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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Team Dizzy. Plus: The McMaster attacks

The video at the top of this post shows Louise Mensch directly after the election, talking about how much she loves Donald Trump. She has deleted much of the pro-Trump, anti-Hillary material she spewed before he took the oath of office.

In case you're curious, Louise Mensch is on a Mike Pence kick right now.
I have a strong feeling that the Grand Jury requests over Flynn Turkey are aimed at @Mike_Pence, not Flynn. What did Pence conceal and when?
Wait...what? Mueller asked for information about Flynn. What does this have to do with Pence? Well, I suppose one should cite this argument.

Incidentally, I'm not as happy as some people are to see Mueller focus on Flynn. While it would be lovely to see some ironic justice meted out to the man who chanted "Lock her up!", the special counsel's probe will be counted a failure if it targets anyone short of Trump himself, or at least a member of his family.

Back to Louise: She also seems convinced that Pence is gay.
That story was @PutinRF just signaling to @Mike_Pence "toe the line or I release the emails where your wife is mad you're gay"
Elsewhere, Mensch has been taking several victory laps. Her fans think that the news about Mueller's grand jury justifies the rather unlikely claims she was making a while back. A new-to-me site called IR.Net is sounding a Menschian fanfare:
While this is all major news and perhaps a turning point in the Trump/Russia saga, as far as the mainstream media is concerned, reported on all of this way back in May, almost three months ahead of the Wall Street Journal and NBC News. We are not at all tooting our own horn here. In fact the reason I even bring this up is because of the fact that two individuals, who we rely on heavily for many of our breaks, continue to prove that they do in fact have reliable sources.

Claude Taylor and Louise Mensch are their names, and over the last seven months they have been an invaluable source of information, not only to us, but to their thousands of followers on Twitter.
Oh, fer chrissakes.

I'll say it again: The recent revelation does not validate anything Mensch or Taylor said. The real grand jury was impaneled in DC; Mensch and Taylor spoke of one in NY. The real grand jury has been in existence a few weeks; Mensch and Taylor spoke of one as early as April. The real grand jury has just issued its first subpeona; Mensch and Taylor wanted us to believe that their imaginary grand jury issued a secret indictment of Trump months ago.

A grand jury was never an unlikely result of a probe like Mueller's. The fact that a grand jury finally came into existence doesn't validate the utterly evidence-free claims which Mensch and Taylor made months ago.

That alleged secret indictment was the topic of another recent Mensch tweet...
I am sure if an existing sealed indictment against @RealDonaldTrump is revealed, @PreetBharara will have the grace to apologize :)
Bharara's response is a classic:
In fact, if such a sealed Trump indictment is revealed, I will have the grace to eat my bar license on live television, without condiments.
One of these days, we'll know the real story about Mensch. Right now, she's looking more and more like a Cassandra Fairbanks for the over-40 crowd. And by "a Cassandra Fairbanks," I mean an attractive blonde who has something up her sleeve other than her elbow. How many people will be utterly shocked if we one day see a picture of a smiling Louise Mensch standing next to Roger Stone?

Fascists hate National Security Adviser General H. R. McMaster. He's coming under one hell of a barrage from the ultra-right, especially from Mike Cernovich, a key promoter of Pizzagate.

It's getting weird out there, folks. Check out this headline from Haaretz:
Far-right Bannon Affiliates Attack McMaster for Being 'Controlled by Jews' and 'Hostile to Israel'
That's right: He doesn't love Israel enough and he's a pawn of the Evil Rothschild conspiracy.  Simultaneously. Yes, the anti-McMasterbaters really did drag the Rothschilds into this, at least for a while. Eventually, the "Rothschild" nomenclature was scratched out and replaced with "Saudi Arabia."

This bizarrely bifurcated attack tells us a lot about the American right, and it may also tell us something about Israel. Neo-fascists who don't like American Jews nevertheless seem to like what Israeli Jews are doing to the Palestinians. It's a strange, transitional time for the heirs of Adolf.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: When I learned that neo-Nazi mass killer Anders Brevik was pro-Israel and a Pam Geller fan, I understood that today's fascism sure as hell ain't your grandfather's fascism. I am an old dog and these are new tricks. But I'm learning. Slowly.
The shaggy narrative setup for the joke would begin, Louise and ..., and the punchline would be "Louise! With fingers like that you should try playing Rachmaninoff!"
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