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Friday, November 03, 2017

Absolute, irrefutable proof that Brazile is dirty

A memo between the Clinton campaign and the DNC has emerged. It completely exonerates Hillary Clinton of the charges leveled by Donna Brazile. Brazile is a proven liar.

The actual memo is here. Everything on Hillary's side  -- on both sides -- is perfectly reasonable. (Mind you, I'm sure that the Clinton-haters will find some way to put a malefic interpretation on an innocent text. They're good at that.)

Any input Hillary had on the DNC affected only the general campaign, not the nomination process.
Nothing in this agreement shall be construed to violate the DNC's obligation of impartiality and neutrality through the Nominating process. All activities performed under this agreement will be focused exclusively on preparations for the General Election and not the Democratic Primary. Further we understand you may enter into similar agreements with other candidates.
Brazile now stands exposed as a traitor. She is a witting agent of a Trump/Russia deception operation.

She must now admit what happened. Until she comes clean, nothing she says should ever be believed. If she tries to defend or deflect, our only response should be "Fuck you, Donna." She needs to tell the truth: When was she approached? Who approached her? Was she bribed or was she blackmailed?

Roger Stone and his minions have always sought to have moles within Democratic campaigns. Under the circumstances, it is fair to suggest that Donna Brazile has been dirty for a long, long time.

I knew from the start that this whole business was an op. It was obvious: On virtually every site covering Brazile's piece, a MASSIVE trolling operation overwhelmed the comments sections. As ever, the trolls revealed themselves as such by their "over the top" rhetoric and their absolute refusal to engage in reasonable back-and-forth dialogue with non-trolls. Trolls are never subtle and they always display absolute self-confidence. That's how you know they're trolls.

Just before Brazile's piece came out, Trump gave an uncharacteristically calm interview to the NYT. The Orange Oaf acts cool only when he feels that he has an ace up his sleeve. After the Brazile piece landed without the predicted impact, Trump went back into "hysteria" mode.
"The real story on Collusion is in Donna B's new book. Crooked Hillary bought the DNC & then stole the Democratic Primary from Crazy Bernie!,” the president tweeted Friday morning.

"Pocahontas just stated that the Democrats, lead by the legendary Crooked Hillary Clinton, rigged the Primaries! Lets go FBI & Justice Dept.,” he added, using a racially-charged epithet for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.
I can forgive Warren for her lapse into idiocy. It probably never occurred to her that Brazile could be a turncoat.

As for Dirty Donna: I don't want to hear her side of the story because she doesn't have a side. I will not believe a word she says until she says the words "Yes, I was recruited by the Republicans." Right now, I consider her to be an ambulatory mass of maggot-riddled fecal material.

Vince Foster, Travelgate, Whitewater, the "death list," Benghazi, emails -- these anti-Clinton smears always turn out to be horseshit. And yet the smears continue. I'm quite certain that conservatives will be smearing the Clintons years after both Hillary and Bill are dead. I'm quite sure that an as-yet unborn generation will read those smears, will believe those smears, and will consider themselves the hippest of the hip.
I'm not going to believe any politician is a saint, because they're all human beings (at best; some are worse). However, I do agree with your general thesis that the Clintons are way better than the average politician, and there's no question that they've been targeted by a smear campaign that has few rivals in our history. The very existence of such a campaign makes me suspect that they're mostly quite decent people. That's the only reason I can think of for expending such resources on such a campaign for so long.

I've often wondered how much of the vitriol can be traced to fear or jealousy of Bill's tremendous charisma. While I suppose he could have been guilty of harassment at some point, everything I've heard (including the fact that people who were highly motivated to find fault didn't believe some of the women who claimed he had assaulted them) leads me to conclude that he mostly had women throwing themselves at him as he took full advantage of these opportunities. I remember the hypocrisy of the champions of traditional marriage who faulted Hillary for not leaving him over his cheating, and it has always seemed to me that she stayed because they were in love and continue to be. It's quite a challenge to large numbers of rightwingers, who seem to have difficulty imagining love and a smart, accomplished woman in the same thought.
The honest truth, Cambridge Knitter, is that I personally never liked the Clintons. I was a big Bob Kerrey fan in '92 and felt immense resentment toward Bill Clinton for sucking up all the attention. In 2007, I wrote a post stating that my attitude toward the upcoming election comes down to ABC: Anyone But Clinton. I had all sorts of criticisms of Hillary's performance as Secretary of State.

My antipathy toward the Clintons always transforms into support once the unfair attacks and the smears set in. Way I see it, if the Clintons evince THAT kind of reaction, they must pose a danger to the people I hate most.
I think we're coming at a similar conclusion by different paths.

