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Monday, July 10, 2006

Vote fraud in Mexico: Lies and protests

Whatever you may think about Wayne Madsen, his most recent entry hits the target. He scores AP for "rounding down" the number of protestors who converged on Mexico's Zocalo Square to protest the stolen election.

AP says that only 100,000 people showed up. Oh really? Here's the photo:

Looks more like a half-million to me. Why are so many people pissed off? Because in precincts across Mexico, folks noticed a sharp divergence between the numbers visible on the "acta" (the signed and posted results) and those reported on the official computer tally. Here's a shot of the acta in one precinct in the state of Mexico:

Here's a screenshot of what the computer had to say about it:

This sort of hugger-mugger occurred all over Mexico. Usually, only a few votes got shaved. In an ultra-close race, that's enough.

Interestingly, rightist Mexican president Vincente Fox cried "vote fraud" in 1991, when he lost a race for governor in Guanajuato. At that time, Fox's PAN party got 35% of the vote, compared to PRI's 53%.
Judging by recent elections in Latin and South America, the chance of the "leftist" candidate losing is unimaginable. The only way any "conservative" candidate is going to win anywhere in the Americas (including the USA) is through election fraud.

Madsen makes another salient point: while the one side is always called "leftist", the other is never called "rightist" (which is equivalent with fascist or reactionary) but is instead only called called "conservative."

It will be interesting to see how the situation down there unfolds. Unlike our chickenshit citizenry, the Mexicans are quite capable of revolution.
They've been taught well by the Bush administration. Pros since 2000.

Bush - the worst president NEVER elected in the history of the US.
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