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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Go, Greener!

I've never read a novel by Richard Greener, but based on this, he seems very much my kind of guy.
As I believed Lyndon Johnson when I was a young man, I made the same mistake 44 years later. I believed Barack Obama in 2008. I supported his bid for the Democratic nomination over other, arguably more qualified, Democrats because I heard what Barack Obama said he would do "when I become the President of The United States of America" -- and I believed him. Change we can believe in? I thought so.
Mr. Greener, you should have been reading Cannonfire -- or the Confluence or a number of other blogs -- back in 2008. We would have hipped you to the facts. The investigative reporting of Evelyn Pringle would have clued you in as well.

By the way: Greener neglects to mention one of the most annoying of Obama's failed promises -- NAFTA and free trade. He pretty much ran on that issue in key states. And after the election, he said: "Ha ha. Just kidding!"

Don't be too hard on yourself, Mr. Greener. We all make mistakes. God knows I have. So did the Democratic party.
Vacation Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or Chevy ...
He treated me like a dog! He humiliated me! What did he do with your dog? He kidnapped me, Mr. Wally, but I gotta tell you. …
I believed Barack Obama in 2008.
We were sure he was the one we had been waiting for.

We were wrong.

Yes, we all make mistakes but . . . anyone who did a lick of research on Obama's history, considered his not-so-stellar record in Illinois, actually paid attention to his campaign proclamations [sorry someone who promises everything to everyone is a conartist] came to the conclusion that the man was fast talker, pushed on the stage by handlers and backed by plenty of monied, high-powered interests. Small donations? Hahaha!

People believed because they wanted to believe the marketing hype--The Savior has arrived.

Anyone who took the time to read Pringle's work [not that the MSM was willing to give her investigative series any print or airtime] would have come to the same conclusion I did: the man was a corrosive brand, sold to the electorate like a tube of poison toothpaste.

Don't get me started! But even with all of that before I want an apology, I want Obama out of office. If the diehard Obamacrats are waking up, I say Hallelujah! Because it means we just may have a chance of tossing this fraud out on his ear.

BTW, did anyone else catch Olbermann's rant last night? Or his reference to another candidate for 2012: man or . . . woman. The word 'woman' must have stuck in his throat.

Whatever. The resistance has begun. Finally.
He didn't watch the debates between him and Hillary? I still remember the side way glances some times she gave him and clearly she was saying to her self are you kidding me?!! When I remeber those days can't help but thinking some alian like power sprayed the whole country with something only few people were immune to it
Amen to all.
Excellent post, Joseph.

While I have no sympathy for the President. I do have some sympathy for people who voted for him, either in the primary, GE or both.

Most of those who voted for him are not Obot thugs. Most people are not a newshounds, like many of us who read this excellent blog and who figured out who Barak Obama is early on. Some are working two jobs, have children in school, may be taking care of aged parents, may be single parents. They just don't have the time or resources to investigate candidates -- they listen to the MSM -- and we know how the MM pushed Candidate Obama.

He talked like a liberal and they expected him to be a liberal. So they voted for him. Some voted for a better candidate in the primary but then voted for President Obama in the GE, because he has a D after his name. "How bad can he be?" some friends o f mine asked.

They are just starting to figure it all out. I welcome those whose eyes are beginning to open. They should join the New Deal-Fairness, Respect, Dignity movement to get a real Democrat in office.

I don't have much empathy for those of you who made a "mistake" when it comes to Øbama. It's unforgiveable really. The guy had a history that for the most part was purposely hidden, and that didn't tell you all something? I supported Hillary Clinton, and I still support her, but she may be the last Democrat that I will ever vote for. If the unwavering support of the left for Øbama is an example of their apptitude (as many still cling to his lies), then I have no use for them, and I will gladly vote against them. Fools, every stinking one of you.
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