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Friday, September 08, 2017

Schiller and Comey

Remember when FBI Director Comey was fired? He was in California at the time, giving a speech, and learned of the dismissal via a news broadcast. Why then? Why not wait until the man had returned to DC? My initial reaction:
I was gobsmacked to learn that Comey got the bad news while giving a speech in California; at first, he thought that the TV headlines were an elaborate prank. Cable news covered his exit motorcade as though he were OJ in the Bronco. On reflection, I could understand why Trump decided to pounce while the FBI Director was out of town.

Recall what Grant Stern said: "Totally explains what I just heard through a 3rd party source about offices in the FBI being sealed."

Curt Gentry's J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and the Secrets -- the most respected of the Hoover bios --contains a fascinating (and well-sourced) account of the scramble for Hoover's blackmail files immediately after he joined the Choir Invisible. I suspect that a similar scramble is going on right now.
The next day, Claude Taylor -- whose rep was then relatively untarnished -- wrote the following:
Source: Comey's firing timed to coincide with his trip to Los Angeles in order to gain immediate access to Comey's computer systems/files.
By this point the very mention of Taylor's name causes most of us to sigh and roll our eyes, but back then things were different. Some of his stories turned out to be legit.

At any rate, the idea makes basic sense -- as long as one is willing to concede that gaining access to that computer was possible.

Let us now look at a more recent Trump administration official with employment issues.

About a week ago, Keith Schiller -- Trump's longtime bodyguard, aide, pal, hired muscle, Oval Office director and "emotional binky" (whatever that means) -- up and quit.
Schiller has told associates within the last two weeks that he plans to leave the White House at the end of September or in early October, the sources said. Schiller has told people his primary reason for leaving was financial, the sources said. Schiller earns a $165,000 annual salary at the White House -- a downgrade from his annual earnings before he followed Trump to the White House.
I'm not sure that money was the sole motive. Before being hired by Trump, Schiller was a retired NYPD cop; most other retired cops live on somewhere between 70K-100k. Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems to me that quitting the White House could result in a pay decrease. (This site says that Schiller's pre-White House income was $294,000.)

Newsweek offered some interesting background...
Keith Schiller, the former Trump Organization security chief whom the president has brought into the White House as director of Oval Office operations, has a long trail of tax liens and mortgage foreclosures, according to financial records reviewed by Newsweek.

Schiller and his wife Lena were sued three times for unpaid taxes, once by New York State and twice by the IRS, the last instance as recently as four years ago, publicly available records show. A decade ago, two of their properties, one in New York and one in Florida, were foreclosed for nonpayment.
In other words, we're talking about a guy who might possibly benefit from one of those presidential pardons that have been so much in the news recently.

Why (you may be wondering) did I shift from Comey to Schiller? Here's why: Keith Schiller was the man charged with delivering the "You're fired" letter to James Comey.

Who, I remind you, was in California.

Nevertheless, Schiller delivered his message to the FBI headquarter in DC, "entering the FBI headquarters with a manila folder and leaving without it."

What, I wonder, did Schiller actually do inside that building? With whom did he speak? Who took receipt of the envelope?

Let us posit -- just for shits-n-giggles -- that Claude Taylor's source was on the level. Is there any conceivable way that Schiller's sojourn within that building might have aided an effort to gain access to Comey's computer?

I'm not suggesting that Schiller was the one who gained access to the computer. A job like that doesn't sound like it would be in Schiller's wheelhouse. The actual dirty work might have been accomplished by an "inside man" -- perhaps someone on the janitorial staff, perhaps one of those Giuliani loyalists.

Schiller, as a private citizen, will have every right to take a gig on foreign shores, which could place him outside of Mueller's grasp. He does head up a private firm called KS Global.

I bet you're now dying to tell me that I've seen too many spy movies. And maybe I have. So howzabout you tell me why Trump couldn't have waited a couple of days until Comey returned to DC...?
I'm not saying you're wrong, but given how poor Trump is at covering up, if he would've done this, it would've been done so poorly that we would've heard about it by now. Since we haven't, Occam's Razor tells me Trump fired Comey when he was in California because he didn't want there to be any chance of confronting him personally when he did it. It's similar to how he had Jeff Sessions announce he was rescinding DACA. Trump is a coward after all.
You've been watching too many spy movies.

1. How would the president's pardoning power affect a deadbeat's financial woes?

2. Trump fired him long distance because if Comey had returned to DC first, Trump would have no excuse not to fire him face-to-face. Trump hates firing people unless it's a fake firing for a reality TV show.

That's one of the weird things about Trump's personality. He can be nasty as hell to people -- but not to their face.
"How would the president's pardoning power affect a deadbeat's financial woes?"

Trump can't pardon away the state charges, but the IRS is federal.

