Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Does Donald Trump run whores? (Updates)

Is it really true that Donald Trump runs an escort service? Sure looks like it.

The image above comes from this site. The most recent comment (by Arthur S.) is clearly a gag; the earlier comments seem to be from actual satisfied customers.

Originally, the escort service was called both Trump Escorts and Trump International; now, the same company is known as Mystique Companions. Here is the web site. The service is still run out of 180 Riverside Drive, Upper West Side, New York. (For proof, see here and here.)

Why is the address important? Because that's the address of Trump Place. Look it up. It is not just a building bearing the Trump name. Until quite recently, it was directly managed by Trump's company.

The management changed last year -- at pretty much the same time Trump International (the escort service) became Mystique Communications. The residents were angered by the switch, which they considered inexplicable.

If you type in the old URL -- www.trumpescorts.com -- you will be automatically redirected to Mystique Companions.

From the ad copy:
“Our upmarket courtesan models’ fees are for their time. Please do not send lists of ‘services’ you expect to receive… We are not a red light establishment, we introduce you to beautiful dates. How your time together naturally unfolds, is between you and your captivating date.”
In other words, these girls are whores for rich creeps who want to persuade themselves that they are not using whores. A courtesan is a prostitute. One cannot pretend otherwise.

Trump International/Mystique Companions will provide you with an escort for $45,000 a month or $800 an hour.

Escort services generally prefer discretion; the people who run them certainly do not want to find themselves in court. I don't see how such a service could use the name of "Trump International" without being sued -- unless, of course, the service really was owned by Trump.

Ask yourself: How could a high-profile escort service not owned by Donald Trump get away with calling itself Trump International while operating out of a building directly under Trump's management?

The site insists that they keep no records. I question that claim. Remember how Roger Stone found out about Eliot Spitzer?

My question: Would a man worth $10 billion run whores? Hell, would a man worth $10 million run whores?

More proof. I used Wayback at Archive.org to make sure that www.trumpescorts.com was a real site. It was. The earliest Wayback archive of the front page is from 2013, and did not retain the graphics. All we have is this text from that year:
Elite International Escorts & Travel Companions

For the gentleman who seeks only the truly finest of companionship. Trump International offers experienced travel companions, model escorts, actresses, first class cabin crew, beauty queens and high class socialites. Strictly by appointment only. Exclusively for those refined gentlemen who know the diffference...

© 1991 Copyright Trump International - All Rights Reserved & Legal Action Taken.
If you Google the name "Elite International Escorts & Travel Companions," you'll discover a few interesting hits...

Here. And here.

A former escort for Trump Escorts, Michelle Dukes, says a few words about her working experience here.

Origins. The Trump fortune rests on a foundation of prostitution. His grandfather Frederick Trump got his start as a brothel owner.
Donald Trump was ridiculed for his claim that his real estate empire was kicked off with a “small loan of a million dollars” from his father, but what most people don’t know is where the Trump family came into that kind of money.

It was prostitution.
Trump International Escorts still has a presence in Seattle.

UPDATE II: As I said in the comments to a skeptical reader: 
Do you REALLY think that Trump's management company would allow an unrelated company called Trump Escorts to operate out of that building -- a residential building?

Come on. Let's say you live in an apartment. Let's say your manager and owner is Fred Smith. Let's say you run a high-profile business called Fred Smith Escorts out of the apartment next door. How long do you think that is going to continue...?
Obviously, the building's management knows everything about the people who live or operate within that building.

The parent company of Trump International (the escort service) calls itself MultiGroup. I've not been able to find out anything further about this MultiGroup.

The original Website ended with this signature...
We look forward to hearing from you, and arranging a very special and high-quality experience.
Claire, Andi, Meg - and of course Charlie xxx
Claire, Andi and Meg were the three women listed as running the company. The reference to "Charlie" is clearly a play on Charlie's Angels. Apparently, the show inspired the three women to give that nickname to their benefactor. I'm betting that "Charlie" = The Donald.

(I've lightly rewritten this piece to improve grammar and clarity.)
Donald Trump's Whore site SHOULD be made public but there is no evidence (and you did not present any) that Melania Trump was ever associated with Trump escorts. Even it she was a whore, as long a nothing illegal occurred, it should be up to the voters to decide if she is fit to be first lady.
I don't pretend to have evidence against Melania. In truth, I like her.

I simply asked how she met Trump.

To the best of my knowledge, the only story we've heard about how Trump met her has come from Donald and Melania themselves.

I think it is also fair to note that Trump's pal, Jeffrey Epstein, favors girls from Eastern Europe.
How do you know the Trump website isn't a scam? The review comments make it seem like a joke page someone put up. Similarly, if someone bought the URL Trumpescorts.com, they could set it up to redirect wherever they wanted. How do you know this is real?
Corby, the first review comment is clearly meant as a gag. It's recent. The other ones are older, posted before the name change. This indicates something real, in my opinion.
About 35 blocks south of where I live. But the address tells you nothing. It's a Trump development.

