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Saturday, November 04, 2017

"Excerpts" from Dirty Donna's new book. A must-read!

There's a new Twitter feed devoted to presenting "excerpts" from Dirty Donna's new book. My favorites:
Seth Rich Called me and said I have information that will lead to Hillary's arrest. Never heard from him again.
As the champagne cork popped, I sought cover. Had one of Hillary's hitmen made it inside? The one that killed Seth?
“While Hillary was getting amphetamine injections, I peeked in her closet. I found Vince Foster’s corpse. I cried.”
“I couldn’t stay silent when she started controlling the weather for her own nefarious purposes...”
“I wanted to order a pizza but I grew weak as I thought about the victims of the Comet Ping Pong child sex-ring.”
I pushed Obama to release the JFK files early so I could prove Hillary was on the grassy knoll. He said no.”
"I came face to face with Hillary's body double in bed with Huma and knew immediately we had a problem."
And when I watched her faint, I thought back on the strong arms of Joe Biden, washing his trans-am in the rain.
So if Donna Brazile single-handedly had the ability to replace Hillary with Biden, why does she elsewhere pretend that Hillary possesses such immense conspiratorial power? If HC is the Grandmaster (Grandmistress?) of the Illuminati, then Donna Brazile must be more powerful than that. Only Thanos and Darkseid sit above her.

In case you doubt that Brazile has taken a right turn down Dick Morris Highway, look at the uses to which this Fox writer is putting her lies. Warning: The mendacity blasts will hit you like a whiff of pure ammonia.

What does all this talk of "rigging" come to? The Berniebots complain that debates were held on Saturdays, as if that matters in the age of YouTube and Tivo and whatnot. Seriously, that's it. That's the freakin' conspiracy. That's what has 'em hot-n-bothered.

First: Hillary is a good debater and almost always acquitted herself well; debates worked to her benefit. Second: There were roughly a zillion more Democratic primary debates in 2016 than there should have been. (How many were there in, say, 1984? I recall two. There may have been another.) Beyond all of that, Bernie Sanders was and is NOT a Democrat and should never have been allowed to participate in any Democratic debate.

From TPM (and thanks to the reader who brought this to my attention):
Indeed, the “rigging” language doesn’t even make sense if you have any real understanding of what the DNC actually does. The primary schedules are set up way in advance of the actual campaign, long before anyone at the DNC had any idea Sanders would mount such a strong campaign. The DNC doesn’t administer the primaries; the states do. Basically the DNC couldn’t “rig” process even if it wanted to.
Yet the Trumpers and the Berniebots (two sides of the same minted-in-Moscow coin) want us to believe that Bernie was treated unfairly. And maybe he was -- on one of those alternative Earths that the Flash visits from time to time. But not on this Earth.

(We live in an age which allows me to reference comic books when speaking to a general audience. Never thought I'd see the day.)
The "DNC rigged the debate schedule" is complete nonsense even if you ignore the fact that there were plenty of debates, Bernie got plenty of exposure, and Hillary beat him in all of them. Like all elections, the candidates control the debates! Debates only happen when all the candidates agree to them, and the dynamic is always that the front runner doesn't want to have them and the others do. Since Hillary was an overwhelming favorite, she didn't want very many debates. After the race tightened, she negotiated with Bernie to have more. It's that simple. The DNC had to authorize them but that was a formality after the candidates agreed to them.

On a side note, let me just point that Bernie could've put a stop to this whole "rigged" story, and the larger party division he has created, by saying that the story is wrong because he was given the same deals as Hillary. Instead, he fund-raised off of it. As always, fuck Bernie Sanders.
Funny post and you speak the truth. But what good does it do? The Berner narrative wins out. The intra-left divides widen. Somewhere, Roger Stone cackles. It's all so upsetting, and I'm so powerless, which is why I try to ignore it.
Here's what happened.

