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Sunday, January 30, 2005


I still cannot return to regular posting. Give me another week or so.

Right now, I'm going to make a confession. I'm going to put a troubling matter "on the record." I do so with some hesitation, since the business under discussion could ruin whatever small reputation I may have gained.

The question of the day comes down to this: Do you believe in ESP?

I grew up immersed in Fox Mulder-ish lore (Tom Delay wasn't kidding when he said that sites like mine belonged to the "X-Files" wing of the Democratic party), but over the years, my attitude slid into skepticism. I've met a lot of people who claimed to have had preternatural experiences or abilities. These claimants invariably turned out to be irritating and unreliable.

Magic? UFOs? Ghosts? Visions of the Virgin Mary? The internet and your local library abound with many a wild story, but proof remains unobtainable. Even the best-attested incidents become less impressive upon close examination.

I thus segued into cynicism and curmudgeon-hood.

(Yes, my ladyfriend and I have a tradition of dining out at "haunted" restaurants on Halloween, but we do so out of a sense of romance and fun. We don't expect to see anything.)

Curmudgeon that I became (and remain), I still tended to place ESP in the "maybe" category, if only because Dr. J.B. Rhine and other scientists have claimed to validate the existence of the phenomenon in the laboratory. (By the by: Did you know that Sir Richard Burton coined the term "ESP"?) On the other hand, scientists such as Dr. Susan Blackmore have persuasively disputed the existence of the phenomenon. (See here and here; if you'll click the latter link, you'll discover that the hard-headed Dr. Blackmore sports a rather surprising look these days.)

As I said: I came to view ESP as a maybe. Not a likelihood, but a possibility.

And then I met a woman (no, not my current ladyfriend) who transformed that "maybe" into an "almost certainly." Here's the catch: While this woman was able to prove her ability to me, she could not do so in a way that allows me to prove it to you.

That's the hell of it. By her own account, whatever ability she once possessed always manifested itself in spurts -- rare spurts. She could never turn on the spigot at will.

Remember the old Chuck Jones cartoon starring "Michigan J. Frog"? The amphibian who could sing "Hello, my baby" -- but only to an audience of one? The moment an audience showed up, the magic stopped.

Hate to admit it, but this story is one of those stories.

I hope I haven't yet alienated all of my readers. Because in this case, the singing frog predicted World War III.

The wake-up call

In July of 1999, the woman with whom I was romantically involved at that time -- call her Gabrielle -- woke up, woke me up, and announced that she had just had an exceptionally vivid dream. A prophetic dream.

A dream in which airplanes flew into the World Trade Center -- "or buildings like the World Trade Center."

I had met Gabrielle over the internet; she was visiting me from out of state. As mentioned earlier, she claimed to have had psychic experiences, especially when younger, although those experiences had tapered off in recent years. The stories she told me about the earlier days were weird and fascinating -- and, of course, unprovable. I made no secret of my stance on ESP: I had become a cynic, but even so...maybe. She understood that, for the most part, I was now much more of a Scully than a Mulder.

And that's why I immediately looked for a conventional explanation for her nightmarish vision of disaster striking the World Trade Center.

I immediately presumed that her dreaming mind had merely processed images from a half-forgotten news account. "Maybe you're thinking about the time a jet crashed near LAX," I suggested, referring to an incident from the 1980s.

(Nota bene: For purposes of readability, this account will include snatches of dialogue. The quotes are as exact as memory allows. Obviously, I didn't have a tape recorder running.)

No, she answered. Not low buildings. "That happens later. It won't be what they say it is."

The main vision, she insisted, involved skyscrapers. "Like the World Trade Center."

She saw people jumping. Then the buildings would tumble to the ground.

Gabrielle spoke to me for about twenty minutes or so. Her voice and her eyes were odd. She seemed hypnotized. I never saw her act quite that way on any other occasion.

To be honest, I must specify that, throughout this conversation, she almost always referred to buildings "like" the World Trade Center; she confessed that she could not even be sure that the event would take place in New York City, although she did describe a cloud of smoke over the water. "I think it is the World Trade Center," she said at one point.

Naturally, I wanted to know who would commit such an act. "It won't be who they say it is," she answered.

She mentioned that there would be a war in Iraq as a result, even though Iraq would not be responsible. (She also mentioned Saudi Arabia, but the reference was quite vague. I could not discern how that country figured into this scenario.)

Then I brought up an unpleasant matter that had dominated a previous series of allegedly prophetic dreams.

What comes next

Before continuing, I should fill in some more backstory.

In the mid-1990s, before she met me, Gabrielle had had a series of troubling dreams depicting a "small" nuclear explosion in Chicago. In each dream, she viewed the event from a closer perspective. In one dream, she saw it from the point of view of a reporter flying in a commercial airliner not far from the event.

I was not the only person to whom Gabrielle described these dreams, which she considered visionary and predictive. She and I had discussed these dreams at some length (via IRC) well before we ever met. (I may have a log of the chat on a disc somewhere, although I have yet to find it.) I believe she discussed these forecasts with members of her family, although the person with whom she confided at greatest length passed away recently.

She stopped having those dreams a year or two before she met me, and presumed (for whatever reason) that she would never again have a major psychic experience.

That presumption seems to have been premature. Here she was, in a trance-like state after having awakened from a vivid dream of the the World Trade Center's collapse.

Naturally, I wanted to know if the New York event was connected with the nuclear event in Chicago. Yes, she said. In a way. But the explosion in Chicago would happen later.

(Incidentally, Gabrielle spent her life in a small town in the Pacific northwest, and had not traveled to either New York or Chicago -- in fact, she almost never left her home state. Oddly enough, I've never visited either of those two cities myself, although I've seen many other parts of the country.)

Would the same people be responsible for both events, I asked?

Not really, she answered, although the events are linked. In both cases, she emphasized, "it won't be who they say it is."


"Yes and no. It's like people from the government are involved. Or at least they know about it."

She said that the public would be told that Iran was responsible for the Chicago event. "After that, it's World War Three."

She intimated that things would not play out the way "they" planned, and that the war would spin out of all control.

I asked for more details about the "small" nuclear event in Chicago. She mentioned the Sears tower.

Water played a role in the scenario she envisioned; the device would be transported via boat. I reminded her that Chicago is on one of the Great Lakes. (For some reason, I couldn't remember which one!) She said that the boat would not be on a lake. "You know those movable bridges?" she asked. One of those bridges had something to do with the event.

