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Thursday, November 30, 2017

What to do about the tax bill

The Republicans have us focused on nonsense to distract us from their odious new tax law. Here is what I consider an excellent plan of action.
Who have you called or written in the Senate and how did it go? I get a lot of busy signals, "leave a message", mailbox full and sometimes an actual person. This is a good sign for us. Keep doing the good work...karma will come around.

Here is a list of who to call, how to get addresses, phone numbers, a nd a link about the Tax Scam. There are scripts to read when you call as well as a list of protest events in your home zip code, and a lot of of other useful info.
Call all of them. All the numbers start with (202)224-****
Corker (TN) 3344
McCain (AZ) 2235
Flake (AZ) 4535
Collins ( ME)2523
Heller (NV)6244
Murkowski (AK)6665
Moran (KS)6521
Young (IN)5623

Call them all. If you go to Zillow for the individual STATE you can get a local address and zip to use in case the senator's phone staffer needs validation that you are a voting constituent. It works and they NEVER check. I have done it with over 400 calls in the past year. It literally takes two minutes to Google Zillow. Your phone area code doesn't matter due to cell phones. Tell them a personal story. Also, here is a useful link to share...
Let me second that recommendation. This web site is superb.

Here is a script to follow when calling a Republican Congressperson. I'm not sure that it is necessary to call many Dems. No need to follow the script exactly; thinking on your feet is a valuable skill.

(Back in the 1990s, I would call in the middle of the night and early in the morning.)

After a half-minute's worth of research, you should be able to prepare a "legend" for yourself when you pretend to be from some other state. All you really need is an address and the zip code, although there's a good chance that nobody will ask for that much. Don't be intimidated: It's fun. You'll feel a bit like James Bond, and you cannot get into trouble. Remember: The other side plays by O'Keefe Rules and Stone Rules -- which means that any little thing we do to even the score is fair.

Elsewhere: This tweet raises an important point of comparison...
MSNBC's coverage of the Lauer firing today vastly exceeds the amount of airtime Fox devoted to both Ailes and O'Reilly's termination combined. Not even close. Remember that.

Added note: Boy, is this true. I've been catching up with last night's MSNBC broadcasts. Rachel Maddow is giving Lauergate the kind of treatment normally reserved for stories like the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Even though the stories do seem damning, I do think that we should reserve final judgment until the full facts are known. (And I say this as someone who has no love for Lauer.) What if the women had previously signaled that they were interested in a fling? I'm not saying that they had given such signals; I'm saying that -- so far -- we have heard just one side of the story. Maybe my experience of the world is limited, but in my view, no guy in his right mind would drop his pants in front of a woman unless he had some reason to believe that the woman wanted to see whatever's underneath. Of course, it is also quite possible that Lauer was not in his right mind.
I think in the interest of time instead of waiting for revelations to come out we round up all Hillary's haters and investigate them. We know something must be wrong with them.
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