Sanders rigged the Republican leaning Caucus Contests to his favor by heavily advertising in those States knowing he would win huge because Caucus contests use 88% less voters to allocate that State's Delegates, and they use fewer voting locations much father apart and usually have drawn out voting requirements. These all favor a Sander's win over a Clinton win in the Republican leaning caucus contests.
However, in the Democrat Primaries, where 880% more voters vote, have more locations closer to home to vote at, and can vote in the privacy of a voting booth any time during that day, Hillary Clinton won 28 primaries, Sanders only won 12 Primaries.
So the Sanders people would gin the vote in the Republican leaning caucus contests by flooding the state with advertising, then they would win 75% to 25% in these caucus contests, and Move on dot org and the Young Turks would AMPLIFY these victories as proving that Sanders was going to win the nomination.
Hillary Clinton was trying to save money for downstream democrats AND for the presidential campaign as well. Instead, directly because of the fiction put out by the Young Turks and Move on Dot Org after the basically non representative Republican caucus contest victories, The Clinton campaign was forced to spend money it did not want to spend.
Now months later, Donna Brazile and The Young Turks are blaming Hillary Clinton for money laundering donations that went to defeat Sanders because of the faux news put out by the Young Turks and Move on Dot Org after those stupid Republican leaning Caucus contests that Sanders could still win.
Brazile is now trying to white wash Sander's role in forcing the Clinton campaign to spend way more money than necessary to defeat Sanders, as money laundering through the DNC, and the Young Turks are screaming bloody murder in Clinton's direction when they were the number one cheerleader out there claiming every Republican leaning caucus win by Sander's was a mandate for Sanders to be the Democrat nominee.
Been an interesting day outside the boring Bernie vs. Hillary stuff.

Yemen just launches missiles into Saudi Arabia. Trump says Saudi needs to privatize their oil and put it on the New York stock exchange. Sauidis lock up Komrade Murdochs pal Prince Ali-Weed for hating on Dump. Dump tells the media... OH YEAH, IMA GONNA MEET PUTIN ON MY ASIA TRIP... TOO BAD I FORGOT TO PACK MY KY CUZ PUTIN GONNA PACK MY SHIT TIGHT LIKE A RUSSIAN NESTING DOLL!!! Lebanese Prime Minister goes to Saui Arabia and announces his resignation blaming the Iranians and Hezzbollah. Looks like Trump, Russia, Saudis and their Yemeni sock puppets are cookin' up something. you know, like something chaotic that might cause the price of oil to shoot through the mothefuckin roof!!!! Call it MAKAA.. Make America Kill Arabs Again. Hurry up Aramco with that motherfuckin IPO!

What's Rudy G. doin these days? Why so quiet Rudy G? USSA's favorite mayor. Come out Rudi and tell the world what you are up to or they might suspect you're off somewhere building some type of secret emergency bunker for the next great money making event. WHERE'S RUDY?


Reading some comments in another blog this morning I suddenly stumbled across a graphic that turned out to be the lead part of an absolutely astounding article on a website called The Trump Watchdog

The site’s author — name not revealed, has apparently been digging and digging and digging in an effort to figure out possible links and sublinks and connections between not just Trump and Putin, but an incredibly tangled web of U.S. and Russian individuals and organizations. The body of the post proceeds to list at least 57 connections (and counting) some of them well documented and others listed, but their significance not yet fully understood.

The heavy use of offshore accounts, the deliberate mis-naming of shell companies, the appearance of organizations and individuals like The Blackstone Group, Pete Peterson and such familiar names as Felix Sater, Michael Cohen, Steven Schwarzman, Alex Oronov and Andreii Artemenko, Rosenoft, Carter Page…..the web is incredible.

With this all comes the continuing question. the Trump camp claims, all these Russian contacts were “no big deal,” what other countries were the Trump folks in contact to this degree, not just after election but for months and even years before the election? Just Russia it seems and of course the question is what was there about Russia that made it so special?

