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Thursday, December 07, 2017


Franken out. Moore in.

I told you that they would go after Franken two days before the first accusation. 

"Believe women" translates to "Believe Roger Stone and James O'Keefe." This whole thing has been a right-wing ratfucking operation all along. A masterful job it was, too.

Yes, there ARE real conspiracies. The right-wing conspiracy theorists are the conspirators. The only real conspiracies are the ones against liberals. 

Unless and until Democrats get that principle into their heads, they will continue to fall victim to these operations.
Shirley Sherrod, Acorn, Al Franken... When will they learn?
This is a sad day. And it's a day that will come back to bite us in the ass. If all you need do is point a finger to facilitate a political beheading then we can expect an onslaught of accusations as we approach 2018. Dems have just given the green light to more dirty tricks. It's clear to me now that yesterday's pile on was a piece of political theater, that Franken had telegraphed his decision earlier so his colleagues could take the 'high road' of moral superiority.

You know how many votes that will garner?

Zip, nada, zilch. And for what? A momentary sugar-high because . . . we're so very righteous!

Roger Stone and his cabal must be rolling on the floor. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

I knew you were right (though hoped you weren't, of course) when you made that prediction. I felt no surprise when, two days later, the first (completely fabricated) accusations came out. It seems the right has the lefts number ("progressive" left, at least). How far we have fallen since the 90's.
This is Charlie Brown vs Lucy and the football territory. The Dems not just fell but rushed into an obvious trap. As has been said before, they have now perfectly weaponized sexual harassment. You could conduct a largely anonymous smear campaign from your couch. On top of that, they've helped start to render sexual harassment virtually meaningless and began what will probably be one heck of a backlash against the #metoo movement. This is very similar to what they did to BLM.


100%! This is a terrible precedent. We have the pristine "moral high ground" but Trump is in office, Moore's going to get elected and they STILL are going to use Franken and whomever else against us. Meanwhile we've now shown that we will throw ours to the wolves without even the hint of due process. Wonderful
Very well, Mr. Cannon; what do you suggest instead?
So, over at DU some did a Twitter search for Leann Tweeden and Donald Jr. and why it looks like they've been the best of friends going back to 2011.

Funny, how this never made it into our discussions before the Dems shit-canned their own, huh?


Here is the link to the Twitter search:‘donaldtrumpjr’%20from%3Aleeanntweeden%20&src=typd&lang=en&lang=en
The two most recent accusations against Franken were as bogus as it gets. The first was an anonymous accusation by someone pretending to be a former congressional aide who claimed Franken tried to kiss her and told her “It’s my right as an entertainer.” Anyone who believes that Franken actually said anything like that should have his head examined. Politico insists that the story was "independently confirmed" by two former colleagues of the unnamed person. Question: Did Politico actually go and independently find those colleagues? Or did this person, whoever she was, provide Politico with a couple of names? If it's the latter, I'd say Roger Stone has struck again.

The second accusation was from Tina Dupuy, who said that Franken put his hand on her waist after she asked him to pose for a picture. Dupuy also said that she doesn't even let her husband touch her in public. Forget about having "high" standards -- these are the standards of the crazy guy in the parking lot at Walgreens who screams at you for looking at him the wrong way.
That's why they hate Bill Clinton so much. A resilient and a winner not working for them. Him and his wife never let Rs defeat them. 2016 they won only because they had help from the other side.
Time to do more posts about Charles Koch and his "libertarian" ideas since he owns the vast majority of the national and state GOP officials who are now trying to push his evil agenda. He owns Mike Pence and Paul Ryan, for example.

Putin is bad enough, but we have evil right here in the good old U.S.A.
Hey Joseph,

About your Moore suspicions, Beverly Nelson says she added notes underneath Roy Moore's inscription in her yearbook, but maintains that he signed it. Does that matter in a meaningful sense in terms of who the creep Moore really is? No. Does that matter in the sense you were talking about it? Yep. The "problem" is that this wasn't explained by Nelson when it was first shown to the press (hello Allred). And of course, the rightwingnuts have jumped all over it and are now treating it as a "forgery" which is ridiculous but not surprising.
Hey Joseph,

To follow up on my previous comment...pass the fukin' vodka. Did we not tell them!!!!? Moore is in, Franken is out, #metoo will be in tatters shortly and going forward they can use the most ambiguous and anonymous sexual assault claim against us as they know we will throw whomever under the bus while they laugh in our face.
Charles Pierce
Famous Dwight D. Eisenhower Quote that perfectly sums up the situation : "Stuff is fucked yo."
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