Comey could have been officially informed of the firing via email or snail mail. So why was Schiller dispatched to the FBI building? If Trump had waited for Comey to return, Reince Priebus could have done the actual face to face firing.
Off topic. These days seem like a replica of 2016. Since Hillary's book is out, the media and the alt left are in rabid haters mode attacking her without any rebuttal from her side. As painful as it is, I don't want people to stop talking about what happened.
I don't want to drag this discussion out but "tax liens and mortgage foreclosures" are not things that can be erased by a presidential pardon. They are not criminal tax fraud. They are merely financial obligations.
I am anxious to read her book, "What Happened" -- to learn whether Hillary has actually figured it out. So far, it sounds like she hasn't (ie. "it was Comey's fault"). Until she AND the Democratic establishment figures it out, I have little hope for 2018 or 2020.

Hillary was NOT the most qualified Democrat. There were others (who BTW did not vote for the war), who were scared away from even trying by the establishment. Those alternatives knew the nomination was rigged against them. The one candidate who did fight did an amazing job in spite of a few flaws of his own, even scaring the crap out of Hillary.

Hillary was NOT immune to Republican heat scandal-mongering by virtue of her 25 years in the fire. >> Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi email server email server email server.<<

But I really don't blame Hillary as much as I blame the Democratic establishment. For 7+ years they told her she was a sure thing and she believed them.

This article reminds me of the one thing Hillary did that was most emblematic of why she lost Democrats to both Bernie and The Donald.

What Donald got and Bernie got that Hillary didn't was that the electorate is fed up with decades of empty promises with no progress. Both sides. They were especially fed up with Democrats compromising their core principles before the first hand was even played (I'm looking at you, Barack). So when Hillary scolded Bernie for talking about a future with single-payer, that was as bad as her vote for the war.

I voted for her. But I hated having to do so.

Perhaps Hillary would have done better if she had unhitched herself from Barack Obama and ran on her own vision. You think?
Yep Anon421. Infuriated but can't do much on puny smartphone. Actually brought repaired desktop home today. Not set back up yet but soon the sword will be back out, for all the little good I can do.
Yep Anon421. Infuriated but can't do much on puny smartphone. Actually brought repaired desktop home today. Not set back up yet but soon the sword will be back out, for all the little good I can do.
It had to have been Alex Jones's idea for Trump to fire Comey when he was far away. See, Birtheristy Trump believed Comey's FBI files contained the info about Trump that the NY FBI HQ had in WTC #7 (an architectural pearl that never got to achieve the respectability of an old whore).
If there was anyone more qualified than her was available the party had ever little to scare him/her with. They weren't not able to scare even a non_democrat from running/sabotaging the election for them. From where I am sitting the establishment #1 enemy is Hillary. Think about for a little.
Amelie. I remember now: That "old whore" thing -- it's from "Chinatown," right? Haven't seen that one in decades, but my old friend Kurt saw it so many times he memorized the entire script. Seriously. He did all the voices, too -- you should have heard his Burt Young.

But for some reason, I recalled that there was a line comparing whores and architecture in an old short story by either Harlan Ellison or Ted Sturgeon. Couldn't put my finger which one. Damn. Memory -- she ees a funny theeng, no?

I wish I could write something that would put this WTC7 nonsense to bed once and for all. Well, actually, I did, and I think I even published much of it here. The trouble is, the controlled demolition enthusiasts WON'T LET IT GO, and if I were to publish something touching that issue which goes against what they prefer to believe, and if that were piece were to get some traction, they would then insist on making me pay 100 percent of my attention to that one issue every single day FOR THE REST OF MY FUCKING LIFE.

A life spent in a perpetual state of sealioning.

Those creeps taught me to hate conspiracy buffs. They "win" by acting like assholes.

Joe said(they win by acting like assholes). How else anyone wins these days?
It's proven to be THE winning strategy.
JOSEPH: I remember now: That "old whore" thing -- it's from "Chinatown," right?

GITTES: What can I tell you, kid? You're right. When you're right, you're right, and you're right.
Anonymous, please choose a nym. Join the conversation as a distinct anonymous. :) I like what you say.

Michael, I was thinking you were a bot or troll, but I see you are a real person in TN who takes an interest in river cruises, which is cool. Just sit down for a while because you are such an ass to think that Hillary wasn't qualified. Just stfu for a while, maybe read up on some GOBS of posts here, for instance.

I am beat from finally springing my desktop from the shop and spending two days getting it operational (for me) all by myself. I want to weep thinking of all those squeezing their thoughts down to tweets and mobile apps. It's a hell I hope never to revisit.

The gallery I'm going to this evening will refresh my spirit with art and almond thins. They always have almond thins. I always take the lion's share of them. I should be ready for battle again soon...

Oh, Joseph...I suppose you saw
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