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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Obama's law

Sarah Palin got it wrong. She said that Barack Obama has authored two autobiographies but no legislation. He stood behind one terribly important piece of legislation during his time in the Illinois State Senate, although he may not have penned the exact words.

Senate Bill 1332.

Remember that number. Bring it up anytime someone asks why you have the crazy idea that Barack Obama is corrupt.

Senate Bill 1332 was Obama's baby. The legislation -- completely unneeded, from the standpoint of the public -- reduced the state's hospital board from 15 to 9, and insured that the corrupt governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, would control the board which controlled a huge pile of public funds.
The corrupt members appointed included three doctors who contributed to Obama.
The first order of business concerned a hospital which experts said was not needed:
Edward Hospital, which has a stormy history with the Health Planning Board, first applied to build a hospital in Plainfield in 2003. Hospital Chief Executive Officer Pam Meyer Davis reported to federal authorities that then-board member Stuart Levine attempted to extort a kickback in exchange for approval.

The subsequent investigation led to the indictment and conviction of Levine and political fundraiser Tony Rezko, who authorities said participated in the scheme.
Rezko had picked out Obama during his days at college. All during Obama's days as a "community organizer," he was really Rezko's creature.

Levine, who has pled guilty, eventually became a star witness at Rezko's trial. The following comes from Evelyn Pringle's work:
Levine was also appointed to the Planning Board by a Republican Governor. However, he established himself as a bipartisan crook early in the trial. On March 10, 2008, he told the jury that even before he got involved with the Blagojevich administration, he used to funnel campaign contributions to Democratic candidates through straw donors at the request of former Chicago Alderman Edward Vrdolyak, who has also been indicted on federal fraud and bribery charges in a related case.

Levine's term on the Board was set to expire in 2004, but the Schemers made sure he remained on the panel.
One of those schemers -- as evidenced by emails introduced at the Rezko trial -- was Barack Obama, who was chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services.

Public corruption takes many forms, but the general pattern is usually the same. Elected officials make sure that cronies get fat government contracts. The cronies take a chunk of that money and contribute to the campaigns of the officials who helped them. In essence, taxpayer dollars are translated into partisan efforts.

Democrats applauded when I wrote about how that process worked in the case of Duke Cunningham and Brent Wilkes. The pay-outs Obama received from Rezko and his ilk may have been smaller, but are no different in kind.

So why the double standard?
I've been posting for some time about being in a family for more than 26 years who's involved in a host of criminal and corruption activities that of later time included Obama. The family started in the later 70's with laundering money for CIA's operation with the Argentina Dirty War. They have progressed over the decades into a deeper and much wider involvement involving air shipping tons of cocaine (they were caught last year), Rendition flights and becoming a CIA Asset. Some of this is on the Internet. Investigators found a fleet of 100 planes involving many Elites, Corporations and the CIA.

According to them, Obama is a team member in the "Combine" or "Shadow Government", but better known as "The Political Mafia". Joe, you have written many great articles and this is another one. What you explained is only a very tiny part of what they (Obama included) are involved in.

My youngest son, to my dismay, is involved with Rezko. The Hospital situation alone involves many more horrible and evil things than just corruption. I have a freind, and some of her family, willing to testify in court about what happened to her friend of 10 years. There's a lot more too but the hospital part is again only a tiny part of many other things they are up to.

The family talked about Obama and even though they laughed at his name, they were told he was their "Shining Star". The group or crmiinal system had high hopes for him progressing into higher Political areas. What was mentioned at the time to me was a guaranteed position in Illinois Government and hopefully to be involved in Congress or the House. They would work at moving him along, so they said in the 90's. The criminal involvement can be seen by noticing all the strange things that have been happening, some being blamed on the Obama Supporters. This is because the team around Chicago is part of a larger movement. Joe, your articles about Obama's "fake" Birth Certificate, to me is still alive. There's something you may not know that I would expect to surface eventually. Sorry but I'm not alowed to discuss this at this time.