"You know that picture of the farmer and his wife?" she asked. I took this as a reference to Grant Wood's American Gothic, which I once saw on loan in San Francisco. (Incidentally, the woman in the painting is actually the man's sister.) I vaguely recalled that the work's "home" is in Chicago. She felt that the painting would be destroyed by the blast, and that we would subsequently see the image reproduced ad infinitum in news accounts.

(One doesn't need ESP to foresee how the lost work would take on symbolic, even propagandistic, value.)

Since her unusual trance-like state might never occur again, I attempted to pinpoint a date for these events. She could give neither year nor month, although she insisted that the Chicago event would occur after the fall of the skyscrapers in New York City. (She did not intimate how long after; for some reason, I came under the impression that the two events would occur within fairly quick order.)

"Who is the president when the bomb goes off in Chicago?" I asked.

A long pause. Then she asked: "Is there someone named Kerry?"

I told her that there were two guys with that name in the senate, and that she was probably thinking of Bob Kerrey, who had run against Bill Clinton in the 1992 primaries. But I also told her that a new Kerrey run was damn near impossible, since Gore would surely have the nomination sewed up.

Keep in mind: This conversation took place in late July of 1999. I thought entirely in terms of the 2000 election.

I decided to try to get at the chronology from another angle. "Who's the president when the planes hit buildings in New York?"

"Bush," she said. That answer made sense. I didn't like it, but it made sense.

I asked if she foresaw a match-up between Bob Kerrey and George W. Bush in 2000. She seemed puzzled, and said no. That path of inquiry seemed exhausted, so I dropped it.

"When the bomb goes off in Chicago, do you see snow?" She didn't. It won't happen in the winter.

She said there may be still another event on the west coast -- perhaps in Los Angeles, perhaps elsewhere. This event would also involve another tall building. But she had no other details this incident, and felt less certain of this business than of the disasters in New York and Chicago.

Then she fell back asleep! And I mean fell. She plopped back down on the bed, and was unconscious within seconds.


When she awoke, she had little recollection of the dream or of the subsequent conversation.

That night, I took her to see downtown Los Angeles, to see if any of the buildings in that area "resonated." None of the sights there seemed to coalesce with her vague forebodings of a West Coast event, although she did spend a long time drinking in the cityscape visible from the overpass leading to the Bonaventure. (That sight must have made quite an impression on a small-town girl.)

Later, we visited San Francisco. While dining on Fisherman's Wharf, she told me that the west coast event would happen in that city, if it happened at all. The Transamerica building and the Bank of America building both seemed to unsettle her, particularly the latter. Perhaps her reaction can be ascribed to the unusual architecture. I should emphasize that she is not a "sensitive" person who becomes unsettled easily.

Our relationship ended shortly afterward.

The fault was entirely mine. If my readers knew just how badly I treated her, those who bear some affection for my writings would form a new opinion. That's one reason I've always hesitated to discuss Gabrielle's forecast: Anyone attempting to contact her for verification purposes would hear quite an earful about what a bastard I was. My behavior at that time was inexcusable; the world need know nothing more.

Before the break-up occurred, the thought occurred to me that I should describe her "prophecy" (if I may use that word) online before the event, just in case something really did happen to the World Trade Center or the Sears building. But at the time, her description seemed too vague, too contradictory. The fact that she had mentioned both Kerry/Kerrey and Bush as presidents had led me to dismiss the likelihood of all that she had told me. I simply did not consider the possibility that the two "main events" might be widely separated in time.

Here's where we encounter the "Michigan J. Frog" effect.

I mentioned the prediction of a strike against the World Trade Center to only one friend before the event. Alas, he does not now recall my having done so. Of course, after September 11, 2001, I told a number of people about Gabrielle's prediction, and I described her forecast of a "small" nuclear bomb taking out the Sears Tower.

Gabrielle married a man much better than I am. He's a rational-minded "Skeptical Inquirer" type, a member of the local atheists' society, and rather opposed to all talk of ESP and similar matters (or so I gather). Consequently, Gabrielle does not now like to discuss her previous claims of psychic experiences.

Some months ago, I contacted her via email, and wrote up a lengthy description of the conversation described above. In one reply, she said she had only vague recollection of a dream involving the World Trade Center. In a second response, she denied that she had ever had such a predictive dream, and she does not remember any part of the conversation that followed.

Her message was rather testy. Lord knows I gave her good reason to feel that way.

(At least she still admits that she once had a series of dreams involving the Chicago event. Of course, she has discussed those dreams with several people.)

Perhaps the prankster gods of fate have decreed that "proof" of ESP always comes in an individualized fashion. Gabrielle convinced me that the ability exists. But I cannot convince you. If you have not experienced anything like the incident related above, you should be extremely skeptical of this story.

So why did I write this column?

Certainly not because I plan to turn this blog into a forum for discussion of ESP! Frankly, I hope never to mention the topic again.

Nevertheless...ever since the "jets flying into skyscrapers" forecast came true, I've believed that the Chicago event would also come to pass. Perhaps the "West coast" event will take place as well, although Gabrielle seemed far less certain of that prediction.

Although I've made fleeting references to the Chicago event in previous posts, I've never described in detail why I believe a bomb will go off in that area.

Today, of course, we have an administration which has sent unmistakable signals of its intention to conquer Iran. Cheney has pretty much confessed that there are plans afoot to have Israel launch a strike against a putative Iranian nuclear facility. If -- when -- such an airstrike occurs, most Americans will naturally presume that Iranians deserve the blame for any subsequent terror strike within America's borders.

Progressives will no doubt frame the debate in a shortsighted fashion. They will claim that Bush/Israeli adventurism created the nuclear counterstrike. But if Gabrielle's vision really does prove to be predictive, then the matter will go far deeper.

Throughout her conversation with me, Gabrielle insisted on one important detail: The media and the administration will not tell the American people the truth about the individuals responsible for setting off a "small" nuclear device in Chicago. Fingers will point to the wrong party.

I hope this event never comes to pass.

I hope ESP does not exist. I hope that Gabrielle's 1999 dream about planes flying into "buildings like the World Trade Center" was mere coincidence. I hope that, years from now, this column will be viewed as the product of a paranoid person living in a paranoid era.

By all means, laugh at what I've just written. I hope one day to laugh along with you.
interesting...I will remember this post if anything like that ever comes to pass (though hopefully it won't)
It's interesting that in quantum physics theory (which I buy, but is far more bizarre than any stories of precognition) all possibilities of all scenarios actually happen in all possible universes, but we tap into only one of the possible universes and we assume (unless we are open to all possibilities) that the universe we have chosen to experience is the one truth.

