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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Number 6

Thought experiment: Suppose a Reddit user calling himself "Slim" posts this message: "Hey, I really liked meeting all you guys at last week's Number Six. I really loved it when we went in and killed those men and raped the shit out of the women. Best Number Six EVER!"

Let us further suppose that a member of law enforcement believes this message to be on the level. We will also posit that this law enforcement person knows who "Slim" really is. What would be the next move of said member of law enforcement?

Well, he or she would do a number of things. One of those things might be to get a warrant to look at Slim's emails and text messages. Actually, if the emails are over 180 days old, the cops can look at them without a warrant -- just a subpoena. (Seriously.) 

So. Is it not the case that Mueller and congressional investigators now have sufficient grounds to subpoena EVERY EMAIL AND TEXT MESSAGE written or received by Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort? In other words: When Junior revealed that email chain, didn't he basically do what Slim did when Slim bragged to the world that he had a deep interest in committing crimes?

Also see here:
While government officials must get a warrant to access recently sent email, the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act allows them to obtain older email held by a third-party service like Google or Yahoo with only a subpoena or a court order.

The problem is, many agencies can issue subpoenas themselves, without a judge, and court orders can be based on a standard lower than probable cause, which is traditionally required for a warrant. And while in theory the government must provide prior notice to the target of a subpoena, as a practical matter the government may—and often does—delay notice for up to 90 days if it fears an ”adverse result,” eliminating the target’s opportunity to fight the request in court prior to the email being disclosed.
Now you have something to talk about with your pals at the Number 6 Dance.
I love your blog. I wanna float a different a theory about this meeting, and I'd love to hear what you think. I think Aras, the oligarch, reeled the Trump family with promises of Clinton dirt, then had the lawyer tell them all in that meeting: "We've hacked the DNC, the haul is damaging, but you can only have it if you follow our instructions."
Natalya Veselnitskaya is described as based in Moscow at the Camerton Consulting law firm of which she is the managing director. Is that the same as Camerton Consulting Ltd, the private limited company registered in England at an address in West Sussex?

She has worked on the Katsyv case, settled by US prosecutors not last year but as recently as May 2017.
That company registered in West Sussex may be a red herring, because according to Veselnitskaya's deposition with a US court in the Katsyv case she is the founder and managing partner of "Kamerton Consulting", described as a private legal firm founded in 2003. That's Kamerton with a K, the English transliteration of the Russian word for tuning fork (!)

Interestingly she says in that document, dated 5 January 2016, that she can neither read nor write English.

It's unlikely that Veselnitskaya can speak and understand spoken English if she can't read or write the language. And I strongly doubt that Donald Trump Junior can speak Russian. Who did the interpreting?
The Washington Post say Veselnitskaya brought an interpreter with her to Trump Tower. Who?
Perhaps an "interpreter" similar to Flynn's Cambridge friend? Melania speaks five or so languages, one of which is probably Russian. Just throwing this out there...
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