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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Will the tea party apologists just STOP IT?

There's no way to rationalize this delusional, progandistic, batshit nutzoid crap:
The organizer of the Tea Party Convention says he agrees with Tom Tancredo's description of President Obama as a socialist.

The former congressman from Colorado and 2008 Republican presidential candidate blasted Obama, saying "people who could not even spell the word 'vote', or say it in English, put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House. His name is Barack Hussein Obama."
Judson Phillips, a Tennessee lawyer who formed Tea Party Nation and who organized what's being billed as the first national Tea Party Convention, told reporters Friday that "Tom Tancredo gave a fantastic speech last night. I think he is an amazing politician."

Asked if he agrees with Tancredo's description of Obama, Phillips said, "The word 'socialist' is a word you don't want to be labeled with in the American political system. It's got a lot of negative connotations, but it also has a very specific political meaning. It refers to a specific political ideology. I think it is very clear that that is the political ideology of Barack Obama."

Phillips added that he thinks "Tancredo doesn't feel like a lot of people who supported Barack Obama understand the basics of this country."
This movement really has nothing to do with Obama, since you know that these guys would say the same thing about any Democratic president.

I cannot believe that "socialism" is a political flashpoint in this day and age. What has this country come to?

Time to say it: All -- all all all ALL ALL ALL -- teabaggers are reactionary neanderthal assholes, the worst of the worst. This fascistic neo-Birchite hate movement encapsulates everything that is wrong with this country. Anyone who tries to sell you on the lie that there is diversity within that movement, or that some elements are liberal-friendly, is simply a bought-and-paid-for infiltrator trying to sell you cyanide relabeled as soda pop.

And I'll call 'em teabaggers if I damn well want to. I'll call 'em much worse before this is done.
I call them mad hatters.
The fact that they call Obama "committed" with a straight face shows you how crazy they are.
One thing I know. Obama was in office because of Repub. wanted him there. They know that Hillary is the real enemy to them. Any one who disputes that wasn't alive during 2007-2008. They paid money, voted in primaries to help defeat Hillary and made sure the most candidate hated by conseratives(Macain) won the nomination for their party. Now just watch the half assed attacks on Obama by Fox or any other consv. media compared to what they leveled at Clinton whether he was in office or not and you will get my point. The fact that they are calling him a socialist when he is far removed from any hint of it proved that they are either idiets who don't even know what the term means or they are just distraction so people won't notice how a fucking republican he is.
I call them a diversion.
The Tea Party apologists are as deluded as the O-pologists.
The enema of your enemy is not your always your friend.
Like Obama, T-baggers will throw Useful Idiot Democrats under the bus when no longer needed. UID's are fooling themselves if they think there is a big tent or they have anything in common with those xenophobic loons.
And last night "the birthers" made another appearance in the form of Joseph Farah, CEO of or some radical right wing loony blog.

Can't wait to see Palin tonight with a speech more than likely populated with "god" throughout the text which will be the culmination of just what this group is all about.

God, guns, anti government, racist, and filled with the voices of the Lunatic Fringe being treated as a worthwhile testament to political activism.

This, my friends, are the examples being offered to you as the "real Americans" we have heard so much about. Nice to know.

How do you explain Obama's statement that he was "five days away from fundamentally changing America?

From what... To what?
Don't fall for it. Republican trickiness in full effect. Keep your emotions and perspective in check.
I also agree. Someone who does not know how to or want to fight Republicans won the Democratic nomination. The person who does know how and wants to did not.
These people are just about to push me back into the Democratic Party. Seriously.
This "socialism" issue forced me to go back to the books for definition as it has been a long, long time since I took Political Science in High School. From the definitions I've read, I would have to agree that Obama has socialistic leanings. His "share the wealth" philosophy, his take-over of the Car Industry and his attempts to pass Health Insurance Reform in order to "mandate" then "push" people to buy insurance certainly smacks of Socialism to me. And that doesn't even include the fact that the National Parks have insured that the government owns a great portion of this country's land and what the government doesn't own it can grab by enacting the "eminent domain" law such as was done in TX in order to create the "NAU Highway". So, there is cause for concern and basis for conjecture here.