Your friend probably saw a possibility that truly was possible at the time but didn't come to fruition...i.e. Kerry winning. Or she may have seen what actually happened (Kerry winning) but didn't see that the Bush administration orchestrated another outcome. The catastrophe in Chicago may have happened in a universe that most of us have not tapped into and therefore has not seemed to happen.

I cannot pooh-pooh psychics seeing into the future. But the visions are so fraught with...let's say, cosmic static, that until the universe we have chosen as our reality proves that the vision is a fact, then it's hard to believe in psychics' abilities. But they do see the's just that many times it doesn't become the future we all have decided is THE ONE future.

We all await your full return to our reality when you are posting every day. We've missed you.

Joy Tomme (
I will remember this story -- and try to stay away from Chicago -- if Kerry should become president in 2008 (or earlier).

Thanks for sharing that, Joseph!!
Joe, in regards to chicargo nuke did she mention anything about fallout or subsequent sickness or anything along those lines?
bah! forgot to sign it!
Weird. Since I claim not to believe in certain things.
I was particularly touched by the part concerning San Francisco, especially since a fictional story I've been writing (in Italian, though) involves the BofA building (but not in a war scenario).
My optimistic (?) mind tends to be attracted to what Joy Tomme said about possible universes, which instantly reminded me of Donnie Darko -- a movie that I warmly suggest watching.
That's it, I had to comment on that.
I confess that this sort of discussion makes me (at least) very uncomfortable. The events you recount are several years old, and it's important to remember that memory, for the best and most scrupulous of us, is highly corruptible -- it's part of the way we're built, to make sense of the world. This means, unfortunately, frequent fabrication and unwarranted synthesis.

The fact that you can get no corroboration for your story, either from the person who told it to you, or the person you told it to, should give you pause.

As for ESP in general ("morphic resonance", it the latest incarnation), it's true that we all have those moments -- thinking about someone you haven't heard from in years, and the phone rings and guess who, etc. -- but if you add up all the mental rumination and premonition which goes on in a typical head (none of which correlates to a real-world event), those rare convergences of mind and event are actually consistent with probability, because there are so many others, thousands and thousands, which go nowhere.

Finally, it is true that "telepathy" does appear to exist in the world of quantum mechanics, with transmissions apparently moving faster than the speed of light, but we're talking about sub-atomic particles. There's no evidence yet it operates at the human level.
I have not yet made up my mind about whether or not I believe in such things as ESP or ghosts, but there sure are a lot of things that happen that are logically unexplainable.
As a kid, I was very much a Mulder, wanting to believe in ESP and ghosts and other fascinating weirdness. But now, I'm a Scully, because of the untestable nature of every claim and flim-flammery on the part of unscrupulous folks like John Edward. I do know a lot of people who claim to have had persuasive ESP experiences, but I also know people who have had persuasive experiences involving ghosts and God, and I don't believe in those either.

So while your story is indeed chilling, I'm not going to be warning my friends in Chicago to move just yet. Although I guess I am glad I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles myself.

However, your belief in this prophecy has no bearing on the quality of your research and analysis, which is why I come to this site. Nor does the fact that you were once an asshole in a relationship (let he without sin, etc. etc.).

Now if a nuke does go off in Chicago, maybe I'll reconsider... or maybe I'll think you were part of the conspiracy to set it off. That actually is the Occam's-Razor-approved conclusion after all...


P.S. I guess if the Bushies were going to set off a nuke on our own soil, SF would be the city they would pick, wouldn't it?
Pick San Francisco? Uhm, if considering that one of her nicknames is "Baghdad-by-the-Bay," you never really know...
But they'd better keep their hands off her -- plus, she's got enough trouble with her own rocking and rolling.
If there is ESP then there is no way to understand the world. If there is "precognition," for example, then you have all the paradoxes of loops in causation, which make for mostly bad fiction but which, if "real," would screw us badly.

The problem of ESP is not how it happens, but how do we come to suspect it happens.

In same cases I know the answer to that question. For example, I recently heard of someone who said she sees "ghosts." I listened to examples and knew immediately what was going on, because it also happens to me. The "ghosts" are actually hallucinations associated with falling asleep and waking up. One time, for example, I woke up to see a malicious-looking cupid or cherub shooting me with an arrow; my scream and my attempts to defend myself woke my wife.

Sometimes I also have had hallucinations due to migraine. Hildegard of Bingen interpreted her migraine attacks as "divine visions."

What causes belief in "precognition" is not something I know.

-- Barry Schwartz (
Joseph: There's a Zen koan which states, "Those who know can't say, and those who say can't know." People who've not had a psychic experience themselves are fairly ill-equipped to dicuss the "probability" of such occurrences; those who *have* are usually quite unable to deny their reality.

I fall into the latter catgory. Though I'm rigidly skeptical in many things, I'm also an empiricist. My own experiences -- as ultimately "unprovable" to others as yours -- can only "convince" me. As R.D. Laing (?) might say, 'I can experience you, but I CANNOT experience your *experience*'!

Nevertheless, your experience with Gabrielle sounds quite on the level to me, based on my own history -- what you describe jibes fully with the surreal ambience of such revelations. Whether her vision will come to pass *exactly* as described is another question. Prophecy is not an "exact science". But I think the warning, as you've described it, is assuredly worth noting. (And there's nothing at all "unrealistic" about perceiving that we're possibly on the cusp of World War III, just from the facts already in evidence.)

Immediately following 9/11, it was reported that a Dallas area student had apparently had a similar, though less detailed, vision:

' The day before terrorists attacked New York and Washington, a fifth-grader in a Dallas suburb told his teacher World War III would begin the next day, school officials have told the FBI.

' The boy was absent from school the day of the attacks, Sept. 11, and the following day, but has been at school since then, said Rhonda Lucich, a director of elementary education for the Garland Independent School District.

' Lucich said the boy approached his teacher on the afternoon of Sept. 10 and casually told her:

' "Tomorrow, World War III will begin. It will begin in the United States, and the United States will lose."

~ Houston Chronicle, September 19, 2001

[The story has since been dismissed as "uncertain" regarding the actual date in question, but I've always suspected that was merely an efort to shield the student.]

A major development on the 2004 Votergate story:

<<<< Newsclip Autopsy >>>>

TRUTH LEFT OUT: MSM Fail to Report an Important Exit Poll Study By Prominent Experts That Invalidates Mitofsky's Explanation
Well, my personal credibility (if I ever had any anyway :) will go straight down the tubes as I say, yes, Joseph, I believe. And I'm sorry.

