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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Trump and pedophilia? Team Dizzy goes THERE.

I had not expected to write about Louise Mensch and her cohorts -- "Team Dizzy," as I call them -- for two days in a row. But you may be interested to learn about her new line of attack...
There are tapes, video tapes, involving @realDonaldTrump personally committing illegal sexual acts with trafficked victims #PIMPOTUS
Mensch prominently features this response from a "Dr. Mike Hunt":
A tsunami of tapes that will wash away trump. Even the GOP won't be able to swallow pedo don.
"Mike Hunt" is, of course, a joke name. His Twitter bio includes this claim: "As the Donald's personal gynecologist I am ultimate Washington Insider."

(Robert Morrow, is that you? Sure sounds like you. My doubts will be erased if photos of mega-breasted women start popping up in the "Hunt" twitter feed.)

Mensch, of course, offers no proof beyond her usual guff about "sources." Why are these sources so willing to talk to her and not to a writer with greater credibility?

Of course, the right-wing fake news sites are also relying in anonymous "sources" for those stories about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Imran Aman. Some will now be tempted to say that it all evens out, left and right being equally guilty of this journalistic sin. But Louise Mensch is not really on the left, is she? She's a Tory, as are most of the employees of Cambridge Analytica. (Just sayin'.) My point is that iffy anonymous "sourcing" is usually a right-wing thing, even though the Trumpers would have us believe otherwise. When the WP and the NYT have relied on such sources, the stories have usually panned out.

Mensch's readers accept this "underaged sex tape" claim without question, as per usual. Their tweets drop the obvious names: Jeffrey Epstein. Trump Models. "Katie Johnson."

(Sweartagod, I recall seeing Katie's real name in a rather obscure news story around the time she dropped her suit. Is my memory playing tricks?)

This is all stuff you already know if you've been paying attention -- although I must confess that I had forgotten that Epstein once took the fifth when asked if he had ever been in Trump's presence along with underaged females.

Oddly, Team Dizzy has not seen fit to mention Trump associates Felix Sater and Tevfik Arif. Those two men sprang from a Russian criminal organization run by Semyon Mogilevich. Among his many unsavory activities, Mogilevich traffics in underaged prostitutes, which his organization has used to compromise political and business figures around the world. (You may recall the tale of that yacht raided by Turkish commandos in 2011.)

It may be instructive to keep Mogilevich in mind as we consider the case of Jeff Epstein, friend to Donald Trump. Epstein is known to have enjoyed the company of underaged women from eastern Europe -- although, oddly enough, nobody has ever asked how he made the acquaintance of these young women. Who was his supplier? Virginia Roberts claims that Epstein has used these females as "bait" in blackmail traps.

Perhaps now would be a good time to mention the mystery of how Epstein made his billions. He claims to handle the fortunes of other billionaires, although their names are unknown, and he has established none of the "infrastructure" normally associated with legitimate money managers. The suggestion has been made that his work may be linked to Russian oligarchs.

Bottom line: Do I think that Mensch and her compatriots have developed genuine sources? And should we believe these sources when they claim that Mueller has acquired tapes of Trump with underaged prostitutes?


Mensch has burned us all way too many times. That's why someone who was once quoted by Olbermann and invited to appear of Real Time has now been reduced to palling around with the likes of "Mike Hunt."

(Hi, Bob! I just now scrolled through the "Mike Hunt" twitter feed. Sure enough: Boobs! Couldn't resist, could you?)

So color me skeptical when it comes to this latest "scoop." Nevertheless, I consider this general area worthy of investigation. Although nothing in Trump's history suggests an attraction to children, girls develop with frightening rapidity these days, and there have been plenty of occasions when a 16 year old has pretended to be older. (Seventeen is the age of consent in the state of New York; eighteen is the age of consent in Florida.) One can easily see how a tape might come into existence.

But proceed with caution. A false accusation is just what Team Trump wants. Don't give them any excuse to "do the martyrella routine" (as my ex liked to put it).

