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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What do YOU think?

A correspondent directed my attention to the following letter to Bev Harris, published on the Jeff Fisher page. I do not know who wrote it; it is signed "r.g.". I will presume that this missive is an "open letter," and thus available for partial republication here.

My correspondent considers this text hokey. I'm not at all sure what to think. Do not presume that I endorse the conclusions here; for legal reasons, I've disguised certain names. For the unexpurgated version, follow the link.

As Mike Myers (imitating his mother-in-law) used to say, discuss among yourselves...

Jeff has specific evidence of a widespread vote fraud perpetrated through a Juvenile Detention / Rehab facility called **** Schools In South Miami, with connections to Mel S*** and possibly Joe K***....

These connections lead directly to Jeb Bush and of course the White House. By using Juvenile Detention & Drug Rehab facilities and under the guise of criminal computer retraining, we believe S*** has financed a well tested vote fraud scheme to assure his cronies Jeb & George Bush, among others, guaranteed elections.

Specific evidence includes copies of internal memo's and emails as well as testimony of the MIS Director of one Florida facility where much of the hacking was perpetrated. The work was replicated and limited to one location to avoid easy detection.

The MIS Director is currently in hiding. Jeff can reach him.

By internally tampering with Diebold Optical Scanners as well as Diebold Electronic E voting machines, the hacking, (done from remote locations under the control of Mel S***'s facilities (see below), votes were altered, switched, deleted or detroyed in numerous Florida, Ohio and New Mexico counties and then switched from John Kerry to George Bush.

It is very likely that other races have been effected as well such as Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina , etc. WHERE POLL DIVERGENCES WERE NOTED IN RECENT POST ELECTION STUDIES.

Mel S***'s Drug Rehab and Juvenile Detention Center's are under investigation and are and have been sued for a huge laundry list of extremely abusive behaviors...

The vote fraud system was first tested in 1999. Used in the Florida Presidential Election in 2000. Tested again successfully in Jeb Bush's race against Janet Reno and then Bill Mc Bride and finally in the 2004 Presidential Election. Also Georgia.

The second part of this scheme seems to be that they also cover their tracks by using the names of Felons and others purged falsely onto the Felon voter roles. This I believe allows them to seem to use legitimate numbers by first inflating the roles and them flipping or using them in some places with out drawing to much attention. This also may be why we saw so many overvotes in places where there weren't enough felon votes. This last sentence is my speculation.

The scheme used computers at their facilities, an MIS director who trained juvenile delinquents under custody as well as others to hack into Diebold systems around the country and place software kernels that would raise votes for one candidate while deleting the others.

This would explain both the erratic polls discrepancies reported in especially swing states but also here in North Carolina.

These software fixes are supposed to leave no audit trail. This also would explain the seemingly random glitches of people voting Kerry and getting Bush on review or the strange over vote errors. I believe by the seizing of evidence under your FOIA we will be able with the help of experts to discover the audit trail and other evidence of tampering...

Mel S*** made his money, hundreds of millions, building Shopping malls. This was not enough as he wants much more power and influence and has been willing to donate millions to the Republican Party over almost 20 years to buy his access and influence.

And now due to his complete disregard for basic civil and human rights (his abusive facilities are legendary) he is willing to exploit drug addicted juveniles and others under his companies custody to do his dirty work under threat and penalty of death or semi permanent incarceration. After all who would believe a junkie right?...

Information being gathered through the investigation launched by 16th Congressional Candidate Jeff Fisher of Florida currently has the attention of the FBI, DNC under Cam Kerry, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Al Sharpton, 60 minutes, The Nation & others.

Please contact us as soon as possible...

I think it's, if true, going to cut a Bush-sized hole in the Republican Party.

At least, i hope that's what would happen if it were true. I have my doubts, though.

As far as whether it is true or not: i have no idea. It's pretty insane, but then again: a lot of stuff going on right now is insane...
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