The problem with putting visions "on paper" or organizing them or explaining them sequentially is that when we do that we run the risk of shaping them to fit a current concrete reality. Yet, of what use would they be if we didn't do that?

Likewise, when we DO try to make sense of Gabrielle's visions, by asking questions, the descriptions of the visions could accidentally get "threaded" into the eye of current reality.

Similarly, the young psychic often loses the ability because of being socialized to see reality the way everyone sees it - concrete and right in front of us. An agreed upon kind of thing - learning not to see anything but what is right in front of us - and that everyone else sees.

Anyway, it is important to remember that her visions came in pictures, not words, and each picture itself must speaks it's own thousand words. One must resign themselves to describing only the pictures she had and try to frame a series of portraits. A storyboard at best. But very detailed individual pictures they must be. Whatever order she stated that the pictures were drawn, must remain true and not rearranged. She was, afterall, the director of that movie.

So, you have to go back and remember the visions she stated in her free-est state, and just list and describe each. In a separate column, take only the threading that you used very lightly, and see what's still there. I don't think San Fran would still be there. Reality was too mixed at the time.

Kerry WAS elected President, and it is interesting (perhaps only to me) that she posed that as a question. Nuf said on that.

How do I know what I've said above? I don't.

My one question: tell me about the symbolism behind the farmer and his wife portrait. What did/does the real portrait mean to HER?
Oh JC, there's no need to ascribe the dreams to ESP or anything extra-natural. Jung had a name for such experiences, synchronicity, and it had much to do with our poor understanding of time or even consciousness itself. Now I have a real doozy for you.

About a week ago, a temp administrator on the BradBlog posted an open thread, posing the question, "What will be the tipping point for the Bush administration?" My comment follows:

...Peg C said on 1/25/2005 @ 9:20pm PT...

"O.K., I'll "make a comment," although tipping goes in two directions. I predict another "terrorist" attack as soon as *Inc. has settled in for the next four and the peasants have settled back into their work-dazed lives, struggling to survive and forgetting to think.

This time, the "terrorists" will attack with nuclear material that can be traced directly back to Iran and its sinister programs to develop enriched uranium and nuclear weapons capability. This time it will be in Boston (or Philadelphia or L.A. or...just so long as it's nowhere near Florida, Texas,or the WH).

The dirty bomb will be neatly traced back to Iran, which is rendered volatile, of course, by all these "leaks" of U.S. undercover activity there, and a hastily patched-together (not at all) plan of war against the mullahs will be touted from the D.C. rooftops.

Honestly, I don't know in which direction this construction would tip, but I do think this - or something similar - will come to pass. Those criminals don't care about human wastage and despair, just their "mission" to crown the God-anointed "king of the world." It remains to be seen whether the public will wise up and execute them for murder and treason before WWIV and Armageddon."
How's that for "coincidence?"
I don't really know what to call "ESP", or what box to put it in. However, I know that there have been times that I've gotten a "vibe" about some negative event very shortly before it happened. The most notable of these was when I was 11 years old, and had a premonition about one of my parents' friends, "Holly", being attacked by an estranged husband - I was young and not privy to the details of his violent past, but remember feeling a strong sense of urgency and fear. When we dropped Holly off at her home one evening after work, I begged my father to turn around and check back on her, fearing that something awful was going to happen. He finally did so even though we were almost home, probably just to shut me up. We found Holly laying in her carport covered with sulfuric acid. The boyfriend had been hiding out waiting for her to return home so he could throw the acid on her and run away. Luckily, she had her house keys out and we were able to go inside to call for an ambulance (we didn't have cell phones then.) Holly's life was saved, but she was permanently disfigured. The boyfriend was caught and put in prison. My parents are very practical people, and are to this day, very uncomfortable discussing this incident. I've had several other such premonitions throughout the years, though none that resulted in such tragic consequences. I've learned not to categorically discount them, in myself or others.
I find your story very compelling, especially your description of Gabrielle's behavior and affect during and immediately after her dream. It sounds much like an "out of body" experience, which is much what my own occasional experiences are like, although I do not have such specific visions. Perhaps Gabrielle found the "edge" of a parallel universe. We may never know, but we should pay attention.
Darn, forgot to sign my post above,
Kim in PA
My own experiences probably can't be called premonitions because I never saw anything or heard anything - I just behaved oddly. I'm not at all a TV watcher but one day I left work early, went home, climbed in bed, turned on the TV and then watched as the Challenger exploded. The same for Dale Earnhardt...came home, climbed in bed, turned on the TV and then watched the car hit the wall. There was another but I can't recall offhand.

Apparently I get the last minute vibes :)
despite the magnitude of the events, there is no psychic or other person "on the record" *before the event* as predicting events such as 9/11, Princess Diana's death, or the recent Tsunami. All major global events. You'd think if clairvoyance did exist *someone* would be on the record for one of these.

So now you are on the record for Gabrielle's visions. Still very vague, but we seem to have a nuclear event, could be anything from hydrogen bomb to dirty bomb, in Chicago, with a Kerry or similar name as President. That's fairly explicit.

My prediction - it won't happen. The human mind is amazing in it's ability to see patterns that aren't there and to reorganise memories to suit beliefs and event. Memory is VERY unstable and VERY easily tricked. It's possible to have people swear on their mother's grave that a certain thing occurred, and have videotaped the entire period proving it didn't occur as they recalled. Even *after* seeing the video they will stick by their (incorrect) memories.

Spend some time browsing and I'm not against ESP in principle, I've just never seen ANY evidence of it that can't be easily explained without ESP.
Joseph - THE SEARS TOWER IN CHICAGO!!! I think that may be what Gabrielle was referring to.
Sorry, Miss Persistent, but Kerry did not win. He lost by three million votes. The good news is that ongoing investigations into vote fraud may reverse one state outcome. Yep, according to extensive analysis of the election returns published by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, it appears as though Democratic cheating in the state's largest city accounted for Kerry's razor-thin margin (what, no recount?). The Republicans are usually reluctant about prolonging campaigns, but the blatant, broad daylight theft of the Washington gubernatorial election and the numerous acts of vandalism committed by the Kumbaya party apparently riled them up. On January 24, five Kerry staffers were hit with formal felony charges for vandalizing--and rendering unusable--25 vans rented by the Wisconsin GOP to drive voters to the polls. So, it's fair and balanced: on the left-blogosphere, we have fabricated Republican vote fraud; in the real world, we have actual Democratic skullduggery--no magic computers, just good old-fashioned Tammany-style politics.

