Friday, August 21, 2020

Biden's big moment -- and the Apocalypse of our time

Joe Biden's acceptance speech was magnificent -- perhaps the best speech I've seen anyone give during the past quarter century. What a fundamentally decent man.

Too bad he's going to lose. Too bad he's going to be on the receiving end of the most brutal, unfair, and despicable smear in the history of American politics.

But I keep seeing signals that the Big Smear is coming.

The tweet embedded above is one such signal. The anti-Biden protestors have been instructed to push the "Biden as sex maniac" message. They aren't talking about policy: They're talking about sex.

Trump's embrace of QAnon is another important signal. Q is preparing the way for the Big Smear.

The arrest of Steve Bannon is perhaps the most important signal that the Big Smear is coming. Bannon was Jeffrey Epstein's friend. Bannon must understand that, if he wants to stay out of prison, his only hope is a Trump pardon. A pardon will occur only if Bannon offers testimony which will somehow aid the Big Smear. "I heard Jeffrey talk about sending this girl over to see Biden..." He'll probably say something along those lines.

As Joe was readying himself for that superb speech, Q followers were preparing the way for Trump's great punchback. In the fascist underground, these nuggets of Nazism are called "Q drops."

Here's another foretaste of what is to come.
JEFFREY Epstein used Bill Clinton’s name to intimidate a victim by warning them of their good friendship before the attack, it’s claimed.

The woman - known only as Jane Doe 15 – claimed last year she was raped by paedo Epstein and said she sat in the ex-president’s personal seat on the shamed tycoon's 'Lolita Express' private jet.
Actually, the story does not indicate "intimidation" at all. Whoever wrote this thing understands that the average person doesn't read very far beyond the headlines. The Trumpist press is doing everything it can to put the names "Clinton" and "Epstein" together as often as possible.

Here's more from the NY Post:
The lawsuit claims the name-dropping was part of how “Epstein conveyed to Jane Doe 15 how powerful he was and how helpful he could be in assisting Jane Doe 15 with her future goals, such as paying for college.”

“Using this overwhelming power he had over Jane Doe 15, Epstein subjected her to a vicious, prolonged sexual assault,” she said.
Is Jane Doe 15 believable? Not if she is crying rape: Epstein wasn't physically capable. The Patterson book makes one thing clear: Epstein had difficulty attaining full erection. He usually masturbated while a girl massaged him. If you look at the documentation stemming from the original Florida investigation, that fact becomes very clear.

Was his behavior disgusting? Unquestionably. But the real stories do not speak of rape, defined as forced sex on an unwilling party. The girls who were in a position to know describe Epstein as incapable of violent assault.

Even statutory rape was rare. After the cops interviewed more than 70 girls, there were only four counts of statutory rape.

Here's the Probable Cause document. The Jeffrey Epstein described in that document is a horrible human being -- no doubt about it -- but he is not the fake "Jeffrey Epstein" that has been created by QAnon, by the right-wing press, by Reddit, and by the feminists. (Also see this shitty story.)

(Side note: While researching this post, I came across the stupidest article in the history of Identity politics -- "The Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich documentary erases Black women's involvement in the takedown story." Epstein was interested only in white girls. No black women provided information to the Florida investigation. If memory serves, none of the cops were black women.)

Krystal Ball -- Russia's favorite American "progressive" -- has been doing her part. The least erotic photo in history is being presented as if it were proof that Bill Clinton committed rape.

Oh, for crying out loud. For years now, it has been no secret that Chauntae Davies (who was 23) was on Epstein's jet when Epstein flew Clinton to Africa. She really was, and presumably still is, a professional masseuse.

As noted in a previous post, Davies is now telling an absurd tale about being Epstein's "sex slave" -- an allegation which directly conflicts with her previous claim that she never had sex with Epstein. (Her original story is more credible: She was too old to appeal to an ephebophile fetishist with E.D. issues.)

That's the truth about Epstein. But it's not what the American public wants to believe.

Expect to see much more of this madness.
Q drops on Jeffrey Epstein Island. They were doing way more than just sex trafficking kids — cannibalism, Satanic rituals, child rape, torture & sacrifice to name a few. These people are sick!
Also see here. Stephen Colbert, Barack Obama and a host of other lumaniries are being dragged into this sex-and-Satanism conspiracy theory.

You may be tempted to dismiss these absurd charges as fringe material, but millions of your fellow citizens actually believe this nonsense. Hundreds of millions will take these charges seriously after the Big Smear hits.

Jill Biden is a member of the board of Save the Children, which is a genuine humanitarian organization. QAssholes have commandeered the #Savethechildren hashtag, turning it into something it was never intended to be. I suggest that you keep tabs on that hashtag: It is now being used to promote anti-Democratic hate propaganda.

Apparently, fake photos have been circulating. Don't be surprised if fake videos follow.
The photos are hard to look at.

In one, former Vice President Joe Biden appears to bite a little girl’s cheek. In another, former President Barack Obama sits in a boat alongside actor George Clooney and a small child. The image is juxtaposed with a photo of a human trafficking victim.

