Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cannon on "Gannon"

All right. I've tossed away the books about Watergate. Let us turn from Deep Throat to male prostitution.

Yes, I've followed the "Jeff Gannon" controversy, which every damn blog in the world is talking about right now. If you aren't up to speed, go to Buzzflash and start clicking away. Or read this fine Salon piece.

Summary: "Gannon" wrote propaganda for a small conservative website called Talon News, which turns out to be a front for good old GOPUSA. He was a regular at White House press conferences, consistently tossing softballs at Scott McClellan and the President, framing his questions in such as way as to put all Democrats in the most infernal light conceivable. He played a role in the Wilson/Plame affair, doing his best to discredit the Agency which, under Tenet, had balked at peddling neocon fantasies about Iraq. Gannon somehow got access to a classified CIA document.

On his web site, he bleated about his Christianity and repeatedly denounced gays. He also did his best to portray John Kerry as a homosexual -- a smear frequently heard in thug circles during the campaign. Former Democratic senator Tom Daschle was also a chief target. Gannon's stories amounted to barely re-written GOP press releases, even though he had (unfairly) castigated mainstream journalists for mimicking the Democratic party line.

Although the FBI is supposed to vet everyone who gets White House press credentials, "Gannon" seems to have slipped past them on a daily basis. His name, it turns out, isn't Jeff Gannon -- it appears to be James D. Guckert. And the "Gannon" web page is owned by the same person who owns a number of sites Republicans might consider unsavory -- sites such as, and

Could a gay prostitute have whored himself out to the Bushites?

Guckert recently claimed that he merely put those web sites together for others. Perhaps -- but why would he be listed as the owner? And why would his only known clients have gay links?

The question comes down to this: Is Jim Guckert a queer-hating born-again Christian? Or is he connected to male prostitution? Before you cast your vote, check out Guckert's website here.

Oddly enough, his home page carries a link to what appears to be Guckert's old frat. Those of you who like to trade scary stories about Skull and Bones may enjoy a trip to that frat's opening web page. Alas, Guckert's "Where I work" link no longer leads anywhere.

(If the link to Guckert's old site no longer operates, try this.)

What can I add to this amusing but troubling controversy?

First, I think we must address the question of gay Republicans.

Not that I think all gays need to be Democrats. (I think they should be -- in the sense that everyone should be -- but they don't need to be.) But the time has come to confront a phenomenon which most liberals know about but few care to discuss (although Joe Conason makes glancing reference to it in Big Lies): A number of the most frenzied far-right propagandists -- particularly those who cater to Fundamentalists -- are themselves secretly gay. Some have come out -- but they stayed closeted for a long time, laboring on behalf of reactionary causes and working with religious zealots who spread fear stories about "the homosexual agenda."

Call it "Ernst Roehm syndrome." Or, to be a bit more charitable, "Roy Cohn syndrome."

Mel White -- former ghostwriter for Pat Robertson -- comes to mind. So does David Brock. So does Matt Drudge (who can always be counted on to promote the latest nonsense about recovered Biblical artifacts). I might mention Mark Foley here, although he still becomes angry when the issue of his sexuality is raised.

I probably should not mention Mel Gibson. But his recent BDSM epic, The Passion, left me convinced that he should pick up some rough trade on the streets of Hollywood instead of presenting his sexual fantasies in religious masquerade.

From a New York gay publication:

Christopher Barron, political director of the Log Cabin Republicans, recently told the New York Times, "The perception outside the Beltway would be that if there are gay staff members, they must work on Barney Frank's or Teddy Kennedy's staff. The reality is there are gay men and women working in tons of Republican offices, in the White House and in the president's re-election campaign."
Rumors of a one-time "man-date" have even swirled around President Bush himself.

It is fair, I think, to ask closeted gay Republicans how they can reconcile their political orientation with the stridently anti-homosexual rhetoric of their party. Conservatives did everything in their power to convince the public that John Kerry supports gay marriage (he doesn't), and they made vile, schoolyard attempts to smear Kerry and John Edwards as lovers. Remember the fake "metrosexual" remark Fox News attributed to Kerry?

Everyone knows that Bush depends upon the support of Fundamentalists who fear and loathe homosexuality. His party has close ties to the Christian Reconstructionist movement, which makes no secret of its plans to subject homosexuals to the death penalty.

What bizarre psychological factors can explain a Jim Guckert -- a Republican flack who brays about his Fundamentalism and fills web pages with anti-gay spew, even though he appears to be a same-sexer himself?

I cannot help wondering if the G.O.P. "has something" on him. Perhaps he was forced to play the "Gannon" role. In the pic on his site, he wears a dog-tag, indicating a military background. A possible clue? Providing male prostitutes to Army lads is not the safest of endeavors. Don't ask, don't tell, and for god's sake -- don't sell.

