuses Obama of being a Commie. Perhaps Michelle is a fan?
It's weird isn't it - how we on the left can see Obama so clearly as some kind of closet conservative and those on the right see him is a not-so-closeted commie/socialist?

He's been a source of optical illusion ever since he arrived on the scene.

Have past presidents been subjected to this kind of thing?
I've only been here since 2004, but am interested to know.
These terms no longer have any real meaning thanks to the wingnuts. Obama is a socialist. All Dems who protest right-wing, libertarian philosophy are Commies, Marxists. Throw in the Nazis, too, because they were Democratic Socialists, so take the leap. Come on, you can do it--Democrats are basically Hitler lovers, ready to goosestep across America.

Is it crazy? Of course. Stupid, too. But that moo-moo-moo factor mentioned the other day is in full force. Tell the lie often enough and there's always a swath of the public who will accept it as true.

Bachmann is just the current propaganda mouthpiece. She should be laughed out of town. Instead, she's regarded as a 'serious' person.

But then again...this same guy posts videos like this


Who know's what the hell he's on?

He also has uploaded the unedited Shirley Sherrod speech.
"Si tacuisses philosophus mansisses"
"If you had kept your silence, you would have stayed a philosopher"
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