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Sunday, February 18, 2018

"Armed drones at every school" -- and more

Rightwing nutjob Wayne Allyn Root, still high from a "magical" night at Mar-A-Lago with the Very Stable Genius, has a solution for the problem of school shootings: Armed drones at every school.

Response 1: Imagine the right's response if Barack Obama or any other Democrat had made the exact same proposal. I know we say those words a lot, but seriously: Imagine.

Response 2: We know that the NRA and the gun manufacturers no longer focus on protecting the rights of hunters. Nowadays, the target (so to speak) of their propaganda is the conspiracy nut community. The pitch: "We need guns to protect us from the gummint!"

Very well. But hasn't Wayne Allyn Root just revealed that the gummint possesses the technology to overpower anyone wielding an AR-15? Even if we legalized private ownership of machine guns, can't drones easily take out any Second Amendment stalwart who seek to defy the hated gummint?

Response 3 (an offshoot of Response1): Does Root really want an armed drone infrastructure hovering over every American city, town and village? Does Root want Democratic governors and Democratic presidents to have that infrastructure at their command? Does Root believe that the Democratic party will never exercise any power in this country ever again?

Speaking of which...

The generic ballot. The news is horrible. On the Democratic sites, people keep kidding themselves. Stop it. Those wool sunglasses do nothing to improve your vision; they just make you look stupid. Face facts: The news is horrible.

Trump appeared to be referring to a poll released last week by McLaughlin & Associates that shows Democrats with a 3 percentage point lead on Republicans on a 2018 generic ballot for Congress.

The firm’s January poll showed a similar result, with 45 percent of those surveyed favoring Democrats and 42 percent choosing Republicans.

Most polling shows Republicans trailing Democrats in a generic congressional vote. A Real Clear Politics average shows Democrats ahead by nearly 7 points.

Republicans retook the lead on the generic ballot last week in a Politico-Morning Consult poll, which showed 39 percent of likely voters would support a GOP candidate compared to 38 percent who would support a Democrat. Another 23 percent in that poll were undecided.
The situation was quite different last December, which was not long ago. Even then, I was privately saying that the Republicans are going to gain seats in the 2018 election, and now I'm making that prediction in public.

Why is this happening? Here's why:


Conspiracy theory dominates the radio, Fox News, Facebook, Twitter, and much of the internet. Conspiracy theory erases the reality that is and replaces it with a reality preferred by fascists and financiers.

The addiction model is the best way to understand the psychological stranglehold that conspiracy theory has on the public. If Americans were not already addicted to conspiracy theories, Russian efforts in 2016 would have found no purchase.

Big Money pushes only those conspiracy theories which demonize Democrats. The popularity of conspiracy theory is the reason why Donald Trump is president. The popularity of conspiracy theory is the reason why the Republicans will win in 2018.

Conspiracy culture is monolithic and magnificently resistant to independent thought. It's controlled by a small group of people -- a "Con-intern," in you will -- which demands total obedience to the party line. The adherents of that party line think that they are the hippest of the hip, when in fact they are the ones who truly deserve to be called sheeple.

America's conspiracy buff subculture is, in and of itself, a conspiracy. I've said it many times in the past and I'll say it many times in the future: Some conspiracies are real. The right-wing conspiracy peddlers ARE the conspiracy.  
Joseph, you ask, "Does Root believe that the Democratic party will never exercise any power in this country ever again?" Of the GOP and the right wing in general, the same rhetorical question might well be asked. The answer would be, Yes, they believe that the Democrats will not hold power in any meaningful way.

Since the W. Bush days, the GOP has acted with total confidence in its power and electability. Karl Rove spoke openly about building a "permanent Rrepublican majority." When a Democrat won the presidential, they tried to nullify his ability to do anything.

Fifteen years ago, I noticed this excess of confidence and thought it was part of their schtick. But over the years, I've come think that they know that the Democrats are at a true and deep disadvantage that will be very hard to overcome.

So, it would be fair to conclude that they've got plenty of tricks, fixed polls, rigged voting machines, lots of fake news and other propaganda and psychological operations.
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