Yes, Obama shows to have a lot of charisma and personal ability to connect with people. This combined with his education is what sold the criminal system as I understand. The Rezko trial surfaced some high level Elite Worldly people who were linked to Obama. Consider these as only a tiny fraction of who all is involved. It's huge and involves so many that the amount is stagering.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL
Biden has deep ties to Rezko accomplice
JOSEPH CARI | 30-year friend of VP pick guilty in kickback scheme,082508bidenrezko.article
Martin Didier, I was skeptical when I first read your comments here and there since 2007. But now that I've done some research on your story, I'm very curious.

By using "Gail Adreani" (learned she's your ex wife from a previous post here) as the keyword for a search in google, I was able to find your divorce papers. I'm sorry for you that this information is public, but by spreading public accusations like you do under your name, you open yourself to public scrutiny. In the court appeal document about your divorce, I was able to learn you had 3 kids: "The couple had three children: R*** (male), born May 3, 1980; K**** (female), born May 22, 1982, and K*** (female), born April 26, 1985."

And in your comment I read: "My youngest son, to my dismay, is involved with Rezko."

Please help me here, but I don't understand how you call "My youngest son" your only son who also is the oldest child. I also have one son, it would never occur to me to refer to him as my youngest or my oldest son.

Also, If all these allegations that the CIA / other agencies are involved in drug smuggling and are corrupting elected officials, why has Clinton done nothing to stop this drug smuggling racket while he was in the Whitehouse: are they also involved or were they too afraid to attack this mafia and become the victims of a "Kennedy solution" ?

You could have used my name to find what you needed.

When I started using my real name, I was conscious of the fact that my life would eventually become public. It's a commitment that was needed considering what my story, my friends story and a few other stories means. It's not for the faint of heart and represents more than half a lifetime of dealing with and living among ongoing cirminal behavior. What's been written is only a very small part of the overall. The story really hasn't all surfaced yet and it will.

I have four children with an older son from a short term marriage.

Yes, I am dismayed about R***'s choices. We were very active in Scouting and sports. His comments always appeared to support him having good values. He even told me while in College that he respected my values and wanted to follow that. But the attraction of huge money along with the family's display of superior power along with a tidal wave of encouragement with big money enticed him to get involved. As they say, "just put your little toe in and try it out". I haven't seen him for a long while probably because he got in too deep and now is committed like the others. He knows I wouldn't approve of his choices including staying away from visiting his Grandmother. So yes, there is a lot of dirt on my doorstoop with him that needs cleaning. But right now, the priority between him and I, and his sisters, is for him and them, to get out of this mess before it's too late.

If you've been reading my posts, you may be up to speed with a few other more serious problems the family is involved in. Everything WILL surface as it's only a matter of time. His life as well as his sisters may be tainted badly if they choose to side with those in the family who want to stay in. My proposal with them has been to encourage other family members to seek options to negotiate to get out.

Actually, I know there are many Political Officials directly involved in the Drug smuggling racket. However, you are also correct that the Drug people are more likely corrupting other Officials to work with them too. I'm sure this has been an on going affair since day one. I view it more as a seduction process similar to people who conspire. My experience explains that their seduction procress mainly works under everyone's radar. Then when you wake up, it's too late and you can't get out. Also, at this time, their "Mind Control" function starts to build FEAR within their members so they don't talk. Consider that if their behavior had been obvious and there wasn't a Mind Control function with FEAR, they would have been caught a long time ago.

This criminal system is huge and has been around for decades. It's actually been around since when our country was formed with laying out the framework to make todays' problem possible. But today's problem seems to have gone into high gear before WWII. At the top on one faction of this are the banks. Most of the worlds money is controlled by 13 families. Recently released National Archive information explains the money trail that allowed certain individuals to fund Hitler as he rose to power. The money trail system continues and has been expanded to this day only now with another generation of same criminal family members. I could mention many families who are involbed but one that comes to mind is the DuPont's. My ex-brother-in-law is friends with a DuPont and I met him and even visited one of their manufacturing plants. History shows that the DuPonts have been involved for a long time.