Harry, Trump Place is not just one of the buildings to which Trump lent his name. Trump's company managed the building directly until 2015 -- the same time Trump Escorts became Mystique.

Do you REALLY think that Trump's management company would allow an unrelated company called Trump Escorts to operate out of that building -- a residential building?

Come on. Let's say you live in an apartment. Let's say your manager and owner is Fred Smith. Let's say you run a high-profile business called Fred Smith Escorts out of the apartment next door. How long do you think that is going to continue...?
Thank you for checking further.
I don't think women who sell their time are whores. I'm not exactly sure what constitutes a whore, maybe a whore is a street walker who makes instant contact with a customer and performs a service, whereas these women were highly sought after and were probably paid thousands of dollars a night.

I would suggest this is a male failing to categorize all women who sell their time as whores.

Look at sports, the minor leagues are considered the players not quite good enough to be considered a professional, they are to some degree called disparaging names such as AAAA, scrub, has been, etc, but major leaguers are not called whores.

The best of the best from almost any profession are generally not whores in my opinion, it's the ones who know they will never be among the best of the best and literally launch themselves against anything that will stick that could be called whores.

As for this discovery, this sounds sensationally bad at first, but frankly, If these women were not ever physically abused and made lots of money, that is actually a somewhat empowering scenario. I'd be curious if these women were actually protected from the creepy men with money versus the lonely men with money who felt like they were in the presence of a rock star.

So for me, I care less about Trump Escorts and more about how good and fair of a boss Donald was to these women.
O.M.G. If this is totally verified--the Trump name got its start-up money and on-going profit from prostitution (ahem, escort services)--heads will explode all over the country. I think this election is already perceived as a joke around the world. This will absolutely seal the deal. Pretty sure it will erase the anecdote that Trump's wife coughed up today: the Clintons attended their wedding without bringing a wedding gift.

But this? This would be gift from the gods. Of the underworld, I guess.

Holy shit!

I smell a honey trap...make it look completely real so it is all over the media fooling idiots abound and then spring your incontrovertible truth that you have been set up. At which point, you can respond to ANYTHING saying you were being set up for that too...genius!!

ESPECIALLY if you could make it look like Hitlery did it...LOL

It's almost like I am giving him advice...I love it !!
This looks like a promising line of investigation. (1)

It's long been clear that this election will involve an almighty confrontation between big-swinging-dick "watcha-gonna-do-about-it-punk?" masculinity and a more caring and humane femininity. Trump strategists will I am sure have studied Schwarzenegger's effort.

Although elections work differently in Russia, I am sure they will have looked at brand Putin too. The oligarch Trump's (2) Russian connections should be investigated.

War with Russia looks on the cards in the short or medium term. Who knows? It could start even prior to the US election. A former NATO general is portraying it as inevitable. His book is entitled 2017 War with Russia.


1) Although if it's been faked up, then it's a sting, not a honey trap ;) The term "honey trap" BTW was coined by John le Carré.

2) Like Bloomberg, Trump is an oligarch. I believe the term "oligarch" in its modern usage was put out in the early 1990s by Chatham House, replacing the term "mafia boss" that was previously used (and suddenly dropped, never to be remembered) to describe the top echelon of businessmen in Russia. "Chatham House" is the common British term for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the British sister organisation of the Council on Foreign Relations.
It looks like MSNBC is tackling the Clinton/Epstein mess:

Interesting comments about this being a kind of set up, a la the the Dan Rather thing with Bush's military "service".

While that is possible, I think the way back machine cache makes it highly unlikely. Still something to watch out for. Seems like something Roger Stone might dream up, doesn't it?

John, there is no "Clinton/Epstein mess." If there were more facts available, I would have put them into my LAST post -- the one where I proved that the most commonly-printed claims about Clinton were simply not to be found in the sole cited source, the affidavit of Virginia Roberts.

Gus, it does indeed seem like something Stone would come up with. If it were not for the Wayback material, and the other older material, I would not have dealt with this story. But even Stone isn't clever enough to lay a trap that far in advance. Plus, the 2013 version of the page contains references that check out.
Before I'd get too far into this, I'd want to hear from a witness, like one of the escorts. It just smells too Rathery for my paranoid nose. Surely, if the Ass of the Western Hemisphere is involved, someone will surface.
Bob, I don't know if you can ever expect the escorts to talk. I've spoken privately to girls who worked on that level. They never mention clients.

I think the best thing would be to talk to Trump about it. His first instinct would be to deny that the word "whore" can be applied to these escorts. The moment he goes down that road -- "These are high-class women, absolutely first-rate, tremendous" blah blah blah -- we got him.
It's likely that Multigroup = Multigroups (www.multigroups.com). There's a DE registered company named Multigroup Finance USA, Inc., which when searched resolves to Multigroups. The Multi Group of Companies: Real Estate Owners, Developers & Investment Bankers.
The quote under the heading "Origins" does not seem to be present when following the link.
Great story bro!
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