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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Antifa madness

Although much is happening today, I'd like to direct your attention to Fox News's embrace of the grand canard that Antifa was (and apparently still is) planning Civil War II. Although the video embedded above pokes fun at the Fox Newsers, I don't think that this is a laughing matter. The most powerful "news" organization in America has promulgated a deliberate lie, intentionally designed to foment a hysterical reaction against a non-existent enemy.

Right wing conspiratards and (I'm guessing) Russian trolls are blaming the Texas church shooting on Antifa.
The story appeared the same day 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley killed at least 26 people in First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs. It said Kelley was "an Antifa member who vowed to start a civil war by ‘targeting white conservative churches’ and causing anarchy in the United States."

The post also said he "was one of two shooters in the church, according to eyewitnesses, who also report Kelley carried an Antifa flag and told the churchgoers ‘this is a communist revolution’ before unloading on the congregation, reloading several times."
None of this is true. These claims are pure concoction.

Before proceeding, let's be clear about one thing: This blog has never endorsed Antifa and never will. Many of those drawn to that organization -- if it can, in fact, be fairly called an organization -- have displayed a Trumpian disdain for the Democratic party and for mainstream liberalism. One could argue that Antifa unintentionally aids the very fascism it claims to despise.

Sure, I can comprehend Antifa's appeal: I myself was once a young ninny with testosterone poisoning and the jackass self-confidence of the ill-read. Then I spent some time in the library. Those who study history soon learn that the left embraced non-violence not just for moral reasons but for reasons of practicality: All other approaches ultimately benefit the reactionaries. If anyone on the left punches back, an overwhelming barrage of propaganda will say that he punched first. That's why King and Gandhi taught their followers not to punch at all.

But a reasoned critique of Antifa does not justify the fear-mongering of the conspiratorial right. A small, fractured movement is being transformed, in the public imagination, into something far grander and more powerful than it actually is. The paranoia is escalating and may soon reach terrifying levels. A hallucinated enemy can be used to justify the creation of a fascist army.

Unrelated added note: I'm predicting a Democratic loss in VA. I'm also predicting that the morning-after pundits will blame Hillary Clinton (for god-knows-what-reason) instead of election rigging. A Dem cannot win unless pre-election polls have him up by at least 5 points.
Glad you are highlighting this. Where is the discussion that military and church screwed this up. At least the Air Force is taking responsibility, but no one is discussing it. Outrageous, as you note.
I think Antifa is a false flag operation. Typical Roger Stone outfit.
Yes, Caro, I agree. The only time I hear about Antifa is when the alt-fight is trying to smear any resistance to Trump as Antifa i.e. as violent radicals. I've never heard of this group outside of that context. My suspicion is that it is an ostensibly "left wing" bogeyman created by the alt-right to smear the actual resistance.
Anytime a gun incident happens very near an election, the accusation is made that there is a liberal connection for the purpose of passing stricter gun control laws. Has anyone drawn a graph to see if a significant amount of the mass slayings happen near some type of election?

Of course, determining what is "near" an election would be open to interpretation.

Virginia called for the Dems! There was an uncontested Repub in my area down ballot. I wrote in Wonder Woman.

Virginia was a blue bloodbath! A trans woman beat Bathroom Bob, a socilist unseated the Republican whip, and Bernie's snub of the Dem gov candidate was totally inconsequential. And yes, there was even more!!
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