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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

James O'Keefe, Master of "Deceipt." Plus: Who got to Keith?

Oh god, this is hilarious: James "Bond" O'Keefe tried one of his ratfucking ops against the Washington Post, selling a fake abuse story in which Roy Moore supposedly assaulted an underaged girl. But the WP quickly figured out that they were being scammed, thanks to the ludicrously poor tradecraft of the O'Keefe crew.
The scam collapsed for a number of reasons. His fake source provided a flimsy cover story with odd details — she claimed to have only spent a few summers in Alabama, but provided a cell phone with an Alabama area code. The supposed place of employment that she provided did not have any person by that name working there. A search of her name turned up a social-media post in which she explained that she was going to “work in the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceipt [sic] of the liberal MSM.”
But there's another reason why the scam fell apart. Turns out the O'Keefians really believe in their own fantasies about the opposition:
Another reason O’Keefe’s plot collapsed again is because it is premised on a ludicrously false worldview. The Washington Post does not, in fact, publish unverified accusations just because they’re against Republicans. His various attempts to prove rampant voter fraud have failed in part because voter fraud is not rampant.
Nevertheless, Gateway Pundit is trying to pretend that O'Keefe is the offended party here. I kid you not. These sickos are sick, and nothing can heal their diseased brains. They really do believe that all events are masterminded by Evil Soros, who answers only to the discarnate spirit of Adam Weishaupt, evoked in a dark rite performed by the Witch of Endor at the Bohemian Grove.

Roy Moore's own statements yesterday indicate that he was aware of the O'Keefe sting. Moore may not have known the details, but I feel confident that someone gave him a hint.
In explaining why he has come under attack, Moore compared it to the Russia probe.

"This is extravagant," Moore said of the "false attacks" made against him - including not only the allegations from the women, he said, but also his family and his Foundation for Moral Law. "this is beyond being attacked for various things, having your family attacked. Politicians stop at nothing. They'll publish false polls - which they are doing today. In trying to distort this, they'll go to false attacks.
Imagine how much more potent those words would have been if O'Keefe and his crew had succeeded.

O'Keefe's latest operation proves, once again, my point about the "Believe Women" movement. Not too long ago, a horde of disguised conservative/nationalist ratfuckers invaded leftwing forums (such as Kos and DU). Wearing their feminist masquerade masks, they pushed the myth that Women Never Lie Because All Women Are Pure and Incorruptible.

Well, guess what? James O'Keefe has female co-conspirators. After Jaime Phillips tried to hoodwink the WP, how can you remain wedded to the absurd proposition that women never lie about sexual matters?

Keep Jaime in mind as you weigh the claims made against Franken -- and as you weigh the claims to come.

Update: Roy Moore is now well ahead -- again -- in the latest polling out of Alabama. In fact, Moore's lead is now wider than it was before the WP published it's first story on the sexual abuse allegations. I believe that the Franken op is a large part of the reason why Moore will win. Very soon, Roy Moore will be a senator and Al Franken will be forced out -- with aid from progressives (or from malefactors disguised as progressives).

Yes, I'm still confident that Franken will depart, despite this passionate argument from Joe Conason (which you should read).

Speaking of which: Keith Olbermann is out. He decided to declare victory over Trump (VERY prematurely) and to quit. He has not only retired his GQ comments, he says that he will no longer offer political commentary of any kind. He's even unfollowing political Twitter accounts. It all seems pretty extreme.

My guess: He'll be the next target of "abuse" accusations. Or maybe he cut a deal with whoever has kompromat on him: I'll go away if you don't air my dirty laundry. We all have secrets. I have no idea what Olbermann's secrets might be, but we now live in a country in which kompromat is king and all are vulnerable.

On November 22, Olbermann tweeted:
My God my phone case just melted from the volume of texts about three separate rumors of big name sexual harassment/misconduct around media. Pro tip: Nobody take Thanksgiving off.
I took this tweet seriously at the time, yet Thanksgiving came and went without the predicted three scandals. I wondered: Why would anyone send these warnings to Keith Olbermann and no-one else? How could these rumors remain a matter of text messages without bleeding out onto the more public parts of the internet?

At first, I thought that the targets must include someone on the air at MSNBC, since Olbermann got into a tiff with that organization. Now I'm thinking that Keith himself is one of the three. Maybe Olbermann received word from an informant that certain scandals were about to hit -- and maybe the informant did not name the target of those scandals. Finally, someone turned on the lights: It's you, Keith. You're the target.

Either that, or a family member was threatened.

