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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Cohen responds

Let's follow up on the preceding post, which discusses the report that Michael Cohen's cellphone "pinged" from the vicinity of Prague. Cohen offered a tweet which was a little too cute:
I hear #Prague #CzechRepublic is beautiful in the summertime. I wouldn’t know as I have never been. #Mueller knows everything!
The wording led some people to think that Cohen was near Prague but not in it -- just as one might visit Santa Monica and then claim (with technical accuracy) "No, I wasn't in Los Angeles last weekend."

From Scott Dworkin:
.@MichaelCohen212-Cut the shit, Michael. You think it’s cute to say you’ve never been to Prague when it could be a suburb of Prague or on the outskirts. Answer this question, smart guy: Have you ever been in the Czech Republic ever? For any reason? At any time? Ever?
To which Cohen responded "NO." Capital en, capital oh. Of course, Cohen had at one point said he was in the area 14 years ago, but I don't consider this discrepancy important.

From Jennifer Taub:
Quick follow up if I may. Have you ever been to any location within the Czech Republic? Asking for several hundred million friends.
Answer: Another NO.

Normally, the Trumper responses are not worth quoting. But I'll mention this one:
Here’s Deep State desperation trying to revive Cohen/ Prague lie. Note they don’t mention IMEI numbers. Every device has a unique number. They don’t know the NSA search was the wrong Cohen, which implicates Steele & FusionGPS.
We're not talking about the NSA, and that "wrong Cohen" story plays no role here. McClatchy's four sources cited an eastern European service, which must be either Czech or Ukrainian. The Trumpers are stretching the "Deep State" concept to include intelligence services throughout the world. In other words, the "Deep State" conspiracy theory is now indistinguishable from the old "Elders of Zion" conspiracy theory.

I don't know who McClatchy's sources are, but I'm convinced that they exist. That doesn't mean that they are telling the truth.

Of course, Cohen is not under oath when he tweets.

At this point, I'm not sure how this mystery will play out.

Have to give Bill Palmer credit here. This post is a gem;


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