On the subject of psychics and other frauds: why do they waste their time conning rubes for chump change when James Randi has a standing offer of $1 million for the display of ANY type of paranormal power under controlled conditions?
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I have an answer for you and there's hard evidence too.

The univere is holographic everything is entangled (being a physical process that includes your mind memory is also a holographic process).

According to current thinking the observer is a crucial part of the process of the universe. (Entanglement may have a role in gravity) The cruicial point is that it appears to be just one information space with infinite potential.. All realities are explored. Every time a black hole forms another continuum may be formed with slightly different physical laws. Successful ones will produce new univeses others will die out. Our cosmos itself is alive. It is thought, a dream. Some might say it's a ripple on the surface of a constantly exploding matter antimatter explosion. Have a look at It's a project that is monitoring the processes of the global consciousness by measuring changes in probablility. Another piece of evidence lies at wher'e they're routinely monitoring the future by observing shifts in linguistics in millions of conversations on the web. They are uncannily accurate.

The dominant paradigm is shifting and the universe is becoming a much more interesting place where magic is real.
Was Gabrielle Jewish, did she marry a Jewish guy? remember the Israeli art students picked up after 911 ... It was 1999, perhaps Gabrielle knew something about 911 from conversations she overheard from people she had contact with ... The plans for 911/2001 would have been put together well before 2001. Remember the pilot episode for the for a 13 episode Fox TV series called "The Lone Gunmen" which was aired on 3/2/2001 !!!Before 9/11/2001!!!.
In the pilot episode the bad guys fly a passenger plane by remote control with intentions of crashing it into the World Trade Center...
The villains were a Pentagon insider faction ...
The motive to inflame the public and thereby legitimize new military budgets and operations ...
The information was out there, Gabrielle picked up on it somehow. Chicago, remember the second lot of Isaelis picked up in a fake moving van had videos of sky scrapers in Chicago (their van tested positive for explosives) ...
Gabrielle may have been involved with those people, inadvertantly or otherwise ... perhaps her cold attitude towards you now is not because you treated her badly ... perhaps Gabrielle badly needed to warn someone of the impending disaster, but did not want to broach the subject directly, so couched it in a dream ...
I was ten years old when I had a rather strange dream. In my dream I was alone on a soccer pitch in my local park kicking a ball around. I heard the sound of an approaching, low-flying aircraft. I looked up and to the left to see a slow-moving jet no more than 50 feet above me. I saw faces at the portholes and those faces appeared terrified.

The jet then suddenly roared and accelerated. I stood on the soccer-field rooted to the spot, unable to move. My gaze was fixed on the jet as it moved forward at speed maintaining the same altitude as it headed away from me.

I stood watching in horror as the jet was heading directly towards a complex of eight high-rise tower blocks which located five miles northwards. I saw the jet crash into one of the towers and explode in a ball of flames.

So real was my dream that I had to cut across that soccer field on my way to school the next morning just to make sure that it was really a bad dream. Thankfully, it was.

Since that day in 1970, I don't recall ever having any other dreams that featured aircraft. Then one sunny afternoon thirty years later, I had one of the most bizzare experiences ever. A friend and I had just left my house for a stroll in the sun, and as soon as we entered the street we both saw flames and black smoke billowing out of a tall building in Sheffield city centre. The street that I lived on then was on a steep gradient and we had a panoramic view of the scene.

Both shocked, we decided to make our way towards the scene. We walked briskly down the hill and arrived at the scene 15 minutes later. We were both astounded to see that that the smoke had dissipated and that the building was intact. There had been no fire yet both of us had just seen flames and thick, black smoke barely a quarter-of-an-hour before. We phoned other friends to inquire if they had heard any news. No one had heard any news of a fire in Sheffield city centre.

Neither of us had consumed any alcohol nor had we ingested or smoked any hallucinogenic substances! We could make no sense of our shared mirage. We talked about it for days on end but neither one of us could offer an explanation for what we had experienced. Exactly a year to the day later, however, it made perfect sense. The day that we experienced our vision was September 11th 2000. Apart from the shock that 9-11 induced on the day of the event, both my friend and I had to deal with the experience we had exactly one year before. We both believe that we had a simultaneous premonition.

Throughout my life I have experienced strange things. I had a dream on the 28th March 1991 which I will never forget. I dreamt that I was at a funeral. The funeral was that of my baby son who had just had his first birthday that same day. He was with his mother visiting her parents in Wales, and I was alone in our house. I awoke on Good Friday feeling rather uneasy within myself. There was a surreal atmosphere around the house. I was in the lounge reading when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to find a policeman standing there. He asked me my name, and after I had confirmed who I was he then asked if he could come in. I admitted him to the lounge where he told me that my son was critically ill in the Newport Royal Infirmary and expressed his sorrow. Before leaving he gave me a number to call.

I phoned the hospital and was put through to my partner who told me that our son had contracted meningitis. After we had spoken I immediately phoned a cab to take me to the railway station. I arrived at the hospital four hours later to be told that my son had died at 3 o'clock that afternoon. My son died at 3 o'clock on Good Friday. Fifteen years on, I still cannot wrap my head around the timing and the dream the night before. Most peculiar of all, it subsequently turned-out that both my son's grandmothers also dreamt of his funeral the night before his death!

In the early part of 2004, I had yet another strange dream. I dreamt that I was in America. I don't quite know where but it was certainly an American city because people were speaking with American accents! I was walking among a group of strangers, and everyone was heading towards an office block. The building was tall and broad. A black dog was following the group. All of a sudden there was an incredible boom and everything turned white. There was nothing but whiteness, me and that black dog. So disturbed was I by this dream that I felt moved to post my tale on an internet forum but I got laughed at and ridiculed when I said that I thought I had dreamed of a nuclear explosion in an American city. No one took me seriously. Why should they?

Joseph, there are strange forces at work in our lives. Forces so powerful that we cannot begin to fully understand them. In posting your fascinating recital of your former lover's experience you are revealing the extent to which these operate are manifest in our lives and I commend you for your revelations. After reading your post I felt compelled to write this reply. I too hope that 'Gabrielle' is wrong with regard to a nuke going-off in Chicago but in that eventuality, I, for one, will not be surprised in the slighest. Shocked, yes, surprised, no.