A side note: The sad Gannon/Guckert affair reminds me of a much less important enigma that I once mentioned in these pages.

Years ago, buffs following the controversy over Princess Diana's death were puzzled by the internet boastings of a man calling himself "Jordan Sage." Sage claimed to lead a top agency providing bodyguards and private investigators. In a series of elaborate web pages, he announced that his company had solved the murder of Princess Di.

The problem: No-one could uncover any hard evidence that the company, Jordan Sage and Associates, has ever existed. Google the name and you will still find reference to the pseudo-firm on the net -- whoever "Sage" is, he seems to enjoy keeping up the game. But even though the alleged company claims to do a half-billion dollars worth of business each year, no-one has discovered a real-world address or telephone number.

Investigation revealed only that "Jordan Sage and Associates" was referenced on usenet posts linked to a couple of shadowy import-export concerns. More tellingly: One of the "Sage" websites was owned by a businessman involved with pornography.

Now, I have nothing against porn. But I could never comprehend why a porn-monger would engineer a massive hoax aimed at Princess Di fans.

And I was dumbstruck to learn recently that a gay porn star has taken on the pseudonym Jordan Sage. If memory serves, this "Sage" even looks a bit like Jim Guckert, down to the military haircut and dogtag.

I say "if memory serves" because I have yet to do a side-by-side photo comparison. Frankly, that's a task I'm hoping someone else will take on.


Anonymous said...

"I cannot help wondering if the G.O.P. "has something" on him."
...or whether he has something on the G.O.P., like maybe a list of "johns?" Mmmm. Maybe we should confer with Heidi Fleiss on this one. I mean, here's a guy with a fake name and a $50 dollar "diploma" gaining access to the post-9/11 white house on a regular basis. Lobbing softball questions at dubya was a bonus.

If he's a prostitute, who is his pimp?

Anonymous said...

"Guckert recently claimed that he merely put those web sites together for others. Perhaps -- but why would he be listed as the owner? And why would his only known clients have gay links?" -- This is conceivable, he said he did them for a company before becoming a "journalist", and of course being reborn by the blood of Jesus Christ*. Both of which happened when he got that $50 diploma after a two-day course at a republican "journalist" school. But heres the real question - if he did do them as part of a webcompany before becoming a "journalist" why did he still own them TWO YEARS after becoming a "journalist"? and why were they registered to the same name and address as his, the various websites,, etc? When those two questions are asked, it becomes obvious that his explanation is bogus.
* the bio about him on the websites he regularly posted on alternately claimed he was a two-holiday (Christmas and Easter) Christian and not too concerned about religion and on others he played the Fundie card repeatedly and heavily and even attended bible renewal (or something like that) events in D.C., so who really knows.

Anonymous said...

actually, it is possible he did them for someone else. I own a web hosting company and our resellers, usually web designers, often put themselves as the owners of the sites and domains they register on behalf of clients. They shouldn't, and we ask them not too, but that's what they usually do.

Anonymous said...

Re gay republicans, how about starting at the top of the RNC with Ken Mehlman, whose sexual orientation is not clear. When asked if he is straight he refuses to answer, as I've heard it told.

What a bunch of hypocrits.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, per the mention of the Bush tendency toward "man-dating":

This is getting deep into the very unsavory. But there do indeed seem to be, in the Bush line, faint traces--hints, no more--of a persistent male sexual bonding, ranging from casual playing around through risk-taking and not excluding full-fledged intercourse. (They're not the only ones--viz. the strange obsessions of Gov. "Girlie Man" Schwarzenegger, who, meseems, doth protest too much.)

Sex offense rumors attach to Neil Bush. To Jeb Bush's son. W. is accused of having raped one woman, paid for an abortion for another. The family seems steeped in sexual misdemeanor and felony. The collateral damage spreads far and wide. Jeb Bush's wife's sister, oddly enough, is married to the brother of Mary Kay Letourneau, who bore two children to a minor.

Just touching on this is dangerous territory. Indications are it has brought immediate FBI interest and government attempts to squelch even a hint of such talk. (Can you imagine Clinton worrying in the least whether he was rumored to be into guys?) The Justice Department is authorized to use all means necessary, it's said, to bottle up a rather well-established story about W. and Victor Ashe (see below). So there's a sore spot there; we just don't quite know what form it takes.

The talk of Skull & Bones rites (participated in by Bush I, Bush II, grandpa Senator Prescott Bush, perhaps other Bushes, and a great many of their cronies) is well known: the sexual confessions, nakedness in the coffin, talk of "coffin buddies" who climb in together--one such story has Bush engaging in a sex act in the coffin with a male partner. What may be more germane is the male-only club that emerges from S&B to harrass and abuse the world in ways that (hey, I'm no psych major, but it seems obvious) sometimes seem fraught with sexual displacement and rape fantasy.