Added note: Hours after writing the words "nothing in Trump's history suggests an attraction to children," I learned about this.
Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen wrote that President-elect Donald Trump once asked, “Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?” — but the quote was quietly removed before the syndicated column was published Tuesday.

Trump was reportedly referring to his daughter, Ivanka, who was 13 years old at the time.

The quote was circulated Monday in a draft of Cohen's piece “Our Next President, The Godfather" that was sent to outlets that syndicate the column, a source told BuzzFeed News. The quote did not appear in the later, final version of the piece carried by the Post and other outlets.
That Buzzfeed piece was published last November but did not come to my attention until today. What can I say except "Ewww"?

True or not, MSM won't touch pedophilia and human trafficking. It's too hot. They won't go there until and unless a legit law enforcement agency makes the accusation first. (Then they will have a field day!)

And what if some MSM celebrities are personally involved? Just asking.
Seeing as how every last "john" in the US has probably raped a minor, and "prostitutes" are still jailed instead of johns, no one is going to care even if it turns out to be true, not for long. After all, David "diapers" Vitter remained in office while the woman who provided the senators with professionals for their perversions was targeted until she took her own life.

And Woody "marry my partner's daughter/son's sister, she's adopted" Allen still makes movies. Woody also sexually abused his youngest daughter, but actors still work with him, audiences still support I hope against logic Soon-Yi has protected their young teen daughters from Woody.

Women and children are always expendable. Many women came forward regarding Trump: including a journalist whose journal stood behind her. He even admitted he could grope with abandon.

My point is, for the same reasons Americans have been groomed to approve of the predatory elites because they imagine they may be millionaires one day, no one would care outside of party lines because the entire sex trade relies on enslaved women and children. Yes, I purposely used "groomed." Those who follow this issue will know why.

This is silly stuff. How long ago was physical tape, the mylar kind, obsolesced? Yeah, we still say 'tape' 'taped' and 'taping' when we mean record and recorded; but the method is digital encoding on a kind of magnetic or solid-state drive, sometimes compressing and decompressing (codec) the file. It's maybe impossible to fake or doctor the old kind of video tape without leaving obvious telltale evidence of tampering with the originals. But with digital recording it's easy to make the 'released' file look like anything without leaving a trace of tampering or earlier generations of the recording and duplications. Maybe forensic analysis can confirm or deny authenticity. But then we'll hear from another Barry Scheck explaining to people who don't know anything about what they're being told. I want to say authenticating a digital recording is an order or two of magnitude more difficult than doing it with Photoshopping, but I don't know what I'm talking about.
Amelie, you are right about tape, but informal usage still permits that word, I think. In truth, we need a better term to fit the new technology.

zee, I don't think that every john has been with someone underaged.

Also, as I've said before, there are a number of conspiracy buffs out there who drastically overestimate the number of rich people with pedophile tendencies. Radio host Ed Opperman (for example) seems to think that everyone worth more than a million dollars wants to rape a child while chanting "Hail Satan!" This is absolutely ridiculous. (Opperman claims to be a socialist, but he's surprising similar in many ways to Alex Jones.)

I haven't checked the data, but my gut feeling that the number of people who fantasize about sex with the underaged is pretty small -- much smaller, I'm sure, than the percentage who favor homosexuality.

I'm not saying that a problem does not exist, but overestimating the degree of criminality in our society is dangerous.
Since the post is trying to make distinctions with differences, I want to comment about the alleged peepee video with so-called prostitutes. Assuming for argument's sake that the video recording exists along with eye witnesses to the activity, who or what source claims that the women were urinating? It's just as likely, given nouvelle vague porn actions, that the women were performing that ejaculation technique, which naifs (aka "sources") might mistake for urinating.

Of Woody Allen's behaviors, Allen never hid his dissolution; he essentially portrayed it in "Manhattan" (I think his best film). He doesn't care what anyone thinks, he just doesn't want to be proved a criminal. To that end, his defense attorney was a former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District Circuit, New York.
Amelie, hahaha...I still use "tin foil" for "aluminum foil." It's easier to say...and it reminds me of the old, heavy stuff. I also say "quarter to four" instead of 3:45. You make an excellent point about "tape."