True progressives would team,when applicable, with the antiwar elements of the tea party, whether Buchananite non-interventionists who more or less wish to limit America's sphere of influence to this hemisphere, or libertarian followers of Ron Paul, who want even less militarism. I'll bet most Iraqis and Afghanis and Pakis would agree.

Then again, some so-called progs find little fault in the worldwide Empire of Bases.
What planet is Lonni from?
From the planet of "closet teapartiers". There are even Progs and Libs who immigrated to that planet to send a message to Obama and the Dems.
So Lonni if we sell the Parks who will get the land? In my area the Feds and the power companies seized millions of acres through eminent domain for a fraction of their worth (and they knew it at the time). Recently one of the utilities declared some of that seized land surplus and sold it for tens of millions of dollars. Would you give it back to the original owners-- a true conservative would. A liberal wouldn't sell it all. So what does that make those who steal and sell to the highest bidder? I suspect they are Tea Baggers.
Hillbuzz posted Palin's speech to the tea party movement.

I can see now how she became Governor. She is actually capable of becoming President. She has been portrayed as buffoon, a slutty air hostess etc etc. but if you look at how she worked the crowd she is extremely good at connecting to the "common man". I wont go through everything she did but from starting her speech saying several times how proud she was to be an American (She's never letting you live that down Michelle) onward she knew just how to manipulate the crowd she was in front of.

She clearly is not brainy but she is one of those rare people that somehow have a spark or knack for doing what they do that sets them apart. She is a formidable politicians and she may well run for the presidency and beat Obama-by being an everyman to his aloof ivory tower scholar.

Pity these types are so rarely democrats.

As far as what she said making sense-her ideas don't make sense but her skill in presenting them makes it hard not to respect her.
So another words America is in need of snake oil and she is the one to sell it?
A successful politician has to have a connection with the people he represents. Obama never had one. He fed off the anger people had towards George Bush and when that anger faded he had no hold on the public.

I have no idea what he is going to do for the next three years to get support now-he seems to be genuinely tone deaf. The Las Vegas comments are one of a string of bizarre utterances that make you wonder if he has his head screwed on right. I hope for the sake of the democratic party they figure out how to sell the guy now-but it looks kinda grim to me.

Conversely Palin keeps getting better at what she does and although I don't support her-she is the better politician by far. One scary thing I just read is she is positioning herself to run as an independent. If she does that I think she will get all the republicans to vote for her anyway-and easily win the next election at least vs. Obama.
Yeah, just what we need is a snakeoil salesperson in a skirt to counteract the snakeoil salesperson in golf togs that we already have.

Makes perfect sense to me [gag].

I actually don't have a personal animus against the Tea Party people. I think [but then what do I know]that many of these members are ordinary working Americans with genuine grievances--jobs going bye-bye, insane spending from both parties, no assurance that the country is going to be around for their kids, politicians sucking Wall Street toes, a lack of respect or even nudging regard for middle class values, etc., etc., etc.

What worries me are the "others." Those who wish to whip the herd with the old standard buzzwords of Mom, the flag and apple pie for their own ends, which has nothing to do with the ordinary voter and everything to do with playing King of the Mountain. The guy with the most stuff wins.

We're in a bloody mess right now. What influence will the Tea Party group have? Right now, I'm not sure. But there's an undercurrent in all this, something I really do not trust.

I think we need to be alert and fully awake.

As far as Obama being a socialist? Don't make me laugh!
Palin can and will support selling U.S. jobs to "immigrant" businessmen and women just as easily as Obama has done. The party that puts a stop to hustling foreign lobby money and sends these poseurs packing will win upcoming elections.
An interesting comment-at least to me.

I've noticed that the relationship between the US and China is starting to deteriorate.

It is of course hard to tell if this is a plan of Obama's or just more of his general cluelessness but there seems to be a growing possibility of a trade war. This is in conjunction with talk about taxing businesses that send jobs overseas.

The one thing that Obama could do to make me feel any respect for him now that he has failed on health care is to restore manufacturing in the US via tarrifs and trade wars.

Maybe that's not right in some economic nirvana-but so what. I hope he does it and does it fast.
Anon3:09, I am not sure what you mean by your comment. American trade policy and election financing are problem areas without regard to party. And Palin being ultra right would be pro business and pro lobby. But, what do you mean?
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