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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Is there a "real" tape of Trump and a child?

Trump's relentless attacks on Hillary Clinton buttress my contention that Republican ratfuckers, aided by Russian trolls, will soon take the heat off the president by mounting a smear campaign against the Clintons and other Democrats. In a previous post, I posited that the smear will concern false charges of pedophilia.

Of course, Trump has gotten far by accusing others of his own sins. In this light, it may be of interest to take a look at the latest wild, outlandish, seemingly-laughable accusation leveled by Louise Mensch.

Yeah, yeah, I know: She isn't credible. Although I took her seriously at first, in more recent months this blog has shown her little mercy. Some have flirted with the theory that she is secretly working for Team Trump. Consider her links to Milo, to Murdoch, and to British intelligence. Consider her unforgivable pre-election attacks on Hillary. Consider the many occasions when Mensch was just plain wrong.

(Yes, I still think she's very attractive. Of course, I have a history of being drawn to females no sane man would trust.)

Have I offered enough caveats? Very well. Let's get to the outlandish stuff.

Lately, Mensch has claimed that the "pee-pee" tape doesn't exist, and that the Russians are holding a real tape over Trump -- a tape which is much worse.

"How much worse...?" asked a reader. Mensch's response:
So much worse. The FSB plants recorded in the #SteeleDossier discuss a consensual, gross act between adults.

The real tape(s) feature Trump himself sexually abusing a trafficked and underage girl.

Of course they want you to talk nonexistent "pee-pee".
Do I take this claim seriously? To be honest, I'm not sure how to take it.

The dossier does say (without offering details) that Trump was sexually compromised in St. Petersburg, separately from the Ritz Carlton episode in Moscow. I've long wondered: If the accusation in the dossier is valid, what would be the exact nature of the offense? It's no secret that Trump has used the services of hookers; this claim has appeared in many publications without any libel suit threats. It's also no secret that Trump has never been faithful to his wives.

So what could have happened in St. Petersburg that would offer an opportunity for really juicy kompromat?

Everyone knows that the Russian mob runs prostitutes. We know that these mobsters -- all of whom have links to Putin -- have used underaged women to control businessmen and politicians.

It's not easy to believe that Donald Trump would have intentionally sought to sleep with a girl beneath the age of consent. The man likes curves; he has made his tastes very clear. I am not one of those conspiracy theorists who believes that every powerful person longs to rape a child.

That said, it's easy to conceive of an entrapment situation. Puberty hits early these days, and there are 15 year-olds who could pass for 20.

Not only that. Virginia Roberts says that Jeffrey Epstein used young women (some of them underaged) to attain blackmail over important people. Trump used to be in Epstein's orbit.

So, is it possible that Louise Mensch's latest outlandish claim might actually have a basis in fact? Usually, I am either chary or dismissive of her claims. But in this case...well, let's just say I'm pondering.

Her main source, it would seem, is John Schindler, another untrustworthy source. In fact, I actively dislike the guy.

Let's take a look at Mensch's words further on in this thread. Asked if the tape will ever come out, Mensch says:
I don't know. @20committee has reported on and confirmed that one Western intelligence agency that he knows of has verified one real tape. Another senior source linked to UK intelligence told me that Australia has a second tape in addition to the one John Schindler reported.
A judge will see them.
Rape of a child is itself a violent act, but he is additionally savage to a girl who is clearly and visibly prepubescent. @putinrf would be well advised to cut bait. This whole thing is going wrong for him. @deripaskaoleg et al know
Pre-pubescent? Now we're getting into an area that I find difficult to believe. As noted earlier: Trump likes curves.

Almost inevitably, one of Mensch's reader's brings us into the realm of Grand Guignol:
Does the child make it out alive? Because I have read there's a tape showing horrific acts where the child does not make it.I don't think these tapes should be made public,no way,but the public should be informed and given a general idea of the level of "horribleness" involved.
Louise Mensch's response:
Be careful. I know what you are referring to and that’s deza. FBI don’t gossip in chatrooms. They know what a joke Tor is
Apparently, this is a reference to some rather outrageous tales being told on the dark web. If I understand aright, the allegation is that someone claiming to be FBI has hopped onto a dark web site in order to accuse Trump of murdering a child. But how would Louise Mensch know about all of this? Is she a dark web explorer? How would she know that the story is disinformation? 

(The allegation that the FBI considers Tor a "joke" could be the topic of a whole 'nother post. For the purposes of this post, go here and then go here. From there, you're on your own.)

Although it's a little hard for me to be sure, Louise seems to be implying that the FBI, or some other American agency, has gained access to these incriminating video recordings. If anyone from the FBI possessed any actual proof that Trump has abused children, why haven't we seen that proof? Any American citizen -- or British citizen -- who has witnessed such a video without informing the public would be complicit in the crime.

We began with the theory that the FSB used prostitutes -- perhaps young prostitutes -- to entrap an unwary Trump. This scenario makes some sense to me. Is it likely? Is it proven? No. I'm merely saying that the narrative seems, on its face, to be plausible. It is within the realm of the thinkable.

But that scenario has quickly morphed into something far more outrageous, and far less credible.

If any of my readers knows more about the wild claims being made on the dark web, I am all attention.
Louise Mensch is mentally ill.
They may be floating the more grotesque scenario (murder of young girl) to disprove that .....and then not have to face “just” the sex with young child allegations . Would not be surprised to see them try and pin similar stuff on Bill C to exonerate Trump. One can never be too cynical! ESP concerning Trump and Putin.
Matt, sanity may be too much to ask for in the age of Trump. Perhaps the best we can hope for is to find a loonie whose ravings we like.
Considering Trump's germaphobia using hookers seems outlandish, unless it was pre-Aids. We're in "Whitey" tape territory.
Seriously, what the hell would Trump need a modelling agency for, if not to sweeten deals with "forbiden" temptations? He may like curves but having sex with these girls is not something he would abstain from if his wealthy wheelers and dealers partook. Wouldn't it seem odd if he were the only one not having sex with them - exactly if HE is the one blackmailing the others?
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