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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Corrente, Shop left, etc.

Corrente has run into some $$$ troubles, as bloggers are wont to do from time to time. Lambert was kind enough to put in a good word for me during my "Chalice" fundraising effort (and I will be working on that project again, as soon as life calms down a bit more (I still don't even have Maryland reg tags on the vehicle)) -- so it certainly behooves me to return the favor.

In his case, he seems to have glommed onto a new service called Shop Left. It sounds genuinely interesting, and it may help keep folks alive during the upcoming time of crises. Check it out.

Although I'm sorry to hear that lambert is a Mac kind of guy. Build-yer-own-'puter is the only way to go.
If Lambert didn't have a habit of banning people who agree with him on 99.9% of the issues, he might not be running into money troubles so often.

Carolyn Kay
Same could be said for me. But if I were not a hard case, this blog would be all 9/11 nuttiness, all the time -- at least in the comments.

For some reason, I attract 'em like flies.
I certainly hope that Carolyn -- after two years -- has been able to place her posts elsewhere. It is, after all, a big blogosphere. And that's really all that I propose to say, since moderation issues and meta are always so boring, aren't they?

Except to say that if Carolyn had personal financial troubles and asked her readers for help solving them, I wouldn't try to get in her way, and I certainly wouldn't do so by seeking out other blogs who did try to help. Life's too short for that!

I guess trying to give people who are drowning a last kick in the ribs before they go under is one of the 00.1% things that Carolyn and I don't agree about, eh? Funny, life....
I did try to get support from other blogs, many times, over ten years, and was never considered "kool" enough.

Joseph, you never pretended to be a group blog. Corrente did, but then Lambert pulls the rug out from under people who have things to say but whose "taste" he doesn't like, whatever that means.

Too many people who claim to be progressives are oh, so pure, living in well-guarded silos. It keeps us from being able to really counter the right-wing megaphone.

Carolyn Kay
Oh, and by the way Joseph, the first time Lambert banned me, it was for posting one of YOUR cartoons.

So, you see, YOU don't have the proper "taste" level for Corrente, either, but money from your readers apparently does.

Carolyn Kay
Fortunately, Carolyn, despite your best efforts, I'm able to pay the fuel bill.

And I guess that's the difference between us. I'd never try to prevent you from heating your house. But you try to prevent me from heating mine. So, please don't talk any more about sharing ideology. We may share some forms of words, but that's all.
And I'm not preventing you from paying your bills, Lambert, YOU are.

No one asked you to give up everything else and depend solely on your website, you decided on your own to do that. And having made that decision, your love for banning people willy nilly keeps your income from being what it might be.

Shooting yourself in the foot doesn't seem like a good strategy.

Carolyn Kay
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