Former President GHW Bush (George I) is dogged by talk of that party he attended where boys were being fairly openly procured for prominent Republicans. His manner, his fascination with "ass" and "kicking ass" could be argued several ways. There's a report that boy prostitutes were being brought into the White House after hours on his watch. Then there are the stories--endless stories it would seem--of backroom shenanigans at Bush-attended Bohemian Grove meetings, where power sex is indulged.

That's the likelier interpretation. This is not "homosexual" affinity in the "gay" sense. This is the power fucking of the dominant male asserting the ultimate degradation and control over the lesser. For some reason, for people afflicted with this taste (makes me think of heroes of the Ancient World such as Alcibiades), reaming women just doesn't cut it. The thrill of sheer assertion of power over a rival male by scoring a hole-in-one is the only way to get it done. It comes out in military and prison populations and other isolated groups...and it seems a persistent theme among a small coterie of Republican men.

It's said the circumspect, tightly reined-in George II got that way by having to bear the responsibility to pull his father out of scrapes, sexual and otherwise, during which his less savory tastes came to light and he lost track of time, reputation, etc. No specifics seem to be forthcoming, but Bohemian Grove has been mentioned in that connection.

On the other hand there's that curious story (I'm working without notes but I think I have this right) of Anthony Berusca, a male Yale classmate (Bonesmate?) of George II--Dubya--who claims to have had a sexual relationship with him, and offered the curiously incongruous, and thus maybe believable, observation that young George was, at the time, a "gentle, caring lover," which rings true only because you wouldn't think it could be made up. 29 Yale classmates are quoted as saying he was sexually experimental during college, even gay, deeply conflicted and somewhat self-hating...according to a post by one Adam Gelber, otherwise unidentified.

Then we pass on to Bush's Bonesmate and roommate, Victor Ashe, former mayor of Knoxville, whose frequent appearance in the Bush entourage, trips to the ranch, etc, are thought to lend some credence to the strong rumor of a long-term affair between the two. In comparison with this, Laura would seem to be a cipher...if you believe the talk. Ashe is said to have been arrested twice while picking up male transvestite prostitutes in public restrooms, and is widely regarded as gay.

I don't know what to make of charges by certain right-wing Christian commentators (example: Chuck Baldwin in the Covenant News) who assert that Bush II is filling his administration with gays and pursuing a "homosexual agenda." I don't see it. But I do see strong evidence of W's self-hatred, and the kind of vicious acting-out of gender repression that we have seen in people like Roy Cohn and J. Edgar Hoover.

What does all this amount to? It seldom rises above innuendo, but there's so MUCH of it. It borders on the scurrilous, or can be portrayed that way by those anxious to pretend there's nothing there. And, indeed, real evidence is scant to nonexistent...just anecdotes purporting to be from insiders, rumors that may have originated with a security guard, etc.

But it cries out for responsible investigation by someone. Sexual tastes are nobody's business (or are they?--Kenneth Starr thought they were), unless people get harmed. Use of boy prostitutes...means underage, a crime on several counts. A president vulnerable to blackmail...that would be another problem. And it could shed light on the aura of unexplained vengefulness that hangs over Bush II's every act. A lot of taxpayer money--our money--and time is being wasted on Justice and FBI blackout of any stories remotely touching the subject. (Gee, Bill Clinton never got such white-glove treatment.) And so on and on.

It's nasty. In fact, yuck, I feel like I need to go wash after all this muckraking. But it could be very revealing. I think it needs some light shed on it, if only to help us see where this horrific president of ours, and his father, and his brothers--this Bush dynasty that has tied America in knots--is coming from.

Do you agree?

Anonymous said...

It's WONDERFUL to have you back!!!

Anonymous said...

from AMERICAblog - the three gay websites were updated in November 2004. Lets see an explanation for that.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter that George W. Bush is an obvious homosexual. What does matter is that he a perverted mass murderer who shows no sign of stopping his homicidal spree. He has now alienated the military and the CIA. Isn't it time for someone to read about Caligula and his demise?

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Anonymous said...

I am a hardcore activeduty fan where 'jordan sage' the porn star worked for. guckert is NOT the porn star Jordan Sage :) Not sure if you ever saw pics of Guckert with partially naked, but 'jordan sage' has tats on shoulder and calf. hope this helps, even though this is 5 years later.

hatejordansage said...

the G.O.P. has nothing on him, but the feds do. Jordan sage is a fraud. He had is legally changed in the state of washington in 1991. his real name is Rodd Jordan Burton, a convicted felon from Grafton, WI, wanted by officials in that area for non-payment of child support....pretty much never, ever paid it. he worked a little here and there. but usually he just uses people until he is no longer welcome. type in rodd j. burton and jordan sage in google. you will find the cross references.
he ain't never done nothing. jordan sage and associates is one of his many fraudulent companies he incorporates to snare someone gullible enough to give him some money.