Other photos published on social media include long lists of celebrities and public figures — including the Clintons, Oprah and Justin Bieber — with allegations of sexual misconduct.

"Are you awake yet?" reads one Instagram post with more than 100,000 likes.
The posts are also tied to a rash of other recent conspiracy theories that seek to tie prominent Democrats and celebrities to child sex trafficking.

Since the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell — a longtime associate of Jeffrey Epstein who’s accused of helping the financier procure underage girls — in early July, a series of online rumors have linked high-profile celebrities and politicians to Epstein or Maxwell. A recent post falsely claimed that Biden owns a private island near Epstein’s.

After a massive explosion in Beirut killed more than 200 people Aug. 4, posts in Facebook groups dedicated to QAnon and Pizzagate were quick to blame it on Hillary Clinton’s child sex trafficking ring.

Conspiracy theorists have recently posted photos of Ellen DeGeneres and stills from the movie “Lilo & Stitch” in an effort to support allegations of child sex trafficking in Hollywood.
Yes, Ellen DeGeneres. A photo of her niece is being used to "prove" that Ellen rapes children.

Yes, the Q folk really do think that the charming animated film Lilo & Stitch offers proof of pedophilia in Hollywood.

And yes, they really are going after Tom Hanks:
My brother sent me a surprising text this week. “Do you think Tom Hanks is a pedophile?” he asked.

“No …” I responded. “Is that a rumor?!” I was at a loss for why anyone would have such a slanderous take on a beloved actor and America’s happy ol’ dad.

“Big rumor,” he texted back ominously.
Here's more. And more.

The last of those links goes to a story which claims that we're dealing with rumors spread by "the dumbest people you went to high school with." No. This isn't rumor: It's a deliberate campaign of hate -- just like the hate campaigns which the fascists directed against the Jews.

Did you ever see this film? It exemplifies the kind of propaganda pushed by QAnon's predecessors in occupied France. That propaganda led directly to the slaughter of many innocent freemasons. Some modern Q believers have rediscovered this film; they are using it to "prove" that Jews started World War II. Look at this comment:
This film was very much "over the target" with its message. This film is very important for ANY person trying to understand what is happening today.
A Storm really is coming. It will be a storm of lies, but it will have the impact of a hurricane -- and it could blow away democracy itself.

If you minimize the threat, you minimize your ability to combat it. Expect the worst. You do not have the luxury of optimism. OPTIMISM KILLS.

Final note: The title of this post refers to this extraordinary book, frequently cited in studies of anti-Semitism. I've held a fragile original copy of this rare book in my hands on only one occasion -- at UCLA, which has an excellent collection of such materials (probably because Eugen Weber taught there.) Since my French is very rusty, I'd love to read a translation.


Anonymous said...

Unless the DNC is run by totally clueless optimists, Joe, their own opposition research mavens MUST know that the Big Smear is on the way. Could this be why the mainstream media has, for many months now, been peppered with stories (and lately impressive samples, too) about the danger of "deep fakes"? When the "Pedophile Joe" juggernaut begins, complete with photos and videos to back up the well-compensated, theatrically sobbing females, what else can the Dems do but cry "FAKE!!!"?

And by the way, have you actually, seriously examined Podesta's stream of utterly bizarre, pizza-obsessed e-mails? Don't you s'pose they were fakes too? I sure wonder why he and his alleged "pepperoni pedo-pals" never denied writing them.
Nor did the Hillary forces ever address Bill Binney's "download-speedgate" claim that the "Russian hacking" couldn't possibly have been done over the web.

There are plenty of tech-savvy Democrats out there, and they'd better be circling their cyber-wagons now, before the massive attack you're predicting comes to pass and Herr Trumpy & Company rolls over them to a bloody, goose-stepping victory.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem, I can't bring myself to feel much this election cycle. Should I be ashamed of myself bc I am. Of course I am going to vote,but I don't think I can do anything else.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:35

Few people accused of bizarre things, or presented with fake evidence of such bother to deny. For two simple reasons. They would soon find themselves under an avalanche of further fake accusations. Also, the accusers would trumpet the denials as being evidence that they were getting to the target.

"Bill Binney's download-speedgate" hahaha. Really whoya kidding?

That was known to wrong by anybody who understood anything about download speeds-- At The Time.

Moreover, it was disproven in a detailed way back in 2018. See:

As 'DNC Hacked Itself' Conspiracy Theory Collapses, Key Backer Of Claim Exposed As UK Troll

Joseph Cannon said...

Binney, whom I used to admire, has been debunked. Since 1992, I've been perplexed by the Clintons' refusal to defend themselves from ludicrous attacks; the family motto seems to be "Thank you sir; may I please have another?"

Podesta has refused to defend himself even when the Q types began to circulate an obviously-faked audio recording of Podesta beating a child -- for which, in typical Q fashion, we have no clear provenance. Whoever concocted that audio may have abused a child in real life, or may have used a recording that figured in a real (unrelated) police investigation. If that is the case, then clearly the smear-merchants will stop at nothing.