The obvious answer seems to be cash because if you look at so much of this it involves shadowy organizations moving huge amounts of cash around and in many cases, cash provided via secretive back channel maneuvers involving Russian Mafia, oligarchs and banks with the reputation for money laundering.

"Dimitri Simes, the President of the Center for the National Interest (CNI) and a former aide to Richard Nixon, was reportedly on Sen. Rand Paul's (R-KY) foreign policy advisory team in 2014.

This Free Beacon article says that for years, Simes and CNI "have provided a sympathetic platform for the Russian government in the heart of the DC policy establishment."

Among those on the Board of Directors of CNI include Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS), Leslie Gelb (President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations), former Gov. Jon Huntsman, Amb. Zalmay Khalilzad, Admiral Michael Mullen, Grover Norquist, Brent Scowcroft, Jeffrey Bewkes (Chairman/CEO of Time Warner), billionaire Peter Peterson, and Julie Nixon Eisenhower (daughter of Richard Nixon).

Henry Kissinger is the Honorary Chairman of CNI, and Maurice Greenberg is Chairman Emeritus of CNI.

P.S. - Kissinger suggested both Tillerson and KT McFarland to Trump's Cabinet

The Internet can be such an annoying place. The comment immediately after my Sanders, Young Turks, Move-on Dot Org analysis starts off with… "Been an interesting day outside of the boring Bernie vs Hillary stuff".

One of the things I try hard to do is not dismiss other topics and viewpoints just to make my viewpoint matter more, and yet, here I am doing it in response to someone else who started doing it first. sigh.

For the record, the Sanders vs Clinton topic, which is what this particular article is about, is very very important to American Politics. I winced in 2016 every time Hillary Clinton held back campaign dollars and let Sanders outspend her 2-1 and 3-1 once it was obvious she was going to win the Democrat Nomination but could not officially put Bernie away to the point where even Sander's most ardent supporters would agree it was over.

Not only did Michigan create a mess in the 2016 November elections, Michigan also created a mess in the Democrat Primaries. If anyone recalls, Clinton was about to deliver a huge knockout blow the week that Michigan had its primary by winning several other key states that same night, but by losing in Michigan to Sanders, it helped keep Sander's campaign going for several more months as Move on dot Org, The Young Turks, and the media were able to use the upcoming Republican leaning Democrat Caucus Contests to perpetuate the "Bernie can win" myth.

That Michigan Primary loss probably cost the DNC anywhere from 100 million to 500 million dollars in donations that instead went to both Bernie and Hillary so they could keep fighting each other while also allowing the Sanders people to keep perpetuating lies about Hillary Clinton.

The less Hillary Clinton spent as the race dragged on, the stronger it made Sanders look as Sanders overspent over promoting his Democrat Caucus wins in Republican Leaning States.

There really needs to be a rebuttal to Brazile's idiocy.


"The building’s owner, Kushner Companies, was until a few months ago headed by the family of President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, now his top adviser. To bail itself out of the jam at deep-in-the-red 666, the Kushner company needs a partner to kick in $2 billion and add about 40 floors, turning it into a 1,400-foot-tall cloudbuster designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid.

After proudly rising amid the 20th-century Manhattan skyline, and changing hands three times, 666 Fifth Ave. has become a devil’s bargain for Kushner.

In the late 1950s, Tishman Realty and Construction wanted its new 666 Fifth Ave. to stand out from the herd of flat-topped new skyscrapers. It dressed the facade up in aluminum panels — a result “more dull than glittery,” architectural historian Carter B. Horsley wrote."
Haha, thanks for the laugh, Joseph. Twitter s good for that! Also, two sides of the same minted in Moscow coin, yep. Perfect.

Ditto everything nemdam said.
I saw Hillary's campaign manager on CNN. He still acting the nice people gig. What's wrong with those play. He praised Brazil's. WTF.
Saturday debates: as if Bernie was observant?
Anonymous 8:42 AM, Here's a great site for learning the English language:
Do we have new requirements to commenting here?
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