I will conclude this rather long reply by telling you of my most recent bizzare experience. I woke-up on the morning of July 7th, 2005 at guess what time? guessed right....ELEVEN MINUTES PAST NINE!!!

Isn't life strange?
Esp exists. I have personal experience with a large group of people who get these dreams/ visions of events that are yet to happen.
A friend of mine told me about the Whale in River Thames in the year 2000.
another incident is the Earthquake in India which killed about 10,000 people on 26 Jan2001 ,,The same person woke up at 3;00 am London time and said the names of the cities that were reduced to rubbles by the earthquake .He has never been to India.
This may sound preposterous ,following the 7/7 incident in London there was a shooting.The incident was only described in graphic detail a few days later.The man who was shot was held by another passenger(Govnmnt agent) and he was pinned to the seat,he was shot at close range.then he fell on to the floor and he was pumped with lead....something similar to this happened...ALL THIS AND ALSO THE FACT THAT THEY SHOT THE WRONG GUY AND THE EMBARASSMENT /FIASCO FOR THE GOVNMNT WAS SEEN BY A FRIEND ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT AT 4AM..
I have numerous incidents regarding these kind of dreams/visions...
The people who experience this have no control over them..they cannot switch their 'power' ON/OFF ..
Many incidents that are about to happen in the future was seen by this Group,,,they are normal people in every way possible.
Many have said to me about the War that is to come soon.
A Nuclear reactor meltdown near Bolton, England was mentioned by my friend ..He never knew of the existence of such a facility.
Fortunately this has not happened.....yet.
the accuracy of their dreams/visions is nearly 90% ..a very high percentage indeed.
One of them has actually seen the antiChrist and described his features with such clarity in June 2004..he was unable to sleep for a few days after this incident.
Another friend(same group) had seen the house where the antiChrist is born,,three days on row he had the same dream.the house is in Jerusalem..
These people are not christian apocalyptic nutters.
One of them is quite religious he said that "for those whom there is no forgiveness and for those who ,God wills punishment..God destroys their mind first so that there wont be a recollection of either their good or evil,,so that they have no means of praying for repentance..and then their souls will be harvested..." and then he uttered the names of Ronald Reagan and Ariel Sharon..and he said Sabra and Shattila...This was after the death of the former President,Mr.Sharon was well and fit then...,!
One of these people actually Knows the secret of the crop circles..Well ,By now ,,Gentle Reader you are convincedthat I am nutter,
or I live among delusional freaks..
I have personal experiences which convinced me of a Supernatural force at play.
PS.I am a Doctor(Physician) with 15 years of experience and I didn't beleive in these kind of stories ,.And these are not my patients ..
Hello fellow psychics and skeptics,

I too am plagued by the occaisional premonition. And ever since I started percieving them around the age of 15, I have endeavored to understand the process. My academic pursuits reflect my tenacity to this quest. And through my studies and meditations, I believe I have come up with a few possible ways to better understand these experiences.

When I say “plagued” by it, it’s because of a number of things. It’s like that flash of Deja-Vu. You feel literally “jolted” by it as if you stuck your finger in an electrical socket, though maybe not quite that severe. It may not always be that way each time, or it may be totally different for each person with such sensitivity.

One of the few times I have experienced that strong of a jolt, it was like I was being struck by lightning, it passed through me that quickly. The moment, in which it seemed that time was suspended, left my short hairs standing on end and a tingling travelling up my spine. It was like someone had suddenly turned on a light that illuminated the next 15-20 years of my life, in minutely excruciating detail. And just when I began to reach out and grab at it, it was gone.

That’s what daylight premonitions are like for those with this sensitivity. Dreams containing premonitions usually last longer, but are prone to being tainted by the mind’s tendency to mix the message with your imagination.

Above, one poster wrote: “let's say, cosmic static.” Or, “we see through a window darkly”, if you prefer. Like my “lightning premonition”, at first it is difficult to pick out any details. You have to be willing to re-examine the moment of the “flash” and replay it as often as necessary. This usually requires some form of meditation because you have to get the mind and the emotions to become as still and quiet as possible.

You want to empty the room of everything that is not the premonition so that you can see it as clearly as possible.

The reason we see through the window darkly was commented on by another poster, who wrote: “the young psychic often loses the ability because of being socialized to see reality the way everyone sees it - concrete and right in front of us. An agreed upon kind of thing - learning not to see anything but what is right in front of us - and that everyone else sees.”

So in a world that confuses the issue and clouds your environment with so many distractions (with more to come), not only are you already faced with the difficult task of queting down the voices inside, you must also quiet down the voices coming from the oustide as well.

Another poster wrote: “Now if a nuke does go off in Chicago, maybe I'll reconsider...”

Why must we always need some kind of confirmation in order to believe another person’s “premonition”? Why must we wait until it is too late?

Why must we wait until millions die in Chicago before we accept this as a reality? Why wasn’t the first part of the premonition about 9/11 enough?

Back in 1987, I was seeing this girl. It looked as if we might be progressing beyond the “friend’s” stage of our relationship when I started having preomonitions that she was going to die.

The premonotion was actually triggered (and it was also in that moment that I realised I’d had this premonition before) when I met another one of her suiters (“he’s just a friend”), who she liked because he had a car. In my premonition, she dies in HIS car!

I struggled with telling her for a couple of weeks. First, I tried to ignore it, thinking it would pass and come to nothing. I blamed my imagination. But this premonition persisted. I didn’t want to tell her that she was going to die.

You have to understand, I was conflicted because I figured if I got advance information on an event that was going to happen, then I had the responsibility to pass on that information to give them the opportunity to avoid the event.

But you don’t just call up a friend and tell them they are going to die. First, they just might not believe you. Second, they might just write you off as a “loon”. Thirdly, they might not want to be your friend anymore.

I did finally call her on the phone. Even with her on the phone, I was hesitant to tell her and my heart was beating a million times a second. Getting up in front of speech class was easier than this. After a couple minutes of hemming and hawing, I said I had a terrible feeling. She finished my sentence for me: “…you mean a feeling like I’m going to die?” I simply said, yes. I added that she could avoid it if she would just stay clear of her other man friend’s car for a couple of weeks.

The notion that she might interpret this as some form of jealousy thing occurred to me. But I knew I had to tell her and felt such a sense of release after doing so.

Two days later I received a call from a mutual friend who informed me she had died in a car accident. Yes, for whatever reason, she had ignored my warning and advice and there was nothing I could do about it.