No matter what Olbermann says in his final message, don't take this turn of events at face value. Olbermann was making money from his GQ pieces, which formed the basis of a book. Moreover, I seriously question the notion that Trump is finished, because I don't have absolute faith in Mueller. Perhaps Mueller is compromised, perhaps Mueller will be insufficiently brave, perhaps Mueller will be misled (in the way that O'Keefe tried to mislead the WP), perhaps Mueller will simply fail, perhaps Mueller is secretly working for the bad guys, perhaps Mueller be fired -- or perhaps Mueller will eat something that really doesn't agree with him. My prediction is that Trump will survive until 2020, and perhaps beyond. (That's one reason why Franken was removed from the field of play now.) Yet even if Trump stays in office, Olbermann will not return.

You should check out the Trumpist replies to Olbermann's (apparently final) message. Fascism is hard to define but easy to spot. Those tweets are fascism.

A modest proposal. The latest O'Keefe outrage reminded me of a thought that's been lurking in the back of my mind for a while now. Why not turn these tactics against the neofascist right?

We all saw how quickly Alex Jones starting whining and apologizing like a candy-ass snowflake bitch the moment Chobani yogurt and Comet Pizza made serious lawsuit noises. Those two (potential) litigants were simply businesses out to protect their interests. It's time for other types of litigants to take action.

It would be easy to mislead Infowars, Gateway Pundit, Drudge or Breitbart into publishing some shocking "scoop" that feeds into their preconceptions. Remember: These guys really believe in their insane conspiracy theories. That belief can be used against them.

I propose a left-wing variant of an O'Keefe sting. Feed the "pals of Pepe" some juicy information that fits right in with what they want to believe. The apparently-damning info can be about Hillary, about CNN, or about some other person or institution hated by the right. Take care to backstop the claims with seemingly-credible evidence.

In short: Bait little Alex or some similar target into publishing libel.

Then the libeled party (who should have no link to anyone involved with the sting operation) should sue those who have published the lies.

The libeled party must NOT accept any apologies or settlement offers. SUE TO KILL. SUE TO KILL. SUE TO KILL.

The purpose of the lawsuit should not be to embarrass or to make money or to make a point. The purpose must be to KILL KILL KILL.

Will Alex Jones and his compatriots fall for such a ploy? Of course. In the first place, Alex Jones is simply not a bright man. In the second place, he and his comrades are conspiracy theorists, a breed of cat I know well. Conspiracy theorists are drug addicts: They have an insatiable need for a new high. They will never be able to stop themselves from publishing anything that gives their readers the rush they crave.

It's a weakness. Exploit it.

I have some further advice for anyone who wants to conduct this proposed operation: Make sure that the personnel in the field have established suitable online legends. In other words, don't make the mistake recently made by James O'Keefe, Master of Deceipt. Always remember that even the walls have ears, and that Uncle Vlad has the longest ears of all. Don't trust sensitive information/instructions to text messages or emails; many things are best said mouth-to-ear, in whispers. At all times, strive to find the right balance between these two maxims: Fortune favors the bold and Paranoia is your friend.
Rep. Luis Gutierrez says he won't seek re-election. Perhaps he's one of Olbermann's three?
And this may be the third. It's Rep. Al Green.
It's the Daily Caller.
Perhaps, you are looking at KO's departure through the wrong end of the lens. What if the three shocking names were Conyers, Grijalva and Gueitrrez with a promise to smear every congressman of color until KO quit? Trump's base would greet this with complete approval. It would make them giddy. I think KO would protect others before himself and choose feel that the elected officials of color to live to fight another day.

However, it won't do any good because the moment Keith steps down, these right-wing nationalists are going to proceed to returning the entire Congress lily-white, and mostly male, anyway. And where is the dirt coming from? The White House and its tentacles in all of alphabet agencies Steve Bannon and the boys had access to.
I've got to admit that I had come to depend on Olbermann's fire and passion on his GQ videos to help me through this new Dark Age. When I viewed this last video my first thought was that someone had gotten to him.

In fact, paranoia may have gotten to me but as I watched him wrap everything up I couldn't shake the feeling Keith looked scared.

Why do Democrats take shit from an Accused Child Raping, Treason Committing, Tax and Vietnam Dodging, Lying, Conjob,Fat Ass Piece of Orange Shit like Trump?

The leadership of the Democratic Party consists of a bunch of old women who refuse to put up a fight or not up to it(Clinton, Feinstein, Pelosi) and Bernie Sanders who talks a good talk but is also too old to put up a fight.

All the right wing had to do to derail the left was to release a pic of Al Frankin pretend grabbing some boobs in a photo and put his hand on some women's arses and the Democrats lost their cool and all jizzed their pants over it. Yikes... Thats an ominous sign. Did Al Franken lose his cool because he has done something worse? Is it anything worse than anything Trump has done, or said to have done? not likely. Democrats would rather be martyred saints then take back power from nut cases.