Joseph, I was could very well be "probably," as I said, since the pimps groom the young runaways...or outright kidnap...but I meant something more along the lines of what you said: with earlier pubescence these days, no one can be sure. So who would lie to themselves to do that? It's a vile practice that needs to end. Now that's one 70's mindset I've changed on, with research.

It might be worth taking a look at the ongoing Chloe Ayling story, which tells of how this 20-year-old British woman was in the process of being trafficked as a slave by the Black Death group, who are said to be based in Eastern Europe and to operate on the dark web, but they called it off when they learned she had a child. There are some odd things about this affair. What was the role of the British consulate? What was the information that the BD group wanted her to put into the press, and did she? Why did the police release the BD email addresses? East Europe, slave trafficking - a Mogilevich connection?
Where you been, Joseph? You haven't seen the pictures of Donald playing grab-ass with Ivanka?

Google is your friend. Search on

Donald Ivanka awkward

The Donald is desperately hiding something BIGLY. I don't thing it's a Russian money laundering operation. Who (but Mueller) gives a sh*t about that stuff? His base would cheer it on.

No, it's something else, something that won't play well in Trumpland.
Mensch herself has said that her apparently extensive history of drug abuse has "had long-term mental health effects on me." I tend to doubt pretty much anything she says.

One of the nicest things about not being on Twitter or FaceBorg is being spared the massive quantity of incoherent raving contained therein.
Joseph: L. Mensch, besides youth, possesses immaturity, as seen in her comportment and manner of expression, shown that vid you posted. Given the new stuff she's got, we can see that judgment is not hers either. What could it be with her sources? I appreciate that we will read it here first.

In re: p-p. Huh, I'd thought it would be Donald who was urinating. On this topic, I'm in agreement with Micheal, Trump's got guilty knowledge and is hiding a lot. Joseph has posted some references to Howard Stern Show material that make the same point.

But it's also money laundering on a scale huge enough that no one will like it. Plus, probably, worse. What about those Mogilevich ties?

But Trump is just a sideshow. He's doing a lot of damage to the country, and as far as the Kochs and Putin-Mercer are concerned, it's all gravy. At some point we'll end up with Pence. And then, it will all be the same, but fewer tweets. Personnel seems of little importance; they wanted Cruz, but were willing to back the likely winner, so shifted to Trump.

Joseph, I've been thinking about fascism too.

The new International Fascist Alliance can be seen almost as shadows on the wall of the cave. Michael Ledeen's book _Universal Fascism_ is very difficult to find and I haven't read it. A few remarks here and there have led me to believe that it proposed a stripping away of all local differences, to leave an essential core. As we see today, notably missing from the core is any statement of beliefs or policy, because it makes no difference. Business is the essence, with no pesky governments with their laws and taxes. Trump knows how business like this gets done. In closed offices with few witnesses. We can imagine that the requirements are income inequality, nationalism, and a corrupt ruling elite hoping to increase its control.

Fascist structures could then be built around whatever local history, hatreds, resentments, you already have or can magnify to transplant the core into. No one component is necessary, but any remain handy. Hatred of the Liberals? Racism? Absolutely, of course. Antisemitism? Sure. Strong backing for the Israeli right wing? Yes. Both at the same time? You bet, today's GOP can deliver both at he same time. Funny little majorette jackets out of the eighteenth century? Sorry, pal, go to Hungary if that's what you want; but they are available.

So in the US, even the need for mass movements went to the periphery and political parties in partnership with controlled media were seen to be sufficient. But which party? The one most reliant on money. And I worry that this explains the silence of the Dems.
I have no idea if those accusations are true but the claims involve Trump Modeling agency
in NY as well as human trafficimg arrests overseas. I am reminded of your discussion
last year when you found an old 'Trump Escorts' listing and thought it must be a setup. Maybe.
They also claim that NY is pursuing this area and not Mueller. I don't expect his supporters
to care about anything that comes out against him.

