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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The problem with today's protest

For a number of reasons, I did not join any anti-Trump protests today. Here are the reasons I can discuss in public:

1. The ONLY official source of information was a Facebook page. Some of us don't do Facebook. Some of us have spent years telling progressives that Facebook is the enemy. Some of us were proven correct when the world learned how Russian bots and trolls and newsfakers managed to "game" Facebook. Some of us would like to remind you that you can't get on Facebook unless you hand over your cell phone number, which means that every protestor can be tracked and identified.

A real web page remains mandatory.

2. Another women's march? How about a pro-impeachment protest?

I'm sorry, but I do not want the anti-Trump movement to be tied to the MeToo movement, which I do not support. That is to say: I support exposure of legitimate wrongdoing, as in the Weinstein case. I certainly believe the appalling reports we've heard from credible people like Salma Hayek and Eliza Dushku. But in the political realm, the Franken case should have opened our eyes to the fact that "Believe Women" has become a Republican weapon of psychological warfare.

People are starting to wake up. Last night, Bill Maher made a crack indicating his awareness that MeToo has been weaponized against Democrats and only Democrats. The audience -- both men and women -- whooped and applauded.

Admit it. You know it's going to happen. In 2020, any male running on the D ticket is going to be endlessly accused of sexual harassment. It does not matter who the candidate is, as long as he has a penis. If Eliza Dushku's husband were to run against Trump, twelve or fifteen women would suddenly spring up with accusations against him.

If a woman heads the ticket, a male VP candidate will become the target. (And/or the woman's husband. She can be damned as an enabler.) The Republicans can spend untold millions of dollars buying false accusations, which will be backstopped at great expense. ("Backstopping" is spy-slang for the creation of evidence intended to make a false story seem real.)

Admit it. You know it's going to happen.

Sexual abuse accusations won't work against Trump because his voters just don't care. Only Democrats are vulnerable to this weapon.

If you're a female, the previous paragraphs may have filled you with rage. But secretly, you know it's true: Any male running against Trump will be accused of sexual harassment.

The same weapon will probably also be used to insure that the Senate remains Republican.

MeToo? CountMeOut.

Call me when there's an anti-Trump protest in which all males won't automatically be considered horrible awful incorrigible abusive Penismonsters.
>>[Y]ou can't get on Facebook unless you hand over your cell phone number

Not so, Joseph. I've never given Facebook a phone number.

As to the rest of your post, I agree completely. As we saw today in the presidunce's ad accusing Democrats of murder, smearing had become the only weapon of the right.
Expect a wave of female GOP congress/senate candidates to run against democratic male incumbents in current democratic,but vulnerable states.If only 5% of current democratic women vote for them - they would be unstoppable.
Seconding Caro........I've been on Facebook since 2009, never given them a cell phone number (I didn't even have a cell phone when I signed up). So unless that is a new requirement, that point is not correct. The only thing you HAVE to give them is a valid email address.

The rest, totally agree. Dem's will be plagued by false accusations of sexual assault and harassment from now on. If they continue to deal with the way they did with Franken, then they can forget about ever controlling any branch of government ever again.
There are some developments in the Stormy Daniels payoff. CommonCause has lodged a campaign finance complaint with DOJ and FEC. The money traces back to HealthcarePays, a GOP-linked health care entity which detects healthcare fraud.
Yes, I'm female and yes, your comments do fill me with rage and NO, I don't secretly believe you are right about this. I'm a 72 year old who is NOT on FB. This March of a million plus people worldwide, unlike last year's, was locally organized and promoted locally city by city. These marches were not solely #metoo - focused events, but protests against all of the crimes and outrages of the past year under the drumpf administration....Russian influence, the environment, the anti-female, anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-minority executive actions and activities, the lying, cheating and conflicts of interest, etc. etc.....and yes, the call for impeachment. The fact is, women have been active all year long, not spending our time accusing "innocent" liberal men of harassment, but organizing, contacting elected officials, defending our rights and yours and in many cases preparing to run for office. This latter activity being crucial, because until we have parity in government as well as the workplace, this damn patriarchy is going to continue to trample our rights. Yes, Franken was a good liberal Senator but Imagine if any woman in Congress had been accused of what he allegedly did. HA! She would be out in a NY minute. As you should know, the double standard is alive and well and rampant. If HC, like BS had been married twice and in between had a child out of wedlock she would have been slut-shamed and never nominated by her party. You KNOW HC never would have been a Senator, Sec. of State, hell-- a woman couldn't be elected to anything with that background, but of course it was a non-story for Bernie. Hell, most people don't even know that about him. No one is irreplaceable, including Franken. And by the way, has there been a big wave of accusations against liberal men since?? So, please chill and concentrate on the real issues. Your a brilliant man, you don't want to turn women against you. THINK before you write things that are offensive to us and please refrain from insulting us further by then telling us that we secretly think you're right. We've heard that kind of man-splaining all our lives and are so over it you cannot even imagine. Is it too much to ask to be taken seriously, to be respected, to be believed?

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