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Bannon, Nader and Epstein. Plus: Why is a GOP operative representing Epstein's victims?

I wasn't expecting this...
Convicted child sex offender George Nader visited the White House at least 13 times to meet with President Trump’s then-chief strategist Steve Bannon, records indicate, raising questions about possible gaps in security and judgment.

Nader first visited Bannon in the White House in February 2017. His dozen subsequent visits stretched through August, when Bannon was fired after seven months on the job. It's unclear if Nader visited the White House after Bannon left.

The Lebanese American businessman, a past consultant for military contractor Blackwater, was known for his links to Saudi and Emirati leaders and secured a $100,000 speaking fee for Bannon shortly after Bannon's ouster.
This is of particular interest in light of the recent story which revealed that Bannon's relationship with Epstein lasted until 2018, which would be after Bannon's White House days (though Trump still consulted with him by phone).
A few weeks after that, he asked me to join him for dinner with the author Michael Wolff and Donald J. Trump’s former adviser, Steve Bannon. I declined. (I don’t know if these dinners actually happened. Mr. Bannon has said he didn’t attend...)
Believe that denial if you will. Recall that Bannon helped to run Cambridge Analytica, which had strong ties to both British and American intelligence.

Back to Nader: I direct your attention to this New Yorker piece co-written by Ronan Farrow...
Some viewed Nader as an influence peddler; others said that he had been intimately involved in high-stakes negotiations in the Middle East for decades. Martin Indyk, an adviser to Presidents Clinton and Obama on Middle Eastern affairs and now a distinguished fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, said, “We used to joke that George was in the pay of at least three intelligence services—the Syrian, the Israeli, and the Iranian.”
Incidentally, there are signs that the Big Smear may hit the world soon. See here and here. Trump does need to do something dramatic to take the world's attention off his disastrous G7 antics.

In the Daily Beast story referenced above, the photo depicts Gloria "I am INEVITABLE" Allred. But the real news is here...
Attorney Brad Edwards, who’s represented Epstein’s victims for more than a decade, will also watch Tuesday’s hearing with his law partner, Stan Pottinger.
J. Stanley Pottinger, known to some as Gloria Steinem's former lover, is one of the spookiest lawyers in the history of the profession. I've written about him before. For many years, Pottinger was one of seven people made aware of the true identity of Deep Throat, at a time when guessing Throat's identity was one of the political world's great pastimes. Bob Woodward (who has an intelligence background) has never explained how or why Pottinger came to know, or why Pottinger kept mum.

Not only that: Pottinger appears to have been a conduit for the famous October Surprise. My earlier piece quotes from Wikipedia's entry on that famous controversy...
Abolhassan Bani-Sadr, first elected President of Iran after the 1979 Iranian Revolution, claimed in a December 17, 1992 letter to the U.S. Congress, that he had first learned of the Republican "secret deal" in July 1980 after Reza Passendideh, a nephew of Khomeini, attended a meeting with Cyrus Hashemi and Republican lawyer Stanley Pottinger in Madrid on July 2, 1980. Though Passendideh was supposed to return with a proposal from the Carter administration, Bani-Sadr said Passendideh proffered instead a plan "from the Reagan camp." "Passendideh told me that if I do not accept this proposal, they [the Republicans] would make the same offer to my [radical Iranian] rivals. He further said that they [the Republicans] have enormous influence in the CIA. ... Lastly, he told me my refusal of their offer would result in my elimination."
To which I added:
The New York Times of June 3rd, 1984, revealed that Pottinger was under investigation for participation in an effort to smuggle forbidden arms to Iran. Cyrus Hashemi was the head of that operation, and Pottinger was his lawyer. That news blip was one of the first public references to what later became known as the Iran-contra scandal -- and Pottinger played a key role.
If you research the October Surprise scandal -- there's Pottinger. If you research the Iran-contra scandal -- there's Pottinger.

Incidentally, Nader was one of the few people in those days with ties to both the Khomeini regime and western operatives. He would have been a natural go-between, if Team Reagan needed to open a channel to Iran.

Further on in that piece, I cite evidence of Pottinger's role in the cover-up of the Letelier assassination. The cover-up was done at the behest of GHW Bush's CIA.

In short and in sum: Pottinger is spooky, and he's a life-long Republican operative who, the evidence strongly suggests, was involved in at least one dirty trick designed to help the GOP win the White House. So why is he representing Epstein's victims?

If Epstein was working for either Mossad or American intelligence -- and much evidence suggests that he was -- then why would a spooky lawyer like Pottinger represent the victims?

And if Pottinger is spooky, what does that make Brad Edwards? It should be recalled that Epstein and Edwards were at loggerheads for a long, long time. Here's an article from 2011 in which Epstein accuses Brad Edwards of various improprieties. When I first read it, years ago, I dismissed everything Epstein had to say. But now...well, I'm wondering.
Epstein filed his original lawsuit against Edwards in December 2009, alleging the attorney was involved in false claims made by Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein. Epstein alleged Rothstein, who is a co-defendant, lured investors to his scheme by telling them Epstein had agreed to settle sex abuse lawsuits for as much as $200 million.

Edwards worked at Rothstein’s law firm for several months before the scheme imploded. Rothstein is serving 50 years in federal prison for running a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme. Epstein alleged, in his first filing, that Edwards knew — or should have known — about the scheme.
Other claims made by Epstein in his latest filing: that Edwards tried to obtain records from an alleged sex therapist who had never treated Epstein and attempted to get records of Epstein’s prescriptions when no claims regarding his health were at issue.

According to the court filing, Edwards used illegal investigative tools, which included trespassing on Epstein’s property, using continual surveillance and attempting to bring about a probation violation. All of that caused Epstein to employ security guards and install an expensive security system to protect himself, according to the court papers.

Epstein had filed a complaint with the Florida Bar against Edwards, raising allegations that Edwards and others were involved in Rothstein’s wrongdoing. After investigating the claim, the Florida Bar dismissed the complaint. Last July, Edwards received a letter from the U.S. Attorney’s Office — the office responsible for prosecuting Rothstein — identifying Edwards as a potential victim of Rothstein.
I do not claim that Epstein's allegations were valid. I do not claim to know just what the hell is going on here. But I'm certain of this: There are strong indications that Spyworld has always been interested in Jeffrey Epstein. And even in his grave, he may be useful.
Perhaps Edwards is the source of that Daily Mail surveillance vid.
Many threads.

Epstein dead would seem to be worth far more to any nefarious enterprise whose aim would be importing false witnesses.

Thanks very much for calling attention to the presence of Stan Pottinger.

Seconding the thanks for noticing Pottinger. I notice that his son Matthew is on Trump's National Security Council, a Michael Flynn holdover engaged with China & North Korea issues. My goodness.

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