Here are three photos of Trump with his daughter Ivanka. We've got to accept that it's not automatically abusive for a man to cuddle his daughter at any age. That said, the photos here make me cringe, especially the first two - the way she is on the bed and the way she is cupping his face. We know that this insane misogynist

* when she was 16 and officiating at a meat market, asked "Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?";

* said when she was 22 that "she's got the best body";

* said when she was about 23 that it was fine for Howard Stern to call her "a piece of ass";

* remarked when she was about 25 that if she weren't his daughter he'd be "dating" her;

* when asked later that year by Stern whether she had breast implants, said "She's actually always been very voluptuous".

Trump's greatest compliment to a woman is that she's "beautiful", and if a woman has done something he doesn't like, he says she's "bleeding", she's a "pig", etc. It's all physical. His repertoire doesn't extend to saying something positive about a woman other than that she is "beautiful", with the implication that he'd like to screw her and she should be grateful. Even when it's his own daughter, all he can say about her is that she's a great "piece of ass", she's got big tits, and if he weren't her father he'd be screwing her. The man obviously has very serious mental problems, which we knew already.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3.

In these photos and in what he has said about his daughter, is Trump doing a Serge Gainsbourg? It's quite damned close. Why the fuck does a man repeatedly refer to his own daughter as a sex object? And not only that, but as a person that he himself admires precisely as a sex object? Well, in Trump's case we're talking about a guy who can only view women as either "beautiful" or "disgusting", but still...if it walks, quacks and looks like a duck, it probably is a duck.
The most obvious thing he is hiding is how he became the president.
Making inappropriate comments toward one's grown daughter is icky in the extreme, but not indicative of pedophilia. The photos of Trump with his not-yet-grown daughter are a little unnerving but not probative.

Just trying to be fair here. Trump has always given me the impression of being a man who -- well, who likes curves. I guess that's the most civilized way to put it. My understanding is that pedos don't like that body type.

Regarding "Trump Escorts" -- I dropped that line of investigation when the WP reported that the business operated out of a building which still bore Trump's name but which he no longer owned. I tried my best to trace the ownership of the enterprise. It traced to what must be a pricey office in Sydney, Australia (of all places). Trump Escorts also seemed to link up with a network of high-priced escort services, not bearing the Trump name.

Beyond that...I hit a wall. If you have found a way to breach the wall, we'd all love to know more.
Daddy and daughter: In the first place, Trump's synapses don't function normally, or haven't been socialized; he doesn't know how to censor his thoughts, so he says what he feels and thinks, even if it's the way a savage thinks. Freud would say something went wrong during toilet training. Second, he's like a carnival barker and hawks anything that will promote him and his carnival. Third, maybe most telling, is his dangerous pride as a male breeder of the master race. Of course he's also a male chauvinist pig in the extreme.

On the better side of things, it's the sexually repressed and inhibited types who act violently and destructively.

I agree with Mr. Cannon's benefit of doubt. Trump's not quite like Noah Cross of "Chinatown", who eventually dumped his daughter for her daughter and sister.

It's taken me all day to reply to Tom's "stripping away of all local differences." Sinclair. All I can say... I'm down to a cell phone. My desk top was taken to a Mac hospital today. Pray for us.
The Chloe Ayling story has some strange features. Ayling: "I am not at liberty to say anything further until I have been debriefed by the UK police". She is signed to the Supermodel Agency, run by Phil Green who founded it in 1988. She and the guy holding her, Lukasz Herba, went out shoe shopping. WTF? An Italian prosecutor has called Herba a mythomaniac. The Daily Mail are suggesting that Herba and Ayling were in it together. But if Herba really did try to sell a story to the Daily Mirror, it wouldn't be unusual for a rival paper to throw shit. There's fighting among agents too: Mark Cowne, the celebrity agent who represents Richard Branson among others, is attacking Green: "It is completely down to the fact [Green] sent her to an event he hadn't checked out. He could have had her killed." Green says she was attending a shoot at a "recognised studio". Watch this space.
Why MSM won't report on alleged links to underage human trafficking, even if they do know about it:

Also see: Gawker Media.
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