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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Inside Job

I post this clip from "Inside Job" not to intrude on copyright but to entice you to rent or buy this extremely important film. This may be the finest documentary ever produced, with the possible exception of Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke.

This clip -- which gains much more power when seen in context -- explains why we must do everything in our power to stop Obama from becoming the Democratic party's nominee in 2012. It also functions as a riposte to the teabaggers and FOX-watchers: The trouble with Obama is not that he's a socialist -- the problem is that he is a Republican.

This speech by James Galbraith makes the same point. Galbraith offers something that most anti-Obama liberals have so far been unable to create: A plan of action.

By the way -- not that most of you would notice, but the wide-screen photography of Inside Job is gorgeous. These new digital cameras offer an oh-my-god level of detail and vibrancy that reminds me of the glory days of 70mm.
Youtube copyrighted content blocking strikes again.
Don't tell. Besides, I posted just a taste to try to cajole people into buying or renting the movie.
At least the trailer is still up on Youtube.

But why watch the movie when we already know we have the best government money can buy?
When the filmmakers accepted their Oscar for this, they made a statement to the effect that not one of the banksters is in jail. And of course, none of the MSM picked up on that quote.

I think we should have home party viewings of this film.
And yet Obama's failure to prosecute the bankers is a mere shadow of his failure to investigate and prosecute Bush-Cheney war crimes and treason. With that little sin of omission, Obama may have become the worst President ever. It only took him two years to wrest the title from Bush II.
While I agree that Barack Obama will protect wall street from prosecution if possible, Bernie Madoff in my opinion qualifies as a wall street bankster.
Not prosecuting war crimes, financial crimes gives the Obama Administration time to commit their own crimes against our own people. Cut entitlements while letting the illegal and immoral wars continue unabated. Never a mention of cutting them out, just take the money from the old, the poor, the disabled, and the newly broke. And no one will run against this corruption. It is an inside job, too.
Recommended: watch Inside Job with Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer, also from last year.
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