Now here’s what really disturbs me about it: if she HAD listened to me and managed to avoid death, I would never have known that my premonition was anything more than my imagination. But with her death, the accuracy of my premonition was confirmed.

Another, more skeptical poster wrote: “memory, for the best and most scrupulous of us, is highly corruptible -- it's part of the way we're built, to make sense of the world. This means, unfortunately, frequent fabrication and unwarranted synthesis.”

Here is a man who has never had a premonition.

For those of us who have had them, we don’t really have a choice in the matter. Premonitions do not care whether or not you believe in them. Instead they just come upon you unexpectedly to sometimes ruin your day; there are also good premonitions.

Frank Herbert called it “trinocular vision” in DUNE, because premonitions often involve past, present, and future. Remember when I said I’d had this vision about her death before? Well, it turns out I had forgotten about it because I had that vision about 4 years before I even met her. I had been living with my father at the time, who’s apartment just happened to be about a half mile up the road from the church where he and my mother had gotten married. I had to pass that church every day on my way to work. Inexplicably, the sight of the church triggered this premonition that a girl, somehow connected with that church, would die.

When I received the invitation for her funeral, guess where it was held? Yep, the church where my mom and dad were married.

The memory of the church came back to me in that same moment I had a “deja-vu” about meeting her friend with the car, followed by that terrible sense of dread that she would soon die; trinocular vision.

For the skeptics, let me say this: instead of dismissing all this or trying to explain it away. Instead think of it all as a form of energy. Think of time as a huge swimming pool, and all the thoughts and feelings people have create waves in the water. Let’s then say that when my girl friend died in that car crash, her feelings of shock and terror rippled out from that event and reached me (who is sensitive to them) in the past. Because I believe that when someone has a premonition of a future event, what they are really receiving are the emotions and thoughts of people from a future we have not reached yet.

Another poster wrote: “neither one of us could offer an explanation for what we had experienced. Exactly a year to the day later, however, it made perfect sense. The day that we experienced our vision was September 11th 2000.”

They both thought they saw a building downtown on fire, but after going to investigate, were surprised that there was nothing there. These kinds of energies are cyclic and repeat in a pattern. Remember my suggestion of the ripples in the water? It also makes perfect sense that both men would receive the same “ripple” at the same time. Furthermore, perhaps their perception of the “ripple” was enhanced by their proximity to each other, especially if they are both extra sensitive to these energies.

Now, if my theory that these energies come directly from individuals involved with the event, then imagine the intensity of the thoughts and emotions of all those people all radiating outwards from 9/11!

The more intense the thoughts and emotions, the easier it is for “sensitives” to pick it up.

We are “radio recievers”, some of us who have learned to become more finely tuned to the emotional frequencies. And like radio waves, they are radiating outward in all directions where anybody can receive them at any time. All you need to do is tune your radio set!

And perhaps there are also people out there who are unconscious of these waves as “premonitions”. Perhaps what is a “premonition” to one person, may come as “creative inspiration” to another; they just might not realise the prophetic nature of it.

Case in point: Chris Carter.

In the pilot episode for his series the Lone Gunmen, he "predicts" 9/11. First aired on March 4, 2001, 6 months before the 9/11 attacks. “Preceding subsequent conspiracy theories, and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The plot of the pilot episode depicts a secret U.S. government agency plot to crash a Boeing 727, departing from Boston, into the World Trade Center via remote control for the purpose of increasing the military defense budget and blaming the attack on foreign "tin-pot dictators" who are "begging to be smart-bombed." This episode aired in Australia less than two weeks before the 9/11 attacks, on August 30.”

Hmmmm, or did Chris Carter know something through some “deepthroat” like contact that he may have had? Maybe he was trying to warn us.

And yes, I had a feeling that just such a scenario would actually occur. The rational, pragmatic side of my brain did a half decent job of shutting down that train of thought, because I completely forgot about the episode soon after, until 9/11.

If the Chicago event is a reality, then other “sensitives” will pick up on it.

Case in point, another poster wrote: “In 2004, I dreamt that I was in an American city; people were speaking with American accents! I was walking among a group of strangers, and everyone was heading towards an office block. There was an incredible boom and everything turned white. So disturbed was I by this dream that I felt moved to post my tale on an internet forum but I got laughed at and ridiculed when I said that I thought I had dreamed of a nuclear explosion in an American city. No one took me seriously. Why should they?”

Sure, it might not be Chicago. I’ve also had very vivid dreams about nuclear explosions. I have no idea what they mean. For all I know, I could have been receiving memories of Hiroshima, because these waves and ripples come from all directions in the trinocular vision.

Now, I would have liked it if my girl friend had listened to me. And whenever I share a “premonition” with someone, I always hope they will at least give me the benefit of the doubt.

So, when I read Joseph’s account of his girlfriend’s premotions, I had to give him (and her) the same benefit of the doubt. I have to take him at his word.

Now, if I accept that her dream accurately predicted 9/11, then I am forced to accept that the Chicago disaster will happen.

Remember, I knew without doubt that my girl friend was going to die. I did my best to prevent it because I believed that armed with such knowledge, that she might be able to prevent her death.

What if the purpose of receiving this knowledge is prevent a death or a disaster?

What would you do to prevent this mini nuke from going off in Chicago?
I came across your story through a forum which I follow for in depth news, so to speak. My own "nutty" theory is that we are mistaken to think of time as being linear. But that would be too much of a discussion and beyond the scope of this posting.

The question I would pose, is can we change the future? There is no real way of knowing, as described in previous posts if it doesn't happen we don't really think it was going to happen. But what if we can't change the future, what if what we see through our own symbolism or self is not a message to change direction but more of another part of the event which will occur. The last post mentioned a friend warned of the future, I dont think you could of changed that event, I dont think she could of. It is more like we are a part of the process which will occur. Think of the "prophecy" being true.
Posting this story might of changed one from visiting Chicago or delaying a trip there. The simple fact that I am here typing would be altering a possible time frame. But when it comes to such major events and the extent of cause-effect possibilties... Consider how many details could of went differently that day, and I say none. Nothing could of been any different. The kicker is that the whole esp experience or "prophecy" you describe is actually part of it occuring , not in directing energy and so on, but it is another "chaos" theory of how this still adds to the events that will occur. Not responsible per say but part of. With those thoughts in mind, I begin to question free-will in its entirity. At least the way we perceive of the concept.