Clinton is involved according to the family and also information also shows some of the links. It's unfortunate that our elections have been mostly for show with setting-up positions in Government. They truely act as actors with manipulating us into thinking what they want us to think.

The family had talked openly about assassinations of our Presidents done by their criminal system. Kennedy according to them was assassinated because he wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve. I'm sure there were other issues. If I were to talk about other assassinated Presidents done by this criminal system as told to me by the family, I would expand beyond our current problem starting around WWII.

Your last question asks why wasn't the Political Mafia ever stopped by a sitting President? To me, there are a number of factors to suggest why but let me start with what the family told me. They said back in the 90's that out of every 10 lawmakers involved in this (the Coup invovling Elites, Corrupt Military and Crmiinal groups) in Congress, 7 are Republicans and 3 are Demorcrates. So there are many who are involved and the problem is in BOTH parties. Hence, we only have two groups with one being FOR the Constitution and the other NOT for the Consitution. Fascism with a Dictator comes to mind and it's important to note that we had a huge moement before WWII for Fascism supported by many Elites, who also were supporting Hitler financially. The question to ask is, "Has this ended?" The answer is "NO". The "Brown Shirt" movement from that time seems to have changed into something else but similar with their behavior. Guess who is still involved with this?

Aside from the numbers is a FEAR factor along with "Mind Control" techniques used to control others. Just realize that what they are doing has worked successfully. However to me, it's important to be positive and look at it that once the heavy handed criminal functions are removed, their ability to control ends and thus we should see a reverse trend.

The FEAR factor is bad. This criminal group uses very extreme dramtic situations which are well planned and broadcasted to their members before the act is carried out. Thus once it happens, the public news systems (who's also involved with CIA Stringers) helps them get the word out. Along with this is the Public outcry and sadness and extreme pain that is felt from the loss which leaves is a constant reminder to their members to "be loyal and follow the plan". My ex-wife's family have been totally paranoid for decades. They seem to leap into a higher level of paranoia ject after something happened. For them I witnessed them progress with their paranoia gradually over time.

As an example, I was told about 911 back in the 90's only then, they were reviewing 3 different sites. They also explain a lot more about the planning and what to expect. I was also threatened if I should talk about this too. They explained about new prisons that some would later turn into death campes. There isn't anything about US death camps yet but the prisons, box cars and other things are already in the news. 911 wasn't a well kept secret. Also, they seemed to know (from what was said) about the Brown's Chicken Murders in Palatine Illinois before it happened. They also mentioned their group in Chicago played an important role in the Kennedy Assassination in Texas. There's more but for another time.

If you can imiagine me hearing this, I found all of it to be very difficult to believe.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL
I want to add that I was told by my family throughout the 90's that in the Illinois are there are three Hospitals used to ger rid of people. In 1996, my brother-in-law's and I were told about a situation involving "family-against-family" where someone wanted a close family member gone. They described a lady who lived in Bartlett.

After the divorce in late 2001, I started getting business phone calls from a Hosptial known to me to be one of the three mentioned above. I freaked out because my work skills are a match to work for Hospitals and I knew what this Hospital was known for. Already for a long time I have been dealing with setups trying to harm me so you might want to say I was really sensitive. After still receiving calls, I decided to make the business call. I missed having three car accidents nearing the vacinity of the Hospital and also experience more leaving as well. While during my business calls, I questioned the manager "with who", and "for what reason", and "how did they learn about me", to want me to make the business calls? He also asked me if I had any problems driving to and from their Hospital, so that explains he knew what was going on.

I was told it was the Hospital President who personally instructed him to have me personally, and not one of my employees, to make the business call. They didn't have any work for me to look at even after aggressively trying to find some work that I could do. The whole purpose for the business call was to have me travel there and probably become vulnerable to setup car accidents. This happened throughout the later part of 2001 and the early part of 2002 with many visits.

