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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Perjury. Plus: Welsh

From Jonathan Swan, writing in Axios:
What I'm hearing: One source, who knows Trump as well as anyone, told me he believes the president would be incapable of avoiding perjuring himself. "Trump doesn't deal in reality," the source said. "He creates his own reality and he actually believes it."
Hey, Jonathan -- next time you see Roger, say "Hi" for me. He used to show up in the comments of this humble blog from time to time. At least I think so. He was always anonymous, but calling me "cocksucker" was as good as a signature. Good times, good times.

Anyways, I don't see why Rog would worry. Trump isn't Clinton. Republicans are allowed to commit perjury, just as Republicans are allowed to commit adultery. Hell, Steve Bannon actually praised Satan -- and he draws inspiration from a noted occultist. Imagine the furor if any Dem did that!

Republicans may do what Democrats may not. As simple as that. Trump hasn't a problem in the world.

On the Welsh language. We've been watching many BBC programs in this household, and I think I've finally figured out how Welsh names work. Basically, you just hit a lot random letters on the keyboard. Then you cut out most of the vowels and replace them with Ws and Ys. Then you tell everyone that the result is pronounced in a way that has no relationship with the letters.

Thus, Lkwrnaz dpyldk mwf is how the Welsh spell "Timmy" and Rwrnad flkyvwrwd zalkyll is how the Welsh spell "Sally." Hffydl fkawnwch k'vlkft gyaw tpug apdjnfvwr ybf is "Fiona Bruce." Interestingly, Mae'r dyn hwn yn dwll cach is how the Welsh spell "Donald Trump."
That is why I hated the book, "How Green Was My Valley." Don't forget many of the locations on Mount Everest have those hideous Welsh names.
Northeast of you, in Montgomery County, PA is the town Bala Cynwyd, one of the easier pronounced names.,_Pennsylvania
My father's family are Welsh ancestry. Family name: Price, probably Pryce back in the day. But yes, the spellings by and large are unfathomable, Bala Cynwyd being the exception or maybe simply easier on the eye and ear because of the regional, Philadelphia familiarity.

As for the Trumpster? He is a walking perjury machine LOL. The man wouldn't know the truth if he fell over it. Which is why his lawyers are having angina over the prospect of their client testifying anywhere, anytime, about anything.

Things are about to get very interesting.

Oh MY how could you have hated how green was my valley? A great story which we dont see the likes of coming from Hollywood.
Who said I hated "How Green Was My Valley"? Absolutely beautiful film. It's my favorite Gwryhbw jwpflkdwlwnfdjyfklp movie, after "The Searchers" and "Fort Apache."

I used to hike all around the the old Fox movie ranch, where it was filmed. No, I didn't see any remains of the Welsh mining set, although I did see one of the Planet of the Apes sets.

The best thing about HGWMV was the performance by Dwsjf wpwpyj lk lkjry ydkguh ei'fkjahv wf kwr.
I liked the movie, but I hated, absolutely HATED, the book.
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