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Saturday, November 04, 2017

A fear-salesman makes a big score. Plus: The MLK smears

Quick question: We have every reason to believe that Trump will try to fire Robert Mueller. No rational president would make that move, but Trump is no rational president: He's a cornered animal.

If -- when -- he slashes out, what's our plan? Do we have a plan?

Civil war? From a Kurt Eichenwald tweet:
For some reason, the nutty right thinks a civil war is starting on Saturday. Hope not. I have tickets for a comedy show that night.
The new civil war meme derives from the latest anti-Antifa horseshit, spewed by a tenth-rate right-wing conspiracy maniac.
According to a vocal group of conspiracy mongers who dwell on the fringes of the internet, millions of antifa soldiers will commit mass decapitations of white parents and raid the houses of innocent gun-owning citizens this Saturday to launch a second American civil war.

The looming threat of a bloody Nov. 4 assault on everything that the ultra-right holds dear has been elevated beyond paranoid rumblings. Various permutations of the myth have now gained traction among notorious institutions such as Alex Jones’s InfoWars, which is also reporting news of nationwide riots leading to a civil war, and the John Birch Society, which is advising that people have buckets of water and sand ready to put out fires from antifa. Even the Gateway Pundit, a White House-credentialed pro-Trump blog, has helped spread the rumors of antifa beheadings.
The maniacs have transformed a planned protest by the Revolutionary Communist Party into a fantasia involving Antifa. I've seen no evidence that Antifa has anything to do with any of this.

I am quite familiar with the RCP, a hilarious cult of personality centered around "Buffalo Bob" Avakian, who pretended to be the American version of Mao. The RCP-ers were a perpetually annoying presence at UCLA during my years there. Even back then -- when I wasn't as political as I later became -- I suspected the RCP of being a Republican front group, since everything they did bolstered Reaganism on campus.

The right-wing fear-monger who spread this "Civil War II" nonsense made so much money from his viral YouTube video that he bought a freakin' Lamborghini. What the hell? How is that possible? Everyone knows that the YouTube "adpocalypse" has reduced the likelihood of making big money from videos, precisely because many advertisers don't want their products associated with controversial content. Even in the pre-adpocalypse days, a million video views would fetch a YouTuber a measly thousand bucks (or thereabouts).

King, sex orgies and Joan Baez? I haven't talked about the latest JFK assassination releases heretofore. Frankly, I had planned to avoid the topic altogether, at least for a while. But this report from 1968 is getting a lot of attention and requires a response.

Written shortly before the King assassination, the twenty-page document claims that King was a Communist, that he secretly intended to use violence, that his top advisers were Soviet agents, and that The Nation magazine was a nest of commie spies. The report also claims that King took part in a night-long orgy during which an "unnatural act" took place, that King had an affair with Joan Baez, that he had an illegitimate child, that he presided over a homosexual soiree, that he drank heavily, and that he was just about the worst person ever.

Although this document has an FBI cover sheet, there is no listed author and no indication of the department or office which produced the text -- information invariably found on every legitimate FBI document. Stylistically, the pages are not formatted like any actual FBI document I've ever seen. For one thing, FBI agents were trained to spell the names of individuals in all caps, LIKE THIS.

For another thing, actual FBI documents from this time period always name sources of information, although these names are often redacted in the versions released to the public. I've never seen a genuine FBI report of any length in which most of the sourcing is anonymous. In this text, however, nearly all of the really juicy claims stem from unnamed persons.

Why? Why on earth would the FBI hide that information in a document labeled "SECRET" on every page?

To understand this document, you have to put it in context. J. Edgar Hoover enjoyed collecting "reports" from people outside the Bureau who told him what he wanted to hear about his opponents. Hoover was in covert contact with a poisonous individual named Frank Capell, who wrote a bizarre book claiming that Marilyn Monroe was killed by the commies. (I used to have a copy of this rarity. If memory serves, it had a stapled red cover and was typewritten, as opposed to being typeset.)

Capell -- who (I'm told) had subterranean links to James Angleton -- was part of a right-wing intelligence ring which somehow maintained several offices in New York City, as well as offices elsewhere. I don't know who funded this operation, but they were basically in the business of peddling smears. From Wikipedia's entry on Capell:
In 1964, when Thomas Kuchel was campaigning against Barry Goldwater, there circulated a "vicious document" that purported to be an affidavit signed by a Los Angeles Police Department officer saying that in 1949 he had arrested Kuchel. The document said the arrest was for drunkenness while Kuchel had been in the midst of a sex act.
Sound familiar? Kuchel successfully sued for libel. I suspect, but cannot prove, that Capell's smears-for-$$ operation had a hand in the MLK document now being publicized.