Nearing the end of 2002 I met a nice lady at Willow Creek (Mega) Church in South Barrington, IL. I attended Willow from 1999 - 2005 and met her at one of their Singles group meetings. Not long afterwards we became close friends. That's when I learned that she was the lady mentioned by the family in 1996. She had numerous car accidents that included extreme suspicious behavior. One was very serious and totaled her car, she was lucky no one was hurt. This one was during a snow storm traveling on a highway. One of her kids sitting in the back reported the car was tapped by another car and pushed into one of the two trucks that were part of the accident. Although there were many, another one left her with a broken bone in her foot that still causes numerous problems with wearing shoes. However, how the accident happened and what happened, explains it was a setup that had assistance from the Police. There's something about the Police that needs to be explained too. Any and all efforts with dealing with insurance companies ended with failure. Her divorce lasted numerous years and the court documentation shows convincing evidence of legal corruption aimed at her.

A close male friend eventually tried to help her and wrote a court motion that decuments the history of her divorce. I found it to be convincingly well detailed enough to allow someone to piece together what was happening including names of Judges and Attornies involved. According to her and her family, he was murdered in the same Hospital in early 2002 at the same time I was being summoned for business meetings. I've been told that she and some family members will testify in court that his death was murder and not an act of God or Hospital error.

One really strange and scary thing told to me in the mid 90's was that in Illinois there were three (3) Hospitals being used to get rid of people. The family said they were called "Killing Machines". This may sound extreme and hard to beleive but it's important to note that they weren't using only one Hospital for this purpose, they needed three! And to consider that I was being summoned at the same time my friend's friend was being setup for his death, says they can process many if they wanted to. The other factor is that each Hospital has to report deaths and spreading around their evil doings helps hide their real intent.

Another interesting point is that we were able to determine inpart who all may be involved within the family areas. First I know that her ex-father-in-law was involved because her drivoce problems started before meeting her deceased friend. Plus he was a high level Trust Department VP at a large Bank downtown. Also, my family told me about her early in 1996. However, when you're involved with something you can easily see those who may be also involved around you. In her case, she felt that it was her friends only daughter who wanted him gone. He had a lot of money and what played out seems to suggest this. But the deceased was a twin and his twin brother lived in Colorado who happens to be a multi-millionare involved in many political areas. One namely was being at a top spot in an education area for the State. He was the top contributor for Bush too. Also, in her ex-in-laws family are what appears with some to be a strong Mob connection.

Regarding myself at that time, it appears with how this played out that what they needed was to have me admitted to the Hospital. Somehow I had to be harmed enough to require being admitted to the Emergency area. Once I'm there, it would have been over for me.

I need to add that when any one of my ex-wife's family were admitted to a Hospital, they hired medically trained guards to stand guard. Nothing went in unless it was checked out. When my father-in-law went in for a heart operation, they had a guard 24 hours a day. I was told that more than a few times someone tried to go in the room with something that guaranteed his doom.

Last night I talked to my friend. I've told her repeatedly since we meet that eventually all of this was going to surface. Although like many she finds most of what this is to be hard to believe. But since more of what this is has surfaced, she has withdrawn from wanting to even read the news. However there continues to be strange and even very harmful attempts to harm me/her/us. As an example and there are too many to talk about, we were driving home on a expressway a number of weeks ago. I was pinned in between two cars and one to my left while driving in the right most lane. I had the A/C on with the windows up. All of a sudden, the car filled up with what smelled lik Acetylene gas. She stopped breathing while I was trying to understand what it smelled like. Finally I immediately rolled down the rear windows and turned off the A/C. Then I opened more windows and she got better and we both noticed that the smell wasn't around us. In talking about this encounter, I offered what I felt it smelled like and if that was correct, we could have been incinerated. For her that woke her up with what I've been talking about for all this time. Last night she freaked out when I questioned her about knowing the doctors who were working on her friends medical problem. She knows but didn't want to tell me. So I keep telling her that she needs to deal with it that it is going to surface and there isn't anything she can do about it. She may be scared rightfully so, but afterwards she will feel better.

So there are more questions regarding what I said above regarding Obama as well as others involved with Rezko. Considering how huge this cirminal system is it's anyone's guess with how many are really involved.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL
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