Thursday, March 31, 2011

TruthOUT and more...

Last night, a hacker was able to delete the last ten days' worth of content on Truthout. Makes you wonder if a particular story irked someone...

Nomenclature: In a divine gaffe, Sarah Palin came up with the perfect name for whatever-it-is that NATO is doing in Libya: It's a squirmish.

Finding: Obama signed a finding authorizing the CIA to give covert aid to the Libyan rebels. My question: Why are we being told about this finding? Either the administration wanted this "secret" known, or there is a leaker...
Well, maybe the hacker was annoyed by the nonstop BEGGING Truthout does by email. I didn't even ask to be on their list....Mark "OFluffer" Karlin just up and took it from his old Buzzflash list when they hired him to join their team for his skill in nonstop begging for money.

But it could've been for content reasons, I suppose.

Like you, I wondered why it was being reported that our CIA is on the ground in Libya. The new "rebel leader" is no doubt CIA, too, after cooling his heels in Northern VA for the past decade or two.
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