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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Children hail Glorious Leader!

The right-wing sites are having a fine time with this video, taken at an elementary school in New Jersey on June 19. Go here if you need help deciphering the lyrics. I have to admit that this sequence is almost as hard to stomach as the scene in Jesus Camp where the kids worship a cardboard cut-out of Dubya.

I'd love to know the name of the idiot teacher who just handed Obama's enemies a perfect propaganda opportunity.

Barack Hussein Obama
Folks on Wall Street tell him "Thanks!"
He gave our money to the banks
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
Lefties loved the things they heard
And now he acts like Bush the Third.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He lied on FISA, NAFTA too
You like his faces? He has two!
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
We thought he'd bring our soldiers back
So why are they still in Iraq?
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He played the race card without shame
Then screwed us all on Wilson/Plame.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
His health insurance giveaway
Mandates that we all must pay.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
First he murdered single payer.
Now he's the public option slayer.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
When we thought he couldn't shock us
He embraced the rites of Baucus.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
thinks California should drop dead
Next election they'll go red.
Mmm mmm mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
Choose between a sell-out clutz
or those drooling right-wing nuts
Mmm mmm mmm!
By the way, if you read this post between 8:30 and 9:50 A.M. and saw something shocking in the first line -- it was a typo. Honest! I've fixed it.
thx for the smile of the day, I needed it!!!
oh, btw :

It's from
The Burlington Township School District and Bernice Youngs Elementary School. This letter is now on their website.

Dear Burlington Township Families:

Today we became aware of a video that was placed on the internet which has been reported in the media. The video is of a class of students singing a song about President Obama. The activity took place during Black History Month in 2009, which is recognized each February to honor the contributions of African Americans to our country. Our curriculum studies, honors and recognizes those who serve our country. The recording and distribution of the class activity were unauthorized.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me or Dr. King, Principal of B. Bernice Young School, directly.

Dr. Christopher M. Manno,
Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Christopher Manno notes that the "recording and distribution" of the "class activity" were unauthorized, but doesn't comment on whether this "class activity" itself was authorized, and by whom.

I hope the parents in that school district will raise the issue of how their children's "class activity" time is being spent.
I wonder where the Cult of the Imperial Presidency began? hmmmm?

I haven't had any use for BHO or his Obots since 5/31/08, but to try to lay the blame for leader worship at his foot is blatantly slime. No one perfected the cult of personality worship more than the Reaganauts, and to a lesser degree the Ws.

Now can we go back to criticizing BHO for real shit, shit that he really did (or did not) do?
Such was the purpose of my poetry. Care to try your hand at a couplet?
Joseph, you are indeed the Alexander Pope of our time.
The really interesting thing, for me, is that in the forties, ordinary people really did think that FDR saved the country, but I don't remember ever singing a song of praise to FDR in school.
I think the kids singing a song about Obama for Black History month is fine. It's not like he decreed that it be done. Or did he? At any rate, those kids don't look like they have the muscle to be guards at FEMA camps so I'm not worried about their possible indoctrination.

Jesus Camp! Is that not the freakiest place ever?

Loved your poetry, Joseph! Doesn't seem fair that you have so much creative talent while some others have none(me!).

Ironically, I did sing and perform kits for FDR, along with many other children.

The occassion was the annual Founder's Day Celebration at Warm Springs, sometime around Thanksgiving in 1944.

I assume what we performed was seasonally related. However, I also assume that, if we were asked to sing directly about FDR, no parents would have objected.

But, I again assume that any such endeavor would have been about thanks to him, not worshipful. Unlike Reagan, W, Obama, or others, FDR did at that point have an amazing history, and a proven record of success, for the entire country.

I just might add that when we left the function, after a line of goodbyes to the President, my father was uncommonly silent, and my mother broke down in sobs , before we wven reached the car.

In the car, I asked her if she was crying because "the Prsident was sick, and did not lokk like his pictures anymore"? She replied yes and cried even harder.

Approximately 4 plus months later, April '45, he died.
Just Me,

Thank you so much for your incredibly beautiful and moving look back into the history of our country. I just wish you could expand on your story and re-live that entire event.

I have to ask: At the time, was your Dad a friend or foe of FDR? I know that my Dad was against everything FDR stood for, but seemingly politely so. On the other hand, my Granddad (his father) was rabidly anti-FDR, New Deal and anything Dem. WPA was of course, "We Poke Along" to them.

I would have been in 4th Grade at the time you describe, and would now give anything to have been there at your side and been part of such an important part of our history. At the time, I lived in a little coal mining town in Pennsylvania. You were so lucky to be going to school there in Warm Springs on that day.

Please let us know if there's a way we -- or I -- can hear more of this story.

Just to let you know, this is the first time that I've been moved to make a comment anywhere after many years lurking.

Thank you again, my friend.
...and the perfect "10" Coffee Spewing on Keys Award for Best Rhyming POTUS Couplet goes to Cannonfire's


Mmm mmm mmm!

Thanks for the LOL, Joe!
Thanks for the response. JB. It warmed the

My father was very much a supporter of FDR, as was all of my liberal Democraric family, though they did find some polocies harder to deal with than others.

The "plowing crops under" being one that galled them a bit, and they did, as you mentioned, find the WPA to be ineficient, although many truly great projects did result from it.

I apologize for being a bit profane, but my father, and grandfather, had a saying that "it took 8 men to hoe a row, in the WPA". "2 acomin', 2 agoin', 2 ashi*tin', and 2 ahoein'".

In the same vein, the CCC camps in our area were very productive and rewarding. I had several uncles, as well as my future father-inlaw, who became military officers based on CCC training.

At the time mentioned re the Founder's Day Dinner, we lived in Montgomery, and part-time in Columbus. My father was involved with with the President regarding labor/union policy, and went to Warm Springs each time FDR was there, which was not that often in later yeaRS.

He was constanly in touch thrugh intermediaries, and accompanied FDR on what I think may have been his last "official" trip. If my memory is correct, that was a trip to Ft. Benning that same year '44.

Prior to that dinner, I was told, my mother and I had only met him once. I was a toddler and have no memory of it.

I have truly lived in some interesting times, and on the fringes of history. The '44 experience was merely the beginning. The most challenging personal aspects were still to come, in the form of the Civil Rights Movement, the ERA, and then more than a decade in Europe.

Thanks again for your interest, and please pardon the rambling nature of my response.

And, of course, much thanks to Joseph for allowing us to use his valuable bandwidth for this exchange.
Just Me,

"And, of course, much thanks to Joseph for allowing us to use his valuable bandwidth for this exchange."

Very thoughtful, as were your remembrances. I was touched and very much appreciate you sharing them with us.

Thank you "Just Me" and thank you, Joseph Cannon.
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