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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Rebellion" -- an opening shot

This is the opening for a proposed film about the need for a Democratic challenge to Obama. Will there be an actual movie attached to this? I dunno!

I made this primarily to teach myself how to use the various software packages used in production -- primarily After Effects, which is one complicated app. It's Photoshop in motion. You can use AE to make some very complex and convincing effects -- for example, that's how they faked up all of that footage of jets hitting the twin towers.


Previous videos seen on this blog have included some AE dabblings, but those images were baby stuff. My skills in this area are still way below the professional level, but good enough for present purposes. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?

Let me know if you'd like to see this expand into an actual movie... (In case it doesn't play -- Firefox 4 seems to dislike this embed, though IE is cool with it -- try here or here.)
For this to work for me, I need to hear the sound of a cannon firing at the very beginning.

First few seconds: 1) darkness 2) "Kaboom!" sound of cannon going off 3) smoke fills the screen 4) Cannonfire logo emerges from behind the smoke.

This helps explain the source of the smoke that pervades the rest of the video intro.
Alas, Jotman, Beethoven doesn't ask for cannonfire until later in the score.

(You may recognize the bit just before "The Bear Went Over the Mountain.")

When a critic called this piece dreck, Beethoven wrote back: "My shit is better than anything you ever thought of!"

We shall have to have a discussion of cannonfire in music one of these weekends.
Great opening, Joseph. We need something with substance that can go viral.

So you say you're not a religious believer, Joseph, even though you do at times express admiration for Catholic art, and also express a feeling of unease when Catholic-bashers start to "cross the line".

Well, I'm calling you out. You are a true believer after all, and of the most fundamentalist stripe.

But your substitute religion is the old, New Deal-worshiping Democrat(ic!) Party, and what it used to stand for, back when union membership and middle-class purchasing power were at an all-time high. And despite the horrendous, Teabagged judgment that has come upon the complacent, compromisable, purchasable politicians of that party in the Age of Obama, you are now just a sorry, disconsolate, aging "fundie" who keeps repeating to himself, and anyone else who'll listen, that the message is real, the words (of FDR) are true, and the "Four Freedoms Speech" is Holy Writ -- now in mortal danger of being perverted, even destroyed, by the DLC/Neocon heresies of the wicked, modern era.

I fear for your sanity (and your soul, too) when you, someday, lose your misplaced faith. Then where will you turn?
Well, I won't turn toward anyone who doesn't sign his name (even a pseudonym) to his thoughts.

It always seems weird to me that so many people these days speak of the New Deal as though it were some sort of proven failure. It wasn't. What hath propaganda wrought?
Anonymous wrote:

" ... [keep] repeating that ... the words (of FDR) are true, and the "Four Freedoms Speech" is Holy Writ -- now in mortal danger of being perverted, even destroyed, by the DLC/Neocon heresies of the wicked, modern era."

Indeed. FDR's "Four Freedoms" have merely been updated to reflect the unprecedented dangers we face today, threats of a magnitude FDR could not have conceived.
Faith does not ask for proof.

FDR's New Deal and many programs under LBJ's War on Poverty worked. The average American saw their lives improve. That is the antithesis of "misplaced faith," Anonymous.

(They would have improved more if we had not been fighting the Vietnam War, but that's another story.)

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