Hey there. I just recently found this blog fom researching my bookmarks and came across your website. I believe what you say and understand there is more than are normal senses. Some of us have ESP or pre mature preminitions I call them. Iv'e had similar dreams and reoccuring dreams of an nuclear attack or attacks. I can remember them vividly, the first was during the day, I was in a tall building like a normal day people working and all of the sudden a huge flash caught our attention, we looked out through the windows seeing the mushroom cloud. We were in shock and awe. Our first reaction was hiding under our desks. Windows shattering, papers flying, people panicking, screaming, it was chaos. I could even feel the heat it was HOT AS HELL. I could literally feel my skin melting off my skeleton, and my eyes sunk in. It scared the shit out of me I woke up sweating and my body felt hot. The crazy thing is I don't work in a skyscraper buildng I'm a mason, I set cast stone. One other dream I can recall so clear to me it was daytime, I could see these nuclear mushroom clouds transforming in the sky throughout the U.S. like I was looking at a map, I could see it all. This time I didn't feel the heat no body reaction at all. Then I saw fighter jets flying over me at a low elevation. 100's and 100's of them shooting missiles in the sky an ALL OUT WAR. I could hear them though, it was so loud it felt like my ear drums wre going to burst. Maybe because how close they were from the ground. These dreams I still have of an nuclear attack or attacks can happen any time I believe. You remember when the Soviet Union collapsed, true fact somehow their nuclaer suitcases just suddenly dissapeared with no trace. Their own gov. supposedly didn't know how this could of happened but we all know it was for the money. Selling them on the black market, anyone could of bought them. Even are so called terrorists, I call them our world governments puppets. It's only a matter of time when these catastrophies takes place. If you read Revelations in the Bible it states clear as day nuclear bomb disasters in the end time. Read carefully, your eyes will catch every word. The question is not when will this happen (can you give us a date or time?) but will you be ready when it does? The answer is NO. It will happen unexpectingly and sooner than we think. Wake up America, I think it's too late!!!
Wrote; June 18, 2007
yes, I have seen the same things in dreams over last few years, chicago boom dream was a few weeks ago..all detailed on website as soon as i have teh dreams....and yes, there is something at work that is related to govt reading this report of Gabrielle's dream scares me as it is same stuff I have seen, and I live here in Chicago. I know that these events are shown to us for prevention.....but how?
RE: The Chicago nuke at the Sears Tower prophecy, since March 2004, ownership has passed to Larry Silverstein's investment group:

As he has admitted on PBS that he
"pulled" (controlled demolition)WTC building 7 on the afternoon of 9-11 2001, (
he would immediately be the prime suspect of anything happening to the Sears Tower - nuclear or otherwise.
In the years leading up to 9/11, I had so many airplane crash dreams that I could no longer fly on an airplane. In one dream, I saw a plane come in low and fast, pass over my head, and crash into something. On 9/11, I saw the same landscape, roads, and highway overpass that are just outside the Pentagon.

On 9/9, I had a dream I was in an elevator with my wife and son when the cable broke. It dropped dozens of floors, but somehow we didn't die when it hit bottom. I pushed open the doors and looked out across a pile of smoking rubble, over which firemen were crawling. The building had collapsed around us. In the days after 9/11, I saw those some images repeated over and over.

I have also had nuclear explosion dreams, but not in a long time. I think it's much more likely that my cruise ship attack dream will come true. In the dream, it was in the Med. I was in a news helicopter flying over the scene as numerous small boats attacked a massive cruise ship.

Recently, my dreams have been of two sorts: fountains of lava shooting from the ground in places were there are no obvious volcanoes; a night sky full of battling "things". Some of them are fighter aircraft shooting missiles, some are not fighter aircraft and they are shooting beams of light, and there are literally thousands of them. In the lava dreams, the eruptions are preceded by reports of strange seismic events that cannot be explained. In those dreams, I always die. But the night battle dreams are somehow much more frightening.
I have ESP too. It tells me that anybody who believes this would believe pigs fly...what a crock of..!!
I believe this. I, too, have had precongnitive dreams and visions for many years...I am 50.

Some have come true, like when my sister was going through a heartbreaking divorce...I saw that she had a baby and walked up to the crib. I was able to tell her of my dream and she said, 'you know I can't have children, and that she had 'given it over to God." I said, "Well, I saw your child and I did not see whether it was a boy or a girl, but I saw the baby in the crib. Sure enough, 2 years later she had a baby boy. I also had a dream that my brother, who was living in England, I live in the states, I woke up gasping, it said that he had committed suicide. I started praying and tried to reach him, but he had moved and had no phone number. I called my sister in England, no way to reach my brother...I called another sister in America and told her of my dream. We then heard the very next day, that my brother was coming home sister in the states said, we will both go to the airport to meet him, if he's as bad as you say he is, he's coming with me, as she had a house with a guest bedroom...she said, if he isn't bad, he can go with you. Well, back then, you could see people come off international flights before they go through immigration, and we both looked at each other, and she said, he is coming home with me. A week later from the Sunday that I had the dream, he came to see me, and I started to cry relating to him my dream and I asked him what was he doing a week ago that day at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon England time...he said, he came this close to commiting suicide. I used my dream and my experience to let him know that humans are connected and people who love each other get info on each other, and that he must know that he is loved and not alone and to never ever let himself feel so low again to know that he is loved and to reach out for help...well, he was so shocked to know that I knew what was going on....his life has healed and he has gone on to have a very good life. I also have dreamt of positive job outcomes after interviews, dreamt about boyfriends cheating and with whom and been right when confronted them. I also have had some VERY unsettling dreams, personal dreams about people I know and I know how hard it is to WARN them...without scaring the crap out of them....I don't think that all my precognitive dreams come true...I think the future is not cast in is malleable, or rather, the probabilities can change, prayer can impact one particular dream, which is too horrible to share, I just pray about it when I think about it....another time, I had a dream my sister had a heart attack at work and died immediately...well, she's overweight, overworked, that took me 6 months of gentle prodding before I finally could get her to talk to me about her health...she then admitted that she thought she had had a heart attack a few months earlier, and had gone to the doctor for, anyway, there are many many more; I rarely have social, political, world ramifications dreams...but I did have one, one year ago at Thanksgiving, that would be in 2009. I dreamt that our trading partners drop the dollar as the reserve currency, and something about China .... which I can't put into words...and that gold descends like a dress over a paper doll....which I also took this to mean gold descends over dollars...well, was like a newspaper being delivered in my mailbox, it was front page news....I believe in prophecy, precognitive dreams and visions; I've experienced it. I look to my dreams for guidance....for friends and family and for myself.
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