Why are Democrats losers?

A. They do not protect their own because they have no concept of forgiveness and redemption. Democrats are being tossed out for stupid shit, while Republicans are protecting people who have committed full on state and federal crimes.

B. Democrats are reactionary. Republicans drive the story, create the memes, while Democrats react. Trump can let out a fart in the Oval Office and Lawrence O'Donnell, Keith Olbermann, etc will hear it and immediately do a 60 minute show on the inappropriateness of Trump's fart. While Trump has already moved on to shitting the White House bed.

C. Democrats lack balls. Al Franken was exercising his ball powers when he went after Trump and Sessions up until the women's movement neutered him again. Doesn't matter that Lean Tweeden was grabbing ass while Al Franken only pretended to have grabbed Tweeden's boobs. Al put on the spot allowed himself to be de-balled to the benefit of Trump in order to protect Al's appearances among women. This of course is having a ripple effect through male Democratic leadership as Dems self-destruct. Who didn't see this coming??? Easily played Democrats.

Meanwhile Trump threatens to start a nuclear war unless Mueller backs off and allows Trump and his Russian tied grifters to pick Americans pockets....

And Democrats will bring Pussyhats to a gun fight.

NYT reports on the Veritas sting here.

Of course, the only risk of the sting comes from the "believe all women" mantra which is dumb, since anyone with money can find some woman that will say absolutely anything.

Anonymous : 4:49 AM: Your sexism is VILE. As I am assuming you are a man, Democrats don't need women-haters like you.

On another note, perhaps Matt Lauer, who was fired by NBC today, was one of the people KO was talking about. the news hit- Matt Lauer the snotty handkerchief of tv was finally fired. I am going to bet that was probably the biggie that Olbermann was on about. But- sure- I could be wrong.
There has been talk about Lauer for years and he was a real prick to Ann Curry, so I am going with that one. Good riddance!
AND sure enough...go to the KO Twitter acct and he confirms the tip was about Lauer

Olbermann has no obligation to us, he really wasn't even paid for that stint on GQ-it all went to charity.
He usually comes back, eventually. Political commentary is like a drug to him- eventually the hangover takes over and he takes a needed break. We will see what develops, but he still has a need to comment on some of this (as seen above).
OTE ADMIN, what exactly is SEXIST about what I am saying? Am I sexist because I use the word boob? That Democrats lack balls? What I am trying to explain half in jest to humourless purists like you is why Democrats KEEP LOSING. I have been complaining until I am blue in the face about why Democrats keep losing... Obama didn't put up a fight, Hillary Clinton didn't put up a fight , Bernie Sanders didn't put up a fight , all of them acted like a bunch of nincompoops and allowed the Russians to help steamroll Cheeto into the White House. REPUBLICANS WOULD NEVER HAVE ALLOWED DEMOCRATS TO GET AWAY WITH USING RUSSIANS TO STEAL THE ELECTION IF THE TABLES WERE TURNED.

I turn on the TV and hear Democrats destroying themselves in a purge. This is stupid. And knowing Democrats, between bickering about BernieBros, Al Franken, Conyers in his boxers and God knows whatever else stupid shit Democrats can distract themselves with, while Republicans laugh their way to 2018 election... you all have yourselves to blame for this latest round of Democrat infighting and stupidity. Democrats never fucking learn. You have to wonder sometimes if the Russians are inside the party causing chaos.

The way to have handled all of these abuse situations rather then a knee jerk histrionic purge would have been to let go of people with documented serious cases like sexual assaults, rapes, power abuses... But no, Pussyhat mania took over and basically Democrats purged anyone who can potentially manage an erection. Even so far as trying to purge a known comedian, Franken who has used sex in his comedy routines. Utterly fucking stupid.

How many stories have the media done on Moore after the round of stories where the comedian faux cupped a pair of fully armoured boobs during a USO comedy tour? My guess would be somewhere hovering around zero. True to nature, only Democrats can find a way to lose when they had the upper hand and were winning.

Anon, I must insist that you refer to OTE with more respect. She has been a friend to this blog for years and she runs a find site of her own.

I let this comment through because I agree with your general point about the need for Democrats to fight more aggressively. I've been saying something similar since 1984 -- a very winnable election in which Mondale suffered a horrific loss, in large part because he was too much the gentleman. If the Selene Williams accusation were known to him at the time, he would not have used it. We needed a Dem who would have felt comfortable saying the words "Rapist Reagan" over and over, until the message became inescapable. And we need that kind of Dem now.
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