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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A note on Bill Palmer and the dangers of optimism

Don't get me wrong: In many ways, I like what Bill Palmer does, and I visit his site often. But he's the psychological opposite of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Five times a day, Palmer assures us that the Wolf is at death's door, and that our Wolf problem will soon be over, so like, chill. Regular Palmerites probably expected to be eating Wolf stew before the end last February.

We need a Palmer for pessimists.
Can't spell Pollyanna w/o the P from Palmer. I took him with a grain of salt from the beginning. If it's too good to be true it's probably Techdude.
I thought you were the 'anti-optimist," Joe? LOL

I don't seek out the Palmer Report because he draws from and compiles the work of others. Louise Mensch, for instance, is someone Palmer frequently references as a credible source without naming her. Why do I say this? Because I tap Mensch's twitter feed as well as tweets from the Louise Bagshawe site. John Schindler, Eric Garland, Counterchekist tweet daily and their insights/opinions, as well as followers often wind up in the Palmer report. There's nothing wrong with this. Palmer isn't claiming intellectual rights. But if I want to read those insights/opinions why not refer to the originals? I find Scott Dworkin does this as well, flourished with his own hyperbolic style.

Maybe that's the Twitter world--a vast swirl of info sharing. So, if I want a fast compilation of the day's tweets, the Palmer Report serves that up. If I want original work? Not so much.

I read Palmer and I’m hopeful the wolf won’t eat grandma. I rather my reality check from Cannonfire, the Cassandra of gloom and doom. Aways love your perspective, Joseph.
One thing has become clear in the past couple weeks: MSP ("Main Stream Punditry") is finally reaching the conclusion that there is no credible case for "collusion".

Sure, there were phone calls, and attempts by the Russians to make Trumpies into intelligence assets. Russians absolutely tried to interfere in our election. But they were doing that anyway. They've done it in the past and will do so again. They weren't depending on any assistance or qui pro quos from the Trumpies. Trump, his family, and his campaign staff are just too stupid and incompetent to be accessories to any collusion. Mueller will not bring such a weak and laughable case to a prosecution, no matter how badly the Dems wanted and needed it to be true.

Why did they want it so badly?
1. To explain away Hillary's loss.
2. To serve as an impeachable offense.

So the MSP are finally getting wise and moving on.

Moving on to what? To the REAL (financial) crimes Trump is covering up, and to the blackmail Putin is using to control him. Remember his "red line"? He doesn't care if Mueller investigates collusion, because he knows there isn't enough there there to bring a case. But investigating Trump's bank fraud, money laundering, and golden showers...THAT crosses the line. If those things are exposed, Trump's empire will crumble, and he and/or his family could serve time in the Federal pen.
You knew this was coming:
Oh Christ, Mr. Mike -- you caught me. I was talking to someone about Robert Palmer the other day -- made a joke about the girls, naturally -- and so it was almost inevitable for me to write "Robert Palmer" when I meant to write "Bill Palmer." Perhaps not so much inevitable as...simply irresistible.

Damn, that's an embarrassing mistake to make. Not as embarrassing as the time Jimmy Carter referred to Humphrey as "Hubert Horatio Hornblower." But face-reddening nonetheless.

At any rate, I've corrected. And from now on, I intend to re-read my piece before pushing the "publish" button.
Maybe this will cheer you up. Watch Malcolm Nance say that Roger Stone looks like a bleached ferret. minute 7:00

And that picture of Malcolm Nance holding a semi-automatic rifle makes him look like the kind of guy who, with one hard glance, could make Roger Stone shit out the gerbil that's been lingering in his nether regions since 2014.
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