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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Ballad of Michael Brown

I am the very model of a modern FEMA handle-er
Corrupt as any character you’ll find in Raymond Chandle-er
Accomplished very little since I shot past Mummy’s labia
Just bummed around until I found some horsies from Arabia

I lost the horsie gig when all the lawsuits started loading up
And then the Bushies asked if I would like to be their toading pup
I got this job because I know the asses that are kissable
I also know the color of the people who are missable.

Who cares about the puling putrid pesky proletariat?
The blacks are just a burden and no longer will we carry it.
The mother of our Fearless One is so aristocratical
And Rove will blame our own misdeeds on forces Democratical.

Denying food and water may have been a little frightening
But there’s a city in the south that badly needed whitening.
Our ultimate intention is replacement of democracy --
Here comes a fundamentalist Dominionist theocracy!
Hey, Joe -- great parody -- but not funny!
Judy Down Maine
Joe: Are you sure you're not related to Shakespeare? Your poem was wonderful and I think phrased in Iambic tetrameter. Full of good favorite lines and rhymes were...

Accomplished very little since I shot past Mummy’s labia
Just bummed around until I found some horsies from Arabia

I thought it was very funny and...

I'm thinking that Ms. Judy Maine
Is not the proper reader
That she doesn't get
Your humor yet
And ought not be our leader

I don't know what she saw in verse
That was so damned offensive
If she realy had a sense of humor
She'd not be so defensive

So now I think Ms. Judy Maine
Is not to be respected
If it wasn't for your poetry
Which gave more than expected
We'd let ole Brownie off the hook
And do what Bush requested
Get behind his self investigation
With all critique rejected
And join with our Ms. Judy Maine
Rejecting your artful ramblings
With not a question if we're sane
We'd just end up a pandering
Joseph: Absolutely CUTTING EDGE! Outstanding!! (Judy: It's farce noir, after all.) And high praise to John Higgins for the "reprise".
Gilbert and Sullivan-can't beat 'em. Calvin Trillin had another great little poem in this week's Nation set to Modern Major General too.
Joe.. absolutely brilliant. Well done.
Brilliant is right. Joseph, you're wasted
on this transitory political bs. Please
apply your talents to something of more lasting meaning (but don't stop helping to bring W down!).
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