J. Edgar Hoover quietly distributed anti-King smears behind the scenes. According to Curt Gentry's bio, one recipient of Hoover's "confidential" MLK material was President Johnson. According to Anthony Summers' bio, the FBI Director also tried to shop these sex-and-Communism rumors to various newspapermen -- none of whom wanted to touch the stuff -- and to Pope Pius VI. Hoover also tried to convince RFK that King had privately disrespected the late President Kennedy; RFK didn't bite.

According to the Summers book, Hoover's aide Cartha DeLoach handed LBJ a "transcript" of King's alleged orgy. It is possible that Summers was told a slightly skewed version of the truth, and that what his book calls a "transcript" is actually the document now under discussion. The DeLoach document had an audio accompaniment -- a tape of alleged "orgy" sounds. Perhaps the audio was real; I am more inclined to believe that this tape was every bit as fake as the "evidence" against Kuchel.

Although it is possible that a few of the allegations in the newly-released document have some basis in fact, this text is best understood as a collection of rumors, smears, and malign speculation. Baez is still alive and may be willing to comment on the claimed affair between her and King. Even if she offers verification, we need not conclude that any of the other claims are factual. I am quite sure that The Nation was not a nest of Soviet spies.
What time zone's midnight do we use to end Saturday and debunk the "Off with their heads" spree by Antfa?
Will this be like the EOTW predictions?
Fast forward to 2016. The media who wouldn't touch unsourced material like that about MLK back in the day would jump on it today.
If Puny Paws fires Mueller there is a plan to be on the streets within hours.
Al-Waleed bin Talal has just been arrested by the Saudi government on money laundering charges apparently. WHERE HAVE I HEARD THAT BEFORE? He is anti-Trump but holds a 6% share in Fox News. HUH? Maybe it's more like he is ANTI-AMERICAN DEMOCRACY, which explains his ownership in Fox News.

AL-Waleed is a buddy of KKKomrade Rupert Murdoch. The same foreign born Rupert Murdoch running a 24 hour a day 365 days a year sabotage of the USA using his Fox News network to stir up bullshit and divisions among the American public.

So one Saudi guy from a nation that destabilized the USA by sending 19 of its citizens to attack the USA on 9/11 and another guy once married to a commie who runs a TV network destabilizing the USA from within by streaming endless lies and divisive bullshit to the American people and played a central role In lying the USA into its own Afghanistan QUAGMIRE... They're BUDDIES! Who knew!? And now one of them is going to the Saudi slammer! KKKOMRADE RUPERT ARE YOU NEXT?


Didn't know that about Al-Waleed bin Talal. That's what I get for being transfixed by Trump and the Berniebots. I still vividly recall the time one of the Fox Newsers started to spew conspiracy theories about bin Talal, and then his voice just kind of trailed off. As in: "Oh...wait a minute..." It was hilarious!

If he's out of the picture, then the Islamophobia on Fox will be truly unleashed.

"Married to a commie..."? Are you referring to Wendi? I seriously doubt that she has ever read Marx. Let's be a bit more careful here, even when dealing with people we may not admire. However, I do tend to believe the oft-heard reports that she dated Putin.

Joseph, you are doing the good work here exposing Dump's connections... But there is much more evidence Wendi is a Commie than there is that she ever dated Putin. How do I know? Because she was born in Communist China and is therefore a communist... Or at least she grew up as one. She was raised in Xuzhou, Jiangsu China which if I remember correctly is a hub of China's ruling class. She worked for Chinese state TV where she married KKKomrade Rupert Murdoch. She spends a lot of time around Russian oligarchs , on their yachts and she has managed to draw in Trump's daughter Ivanka into her orbit. She maintains strong business ties to the government of China. So make of it what you will.

Republicans make up shit out of whole cloth like Pizzagate and do massive, massive damage with it. Democrats can't even be bothered to use known facts to draw a conclusion and clobber Repbulicans with them because Democrats never want to hurt the delicate feelings of those who can't believe conspiracies exist in the world. Rachel Maddow is basically the only one venturing in where everyone else is too afraid to go. But even she pulls her punches.

I recommend Democrats give less fucks about being labeled conspiracy theorists by right wingers and instead beat them over the head and shoulders with the facts you have and stop pulling punches and losing elections.

Rupert Murdoch married a communist or someone who was one. He does a bunch of business in Communist China. One of the guys that ran or still runs his Wall Street Journal was married to the wife of a Chinese General. Before there was a Russia hacking scandal, Murdochs operations in the UK were involved with hacking the phones of politicians and celebrities. Rupert Murdoch a fucking foreigner to the USA has done massive damage to the USA with his Fox News network by spewing lies and divisiveness. Rupert Murdochs family is close to Russian oligarchs. The same Oligarchs with their hands up Trumps ass who launders their money. Why the Democrats can never seem to draw a few obvious conclusions and use the facts they have to bludgeon the bullshit and lies out of Republicans I seriously will never understand. Instead Dems spend their entire fucking time eating each other alive.

It's a mystery I tell ya.

In the words the late Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. : "IT'S MUELLER TIME MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!!!"
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