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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Where's MY Lamborghini?

Suppose they gave a civil war and nobody came?

As you will recall, a YouTube conspiratard made a lot of money "predicting" that a new civil war would start on Saturday. The right-wing imagination transformed a proposed protest by the Revolutionary Communist Party (a small group of clowns who've been clowning around since my college days) into the launch of a nationwide attack by the dreaded, monstrous, conspiratorial powerhouse known as ANTIFA, which the rightists describe as a cross between the Red Army, SPECTRE and the Mau Mau rebellion. Any minute now, they'll burst into your house and shoot everyone including your grandmother and your dog and your fish and your fish's grandmother...

It didn't happen.

But the conspiratard who predicted all of this in a YouTube video earned a Lamborghini for his efforts.

Established liberal voices on Youtube -- people like Sam Seder and David Pakman -- don't get expensive sports cars tossed at them. In fact, they're struggling to pay the light bill, thanks to the YouTube adpocalypse. The same problem affects lots of other YouTubers, including the cute girl who tells scary stories. If you want the damned car, you gotta deceive for the Don.

On a related note Glenn Greenwald, traitor extraordinaire, has written a long piece defending Donna Brazile, that other traitor extraordinaire. It's filled with lies and half-lies, most of which we have discussed in previous posts. (Here's some truth to wash out the taste of Greenwald's filth.) The simple fact is that Brazile's allegedly-damning "agreement" does not exist -- and her claims about Hillary's health reveals that Donna is willing to spew Roger Stonian bullshit.

(Am I the only one who recalls that a bad flu hit a lot of people on Team Clinton at that time? I found this suspicious.)

Many are asking: Why'd Donna do it? Why is Greenwald doing it?

The answer should be obvious. On that side of the aisle, they're handing out Lamborghinis.

(PS: I can no longer recommend the Twitter account which presented parody excerpts of Dirty Donna's new book. Trolls and Clintonphobes took over the place.)
(Puts on my "fair-minded" hat)

But why are Democrats still relitigating the primary? Why don't Hillary and Bernie people just let it go?

(Takes it off)

The above is now the most infuriating take on the whole stupid Democratic division. People who I respect are just "both siding" the Democratic divide as if Bernie and his cultists and grifters aren't responsible for all of the acrimony. It's as vapid as saying Congress's division is the fault of both sides. These same people are more or less saying that because Bernie people believe the DNC is rigged despite the belief resting on lies, that the Democrats do something, anything to appease them. It's as vapid as saying Obama could've gotten along better with Republicans if he just compromised better.

On a side note, because of the recent Dem division and the confirmation that Russia is involved, I now expect Dems to lose the Virginia governor race. Well done BernieBros.
MSNBC breaking assloads of new news Sunday morning on Paradise Papers, Wilbur Ross offshore $$$ ties to Russians, Russian gov money through cutouts on to Facebook and Twitter. Breaking news on coming indictment of Flynn and his son.... And guess what???? Mass shooting in Oil land Texas. Last week after Indictment of Manafort and the media buzz from that we immediately had that Uzbek dude (Uzbekistan being in that part of the world Zbigniew Brezinki said needed to be controlled for the oil) run over a bunch of people in New York.

Guess what? The media is no longer talking about Trump/Russia ties... Just like last week!!! See how that works??? Distraction, distraction, distraction.

Why is there a mass shooting or a massive fire, or monster truck rally through American streets or some other mass destabilizing event every fucking time the media gets hot on the trail of President Dump? Anyone have any speculations?

Nemdam, I think you nailed it:

"These same people are more or less saying that because Bernie people believe the DNC is rigged despite the belief resting on lies, that the Democrats do something, anything to appease them."

Yes, the Dems are suppose to appease Bernie supporters, in the same way Dems are suppose to 'understand' Trump supporters, perhaps by taking another look at KellyAnne Conway's 'alternative' facts theory: if you believe it hard enough, passionate enough lies are transformed to . . . something between truth and horseshit.


The Republicans love this stuff. While the GOP melts down under accusations of conspiracy, money-laundering, treason, the Democrats form a suicide pact on the grounds of purity.

Another genius moment along with self-flagellation which unless I missed something does not win elections.

Just got off a TPM thread in a similar vein and one commenter said it all: it continues because we continue to take the bait. I'm convinced it's purposeful, deliberate and multi-sourced, anything to distract people (especially voters) with these continuous sideshows.

One positive note--I read a tweet this morning from Perrillo (not sure of the spelling). He's on the ground in Virginia after a pretty rough primary race. But he's out there stomping the pavement for Northam and the Democratic ticket. He said if he had a dollar for every person who asked about Donna B.'s book, his pockets would still be empty.

So there's that.

Kudos to him and all the others putting time and shoe leather into the effort. He's a far better example than the Democracy for America folks who picked up their marbles and ran back Burlington, VT in a snit.

Anon: I think you mean this, but just to clarify, it's the BernieBros and media who "take the bait". Once the smear campaign begins, Democrats have to respond or else the story gets worse and worse. What has me feeling so helpless is I'm not sure what the Democrats can do except further expose the lies and vapidity behind it all. But since it generates so many clicks and ratings, I don't know how it stops. The whole story has me very despondent. As of today, the media really does promote sensationalism and controversy over truth. Might as well make TMZ the premier source of political news. They're at least honest about how shallow they are.

Perriello has been a class act the entire race. He literally endorsed Northam during his concession speech and announced that a vote for him is a vote for Northam. If only a certain other Democratic Presidential candidate could've done that. Never forget that Bernie, unlike the Democrats, has the power to stop all of this immediately. But he won't. It's obvious why.
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