By the way, I just saw another reason to like Marc Elias, who kept the money coming to pay Christopher Steele. He tweeted earlier today, "What we learned today: HFA/DNC agreement was only for gen elec; Wikileaks altered emails; Will media apologize for coverage of either?"
Bernie and Hillary, Bernie and Hillary. Who gives a shit about Bernie and Hillary???????? UNITE MUTHAFUCKAS!!!
Joseph, I totally agree that Brazile is part of psy-ops that started manifesting in my opinion with Snowden back in 2012-2013. The media's immediate and unflinching acceptance of anyone who criticizes Obama, Clinton, Democratic party without vetting or providing context to me is overwhelming proof that as Hillary said there is a vast, right wing conspiracy (some of which has been outsourced to Russians) and the "election" was a coup. That fact that the smears keep coming at strategic points in Mueller's investigation especially tells me that. Bernie is part of it and I can't wait to see him exposed. I want to see those complicit in the media to be exposed. And you give Elizabeth Warren much more slack than I do. Pox on all these Rodent Copulators.
Luckily. Puny Paws derailed everything by calling Elizabeth Pocahontas and is getting the slap down he deserves.
Other than a couple of stolen emails expressing concern about Sanders electability and scheduling the primary debates on Saturday what proof do the Bernie Bots have the DNC worked to skunk his campaign?

I was under the impression Saturday was chosen so Bernie supporters wouldn't have to make the choice between watching Friends or Big Bang Theory reruns or the debates.
I've disliked her since 2000, I thought she was one of the major reasons Al Gore lost the election. Why she still had a job baffles me.
I am glad you brought the unborn generations who would probably believe all that crap about the Clintons. I was thinking along those lines but from a different direction. Most of the time last year and this year I kept thinking about history, basically what we believed for certain what happened, who was good and who was bad. I went back as far as history was, and I started to question a lot. The massive campaign of smear and disinformation against the Clinton can't be the first, I am sure the scales this time is bigger because of the times. Anyway, I hope she and her allies persist. As for Dana I remember last year very early in the campaign, she was on CNN and she was responding to someone who was in doubt Hillary would get the nomination. She said this time around the party wants her, and that all that matter. So she was spreading that crap even before the Burnies.
You see her new claim she tried to replace Clinton with Biden? Fuck Donna Brazile.
Wow! Don't know the backstory on Donna B.'s anger, but from the excerpts I've read from the book, she's going full vendetta against the Democratic Party in general and Hillary Clinton specifically. Is she trying to align herself with the Bernie bots or is there something else? As in damaging material ready to surface that will ensnare her and other Dems who may have helped sabotage the 2016 election from the inside?

I understand she claims she was treated like a slave during the campaign, not given the proper resources to do her job. And seriously considered calling for Biden to replace Hillary after Clinton's campaign fainting spell.

What the Hell is going on? And, oh how perfect to release all this bile right before 2 very important state elections.

My only thought? Mueller must be really spreading the poison around and the rats are scurrying.


PS: I've been reading up on Trump et al's ties with the Russian Mob. Get the sense this whole shebang will turn out far more dark and sinister than a lot of people anticipated. Whether we get the details remains to be seen--lots of sensitive 'interests' to protect.
@Peggy Sue 4:23

"Wow! Don't know the backstory on Donna B.'s anger, but from the excerpts I've read from the book, she's going full vendetta against the Democratic Party in general and Hillary Clinton specifically. Is she trying to align herself with the Bernie bots or is there something else? As in damaging material ready to surface that will ensnare her and other Dems who may have helped sabotage the 2016 election from the inside?"

It seems that Brazile is doubling down based on my brief scan at an AOL headline. I'm so glad you made that comment because I was thinking the exact same thing. Anybody who does not recognize that we had a coup, that Dems/Hillary were targeted, that Slanders and moles at the DNC were tasked with destroying the Dems and this is ongoing until we have in essence no more free elections (which have been on thin ground for over 20 years with purging of voter rolls and flipping of votes) is not in touch with reality. To me, our denial is the root cause of our problems because Rethugs, their media minions and the moles make it so much easier to manipulate us with faux outrage. These are perilous times. Not sure how that denial grid can be broken up.

I agree with everything you said, and my answer to your question is "something else".
Just want to reiterate everyone that Donna Brazile has to be compromised. This whole effort is way to carefully orchestrated for maximum damage. It smells exactly like the Wikileaks emails and the Comey letter. Perfectly timed and perfect executed to inflict maximum damage.

My hunch? After losing her CNN gig, Donna is hurting for cash. (Those cable news bobble head jobs pay shockingly well. It's why people are so desperate to get them.) Also, the Russians hacked her. She she's being both blackmailed and bribed to divide the Dems. Especially given the insane times we live, there's no fucking way this is organic. I will need to see evidence to believe this isn't an op.

Fuck Donna Brazile, fuck Elizabeth Warren, fuck the media, and of course, fuck Bernie Sanders without whom none of this would be a story.
Thank goodness for this community. And Mr. Mike, thanks for the laugh!
not a big fan of TPM but his contribution to the Donna B